Why is the why?

So first of all let me explain as to why I referred to myself as a whisper. It’s not because I say things quietly and it’s not because I’m not prepared to voice my opinion or are timid, in fact quite the contrary, it really is quite simple and straight forward to be honest and rather logical in fact. I called myself the whisperer because I know that nobody is listening, so in actuality it doesn’t matter how loud I speak, or no matter how much I shout, it will still only be a whisper compared to the hustle and bustle of all other noise that is being sounded. There are a couple of other reasons too, one would be the fact that secrets are a whisper, and I believe that there is a secret unfolding through many, and through me, so a whisper it shall be. Another reason might be due to the fact that there is a revolution happening, a revolution of humanity. No, I’m not talking guns and warfare, even though a plotted and organised world coup is in stage but no, we can’t fight guns with guns and fists, we just simply won’t win. There are powers that are willing to gun people down for the price of order and control and hopefully, in the future and within my posts, I may be able to reveal how democracy (as we are sold it and are to know it) has never actually existed. In fact, it is a subversive element of control that tricks people in to thinking that they have free will, but let’s not forget, that “element of free will” so to speak is born from and is based out of fear, so in effect that is not free will at all and in fact, once again, can NEVER be free will in the slightest! Of course there are many elements of this fear based system and from law and order administered by police, to border protection, to the courts and eventually to prison. One of these elements of control, which is very close to my heart, as shall the reasons for be revealed in due course, is organised and institutionalised religion. I mean, if there is a GOD, jury has to be out, let’s be objective here, I am not trying to sell or impose anything, I may not be right! And indeed I am not such a hypocrite to say that I am, I believe what I believe due to experience, by tested understanding and analysing the feelings that I get from such beliefs, after all, we are feeling beings, not just thinking bodies. In some respects we are to be experiencing more through our physical and ethereal bodies as opposed to just what goes on in our heads. But anyway, can GOD be categorised? can “it” (I have to say “it” because it can not be defined by one pure gender because in reality it MUST be both, if it is everything then it is both the Yin and the Yang, so essentially it is all, just with varying oscillations of degree, which will be an interesting future subject once again…) Sorry for all these “future” subjects by the way, but there is no way that I can write my mind all in one go, you would get a tired head and I too would have to sleep, but let’s see what we can do. So religion and it’s element of control…Interesting one! So they basically say that if you don’t follow the church then you won’t get in to heaven, WOW man, that’s pretty heavy! Especially considering that eternity is FOREVER! Are you serious, what a JOKE! But where is heaven and who actually decided this? Was it a governing body of controllers that want to have a bunch of loyal subjects under their control that had so much fear instilled in to them that if they didn’t live by “their” rules then they would be eternally locked out of the kingdom of heaven? I think that perhaps it was…. Of course this is a HUGE subject and I could AND WILL write about it for hours, but not now, let’s get back to the original point here which is the whispering revolution. I say the whispering revolution for not only are we the whisperer but we are also searching to hear the whisper too and if you read this, then you are already hearing some of its essence. OK, so we understand about the whisper but what is the revolution that I talk about and a revolution without guns, anger, apathy and even allowing ones self to roll on the floor and get kicked in the nuts? Well, the revolution is within, it is the alchemy of change, change for the BETTER. MEASURED, DIRECTED and CONSCIOUSLY INFLUENCED change! Change is one of my favourite things, in fact I am in love with it, it is beautiful, magnificent and majestic. In fact, it is one of only two CONSTANT things within the whole UNIVERSE! And it is happening all of the time, every time, without fail and without cease! Whilst reading this for example for body has completed millions of chemical reactions and produced thousands of new cells whilst some have perished. Your blood PH has varied hundreds of times and your heart has beat dozens of times also. Your O2 and Co2 composition has complete altered too, you are totally and ABSOLUTELY different! And so is your world, what happens within also happens without…Now we have one of two options, these would be to embrace change or to fear it, and all i say is why fear it, it’s gonna happen anyway, just go with it, you CAN”T fight it so at the very LEAST just accept it, it is INEVITABLE! (inevitable is one of my favourite words by the way, it holds so much power). So change and revolution, how do these two things fit together? Before, we were unconscious, then we woke up, we didn’t really understand our consciousness but now we really know that change is within our own hands, we get to influence change, we are the change that is GOING to happen! Imagine that! We have a say, in FACT we are the architects of our own change and our own CEO, we are our own project manager, we are our own quantity surveyor, we are our own craftsman and we are our own tradesman, and also we are the owner that gets to decide whether to sell, or keep, to modify or to remodel, hell if we don’t like it then we get to tear it down and start a new build all from scratch! I have just had a thought come in to my mind, as I often do when I am calm and focused, as opposed to my etherial mental drifting that my uncontrolled puppy mind likes to do from many a time to time. And that thought was one that in the bible doesn’t it say that the walls of Solomon’s temple have to come crashing down for it then to be rebuilt? Well, that is EXACTLY what you, nay in fact WE are doing. We are allowing, if not consciously ordering, the walls of the old temple or our mind, which has built without our say so by the way, through control, overt and subversive, through MANY, MANY factions and deliveries of slight, so that we can rebuild it, just how we want it to be. And how we want it will not be driven out of fear, bias or a desire for control it will be built out of a desire for harmony, out of one for respect, courtesy, honor and appreciation for the ALL that IS and ALL that WILL BE! Actually we are not going to be meek at all, we are going to say to our creator, if there is one, let’s not forget, “Look, I made this”  “I made this for me to live and you to appreciate”  What do you think, do you like it?” But yet, do you know what? We don’t do it for honor or for glory or for the appreciation of a yes or a no, or a perhaps “if you do this, things might be better” for we ARE our own feedback, we do it because we CAN, or maybe even we SHOULD! But with a should I take away free choice, so actually we shouldn’t do ANYTHING, we are not talking fear base and obligation, should is merely an outmoded perspective that has no time nor place within this modern world, we can feel obliged to because we can, and besides, what else are we going to do with our time, grab a TINNIE and watch T.V? As I said in the last post, FUCK THAT!! OK, so we are talking about the rebuilding of the temple of OURSELVES to create a new majesty that is born from OUR ideals, OUR goals and OUR dreams, in fact if I am totally honest, which I ALWAYS endeavor to be, we are talking about rebuilding DIRECTLY in line with our relationship to our creator, if there is one….This rebuilding is not subjected to outside pressure nor influence, we SHALL NOT be subliminally subjected to society’s psychology and not that of or peers and family members. It is a matter of undoing the tangled web of psychological issues inherited from our parents (the concept of original sin by the way), re-framing our mind and also starting to acknowledge our emotions and how we interface with the world and other living creatures within it. It is looking at all aspects of our life and our being, what works and what doesn’t, what is joy and love based and what is based through fear and that element of control. Within this “Opportunity of refining” we leave no stone unturned, no corner within darkness and no aspect viewed without honesty and compassion at its core. We are going to look at ourselves from within to without instead of the traditional without to within, we will align with the revolution and it will be silent, it will be yours that NOBODY can take away from you, bullets will not be able to harm you for you will be infinite and ongoing, if you believe in reincarnation (you are a soul with a body not a body with a soul), which may or may NOT be true, although Jesus did rise from the dead, Buddha professed to its testament and actually ALL enlightened ones agreed upon this one premis, then you have for ALL eternity to refine yourself and to perfect yourself, there are no wrongs nor rights here, there is only unity and alignment, there is the way, the TAO of ALL things. It is called nature, which, as mentioned earlier is the other constant within the whole universe. EVERYTHING is nature, for nature is vibration! Where does nature (the schooled version of nature) start and finish? there are no boundaries, no rules, no limitations so I propose that perhaps we start to accept that nature really is vibration and EVERYTHING vibrates, EVERYthing is atomic in structure, smell, sound, colour, touch, all is NATURE! First things first then, let’s just relax, let us just accept, let’s give ourselves time and space, time to allow the process to happen for the more we yield the more in line with the TAO we become, and space? The space to do what we want and how we want to do it, the space to do things right but more importantly the space to make mistakes, walk with, be with and live with GRACE, you owe it to your delicate self. You have been abused, abused mentally, physically and emotionally over much time, it has rarely been your fault either and believe it or not, those that were doing the abusing knew no different either, it has all been hereditary, so can we blame them, should we be angry with them or feel hurt by them? No, it is not their fault either! But alas, we must accept, accept responsibility for who we are and what actions we take from here on in, are you conscious? yes you are, welcome to the club! The first step to forgiveness is understanding for without understanding there can be no forgiveness. So forgive yourself, for your mistakes of the past, the now and the ones that you will make in the future, you are learning and so are we. I say let’s learn together, let’s share our thoughts and understandings, let’s share the common truth, let us become the people that we shall become, let’s become our own Kings and Queens of OUR OWN kingdoms. The revolution has started, and it is a silent one!

Peace and Nature is within you, you are protected and coveted by it, it holds you within it’s womb, you are its baby!

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