Sometimes the whisperer is louder than the shouter.

I have decided to make this a quiet and graceful, almost elegant entrance in to the world of sharing what I know. In some respects my whole site, even though it is broken down in to the areas of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, really does fall under the big umbrella that is called LIFE! Of course, I have no definite answer to what it really is, in fact I don’t even think that the Dalai Lama himself does, but even if he did, it really would be most suited to those that are living in the mountains of Tibet as opposed to us that are living here upon ground zero point. It really is my aim over the coming months, possibly years to give some insight in to myself, my life, my experiences and how I view this world, opportunity some may say, and how I am in the process of refining myself to be a better person. Of course there are many questions as to why I fundamentally choose this terminology in the first place, opportunity, process of refining? What opportunity, what REFINING are we talking about here, life just is isn’t it? We are a part of “evolution” after all, Darwin has us locked down, he NAILED it! we are now the Apex of ALL apex’s that could EVER be so well done guys and girls, I salute you, you, no in fact WE have made it! Let’s celebrate the hell out of it and get pissed, let’s do Cocoaine by the ounce and wreck ourselves, we’ve done it, We’ve F’in DONE IT!! Woohoo, the universe is complete in it’s majesty, with the most supreme being ever created getting right royally FUCKED and without a care for his and her well being, without giving a shit about it’s host and provider, that we call EARTH, the environment and all the other creatures that so RIGHTFULLY live on this rotating, majestic, water filled, rock that is hurtling through space at about 67,000 miles per hour with us. But again, just once more let me congratulate you, well done, you have made it so far, you have made it to this point, and believe it or not, it has not been easy, so relax, put your feet up, eat some really, REALLY terrible food that has been designed to get you addicted, fat and incapacitated just enough so that you slowly degenerate without having a clue of what you really are or where you have come from or what you are TRULY capable of, we are at the pinnacle of evolution and civilisation, we have wifi (that is just AWESOME by the way) we have such things as remote controls so you don’t even need to get up, cars so you have no need for exercise and access to absolutely everything that you could POSSIBLY want, delivered to your door, via the medium that we call the internet. So sit back, grab a Tinnie and let’s get fucked up, there is absolutely no more for us to learn, do, or evolve in to, you’ve done it, WELL DONE! So where does this OPPORTUNITY and PROCESS OF REFINING come in to it then? are we talking about a new level of consciousness here? Are we talking about a different type of awareness, one that my well have been stolen from us by our schooling, by society and by a well fashioned and systematic funneling of our “modern day” consciousness so that we have no clue of our true origins? How can we have ancient civilisations that have been more advanced, cultured and learned, are we, here today, not the most advanced that has ever been? What? NO, are you kidding me? but that is what you have been telling us, have you been lying to us? Have you been pulling the wool over our eyes and tricking us? Have you methodically made sure that we have no recollection of such a magnificent past? are you saying that our minds have been funneled in such a way that only what we see and hear is REALITY? OK, well in that case I must applaud you, you are the master of designers and engineers, in fact you are the master of deception, not us, we have just gone along with it, we are the ones that when you said “there is nothing to see here, just move along, why don’t you put your feet up and grab a Tinnie, we’ll handle this” we just said, yes, OK, I will let you handle EVERYTHING! Everything from what I do, to how much I earn, to the kind of character that I am, to the type of clothes that I wear, to the car that I drive, the house that I live in, my “life style”, hell, even the type of person that I think that I fall in love with! I do have to thank you though, you have made my life SOOO easy, I have to do very little, in fact, I hardly even have to THINK! Well sorry mate, actually I’m not buying it! I see how things are and I tell you what, it can be better, I can do things better, I can be happier, I can think REAL thoughts, I can see life for what it really is and see others for who they REALLY are, in fact I can find out who I REALLY am! So I tell you what, you can take your Xbox and your PS4, you can take your current schooling and economically driven world where ONLY profit will suffice at all costs and the eternal need for consumption of MORE, because I see things differently. “Perhaps” I see history and the present for that matter, for what it REALLY is, an opportunity an opportunity to refine the process of life, of living, of being human, of loving, of caring and of sharing of understanding and of getting to know the TRUTH! Life is an opportunity to undo all the hurt that has been done, heal the wounds that have been gouged in to my physical, spiritual and mental bodies, to slowly uncover and RE-discover who I really am, who we ALL really are. And do you know what, I’m going to tell people, in FACT I am going to tell EVERY ONE!


“Far better it is to dare mighty things and to win glorious triumphs, even though chequered with failure, than to take ranks with those poor souls who neither enjoy much, nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that know not victory nor defeat!”

Teddy Roosevelt


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