Your future is in YOUR hands, the Great Creator gave you that gift!

The Rules to the game:

  1. There is no such thing as “I” as you are a part of 1 GIANT collective. Do not be selfish in your thoughts, deeds or actions as this will only block the Universal flow of benevolence
  2. Cause and Effect is ALWAYS in play, do Good, get Good, do Harm, get Harm (Karma)
  3. Believe in the power of the 1 TRUE Creative force for that is the ONLY giver and sustainer to ALL life
  4. Everything is Ever changing so attachment to either the past via longing or the future through dreams will trap you in Samsara and bring you nothing but pain, remain in the Present
  5. Life is ETERNAL so Do Not fear death
  6. There are only two Great Forces within the Universe that constantly do battle for your attention and they are, LOVE & Fear. Once you align with Love and the Great Consciousness then you are free, saved and redeemed, your unity with GOD is assured. Fear however; will keep you trapped in eternal birth and death until you finally choose to accept the love of your creator and look within instead of seeking pleasure from the without.
  7. You have been empowered with free choice