Health of life is a philosophy and a new way of thinking that incorporates Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Hinduism, Psychology, Epi-Genetics, Quantum Physics and much, MUCH more. It will enable you to see events and experiences clearly and objectively so that you will gain the most from them. Unfortunately, in our life so far, we may not have been able to see an event and its outcome for what it truly was due to previous mental conditioning. Due to this mental conditioning our thoughts create in-congruent feelings and therefore lead to blocked emotions which, in turn, generates illness and dis-ease. By working on all levels of your being at the same time, and with education, one will then be able to truly understand events, how their body reacts to certain situations and why. Also one may be able to understand why they may have poor decision making or confused and volatile emotions. I am a qualified Naturopath, NLP practitioner, Life coach and grief council that brings together years of study and experience to facilitate life changes that are on a deeply profound, personal level that will last the test of time and events. FORTUNATELY one glove does NOT fit all and that is exactly what you want as I will tailor your healing to you and your belief systems to create something that is TRUE bespoke therapy. I will utilise modalities of healing from Cognitive behavioral therapy to Flower essences to suit your needs so that you may reap the best rewards in the shortest period of time.

Life is a journey and you are ALREADY on it.

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