Is it all really a concept within our own mind?

I think that this post is gonna be quite short unless I really start stretching my mind, as I have a tendency to do, ha. But really I guess that it will hit upon a few core points about understanding ourselves and the rest of humanity. Initially, as the title reads, that is basically what life is, it is a construct, our own concept, our own interpretation and our own take on everything. This post has come about because for years I had my details on a social networking place and within my tag lines it says that the world, or my world at the least, is a happy, friendly place. Well I got pulled up on that the other day by someone I had never met and she said “sorry to burst your bubble, but the world isn’t a happy place”. And do you know what? she’s right, the outer world is not and as “other” people see it, no perhaps it is not. BUT…do I not have the right to see the world how I want to see it? After all, my view is the sum of my collected data and my interpretation of that data, selective or not, there fore making it, nay’ allowing it to be my choice in life? I see things as I want to, don’t I? Or do I? That is perhaps the biggest question! OK, for now, let’s say that I do and I do view my world as a free man because I don’t listen to bull shit, I don’t accept lies and I deny anything that doesn’t fir in with my reality. But firstly, let us go back to the beginning which was me saying that EVERYBODY has their own reality, this is so true, and in fact this is one of the things that science ABSOLUTELY agrees upon that what you perceive is different to what everyone else perceives. So in fairness then, can we ever question anybody else’s reality? it is as equally as valid after all? I choose to ignore war, I ignore death, I ignore violence, I ignore hatred, in fact I actually ignore ignorance, which, if I am honest, really does bug the shit out of me actually for they have not understood the term inevitability, we are going to have to face things one day so may as well make it sooner rather than later. So, selective ignorance, do we think that this is a good thing? Well I certainly do so let’s look at some of the outcomes from my selectiveness; I choose to see the good in people, it gives them a fair chance, I choose to see and feel happiness a much as possible, it allows others to interact with me better, be themselves more and to actually express their own happiness too. Love, well we all now that love begets love… Faith; can the human race do with having a little more faith in good right now, sure it can. If I choose a calm world to see and to be living in does that then calm my mind? yes, does that then add a tiny little calmness to my surrounding environment? For sure…I have to be honest here, I don’t just choose ignorance and be selective for selfish reasons, no, I understand the principle of the field, the larger body of “human” consciousness that we are all in and interwoven in to. The more peace, love, happiness and truth I have in my own life then the more I add to the greater consciousness of humanity. So you see, not only am I enriching my own “conceptual” world I am also adding to the greater good for all. Do you possibly think that larger governing bodies know and understand this? In fact they said that propaganda was tested and used in the second world war where thousands of leaflets were dropped, not only in Germany by Adolph Hitler saying how bad the Jews were but also by the Allied’s saying that the war had been won…Propaganda, propaganda, EVERYWHERE! So is it not wise then for us to be selective, is it not smart thinking for us to create our own conceptual world with consideration and measured thought? Especially when we realise that not only is it what we think but that that we feel too. And that this thought/feeling vibration expands and influences, albeit some what slight, the group human consciousness which science has known to call the field? Yes, we are all individual and yes, we have our own right to think what we want to think and to create our own concepts but let’s also consider our place within the bigger picture. If we are influencing a part of EVERYTHING, which technically is EVERYTHING as you can’t have a part of everything it either is or is not, so it is. But aren’t WE, influencing the WHOLE psychology of humanity? And yet if we consider that big media and power brokers know this, in fact they have for the last 70 odd years or “modern times” do we then not has a responsibility to start driving the psychology of humanity in a better direction? Of course! But that, that is merely my own concept, so I ask; what is yours? Consider the details of your answer and how detailed your answer “should” or “could” be. Do you have loved ones, do you want to be loved by someone? Do you believe in freedom for everyone? Do you start with your world and allow that world to spread, can you conceive a better ideal than today’s reality?

Create your concept, deny the trickery, make yourself happy, believe in harmony.

Fractional marginalisation and motivation…

So I’ve been wondering for a little while, what is motivation and where does it go or come from? Sometimes it is very apparent in my life and I do lots of things and sometimes it is not there and apathy is my ruling energy. At first, and for a long time, I have explained it as the fact that the TAO (way of life) is somewhat tidal, ie, it comes to the fore and then it retreats, this, in Hermetic terms is called the law of rhythm. The law of rhythm essentially means that the “pendulum of momentum” can only swing to its maximum point in one direction before it invariably falls back the other way, in fact, it HAS to, there is no other possibility. So I accepted this theory and principal for a long time, it served me well as there was also a sense of giving up ownership, “not taking responsibility”, well it’s a law of the universe isn’t it! The law of rhythm, it’s Natural and EVER pervading, as I said, it served me well. But do you know what, I can’t accept that any more, not just because it is an old way of thinking and every once in a while we need to do a self audit, meaning that we question who we are and how we think to see if it is serving our best interests for our now and the future and not just because that saying “oh it’s the universe” is a bit of a cop out. No, there was something else… So, this morning, I was due to start work at 7am, the irony of what I do is just magnificent by the way! I work in a milk factory fulfilling various roles. Not much glory in that, but the irony is that I am so Anti-dairy it is ridiculous! Why? partly because cow’s milk is for cows NOT humans, partly because it is acidic and causes GREAT distress to our human bodies, partly because it is an industrialised mechanism that profits from the abuse of animals, anyone in this life who is conscientious should be looking for alternatives. Partly because that after drinking a glass of milk we are actually left with a net DEFICIT of calcium in our bones as the body draws calcium from our bones to neutralise body acidity, this is all VERY true, but they won’t tell you that though, will they! And also partly due to the fact that the heifer has been forcefully impregnated and then had her baby taken away so that we can steal the milk, well if that isn’t bad energy, then I don’t know what is! But this is the start of a VERY big subject that “may” lol  turn in to a rant and take me off subject..But no, the irony is, is that for the last 2 1/2 years the dairy industry has financed me to study natural medicine and nutrition which has shown me enough evidence to move away from the dairy industry as a whole and in fact I will tell many others, and have done already in fact, to move away too! Oh’ and I have even mentioned the mucus build up that dairy products cause, really bad for sinus issues and if there is anyone who is Asthmatic in the family, take them off it straight away! So, we were talking about me going to work at 7am. Well, I got a call at 5am to say that the shift had been cancelled, no biggie really, although the $40+ per hour would have been greatly received but alas, not my point. So at 5am I was awake and could have gone to work quite easily, and in fact had work been on I would have got up, no worries and no problems. At this point I think it important to say that I am NEVER late for work, honestly, NEVER! Now for me, this is a big thing as I ALWAYS used to be late for work, meeting people and just generally doing things, I guess that I was nonchalant about pretty much everything, I gave it no real value. I have lost job after job for being late or not turning up at all and I had to rectify that. So what did I do? I had to look at how important it was in my life to have work. Yes, I had to look at what I gain from it and why I “shouldn’t” be late. So what I did was place a value on it, I realised that work allowed me to live the rest of my life. It allows me to live where I live, which is a pretty sweet pad actually, it has allowed me to study something that I am passionate about, it has just allowed me to pay for a life coaching course that I am really, REALLY passionate about, it allows me to eat the good food that I eat, to see my family and to wear the nice clothes that I wear. So OK, I put it as a priority, so therefore I am motivated for it, I get up at STUPID hours sometimes to make my way in to do what is essentially quite a boring job in a shitty old milk factory, and trust me, I do do some SHITTY, STINKY jobs there but I ALWAYS put in maximum effort and I am NEVER late! I have just told you why this is, because of the value that I get back in return, it facilitates my life, the “rest” of my life. I have just put the word rest, as in REST OF in inverted commas because quintessentially that is my point, I saw it as the “REST OF” my life. So, this morning I woke at 5, got a phone call and at that point, whilst laid in bed, had a few thoughts, probably as most of us have done and still do, these thoughts were, shall I get up and do X, Y or Z, or shall I just stay in bed? Of course, I chose the bed option, otherwise I would not be writing these words to you now. But the question is, why did I choose the bed option? I was awake, I felt pretty good and clearly, for those two reasons alone, I had had enough sleep and I certainly have plenty of things to be getting on with, in fact I have and absolute SHIT TONNE of stuff to do! My list is long, REALLY LONG! But anyway, the question still remained unanswered, why did I stay in bed and why did I not feel the same motivation to get out of bed and do the other stuff as I would if I were going to work? Well; firstly, have you ever had a question that you wanted answered by the universe, something that you really want to know, formulated it and pretty much spoke it to your universal mind and then received the answer? Well I do that, a LOT and sure enough the answers come to me. I’ll quickly tell you the dynamic of why that happens and yet I SHALL cover that at a later date too. Basically we have the conscious, analytical mind that is there to differentiate between things and we have our subconscious mind, which is our contact with all other consciousness throughout the whole cosmos. It is known, that our solar plexus Chakra is the root of our communication mechanism with the super consciousness that is the universe, it connects us with the “everything” that has all consciousness, EVER! So what we can do is formulate a question within our consciousness, ask it to our subconsciousness, ie, I would like to know this please, and then just wait for the answer. I have asked and wondered what motivation is for some while and today, it came to me and here it is. The amount of motivation that we have to perform a certain task is in direct proportion to the value that we place on fulfilling that undertaking. Yes, I will say that again;

“The amount of motivation that we have to perform a certain task is in DIRECT proportion to the value that we place on fulfilling that undertaking”

This then leads me to the term that came in to my head called, “fractional marginalisation”. This, essentially means that we appropriate value on certain things and marginalise others. ie, I used to place more value on going to work than cleaning my teeth for if I got up late I could quite easily skip cleaning my teeth as opposed to skipping work, due to the repercussions. So I, in fact we all probably do, place more importance upon one thing than we do another by putting a value on it. This actually has quite far reaching ramifications. Consider a relationship for example, how about if a person puts GREAT value on being able to see their friends but yet their partner puts more value on them just being alone, will that then cause a distress and imbalance within their relationship? Still on the relationship theme, how often do we see the main bread winner working longer hours in the office, or wherever, even the “MILK FACTORY”, to the detriment of his or her family and loved ones, all for the reason of justifying its importance to feed and support the family, fractional marginalisation in its purest form. And yet we do it with so many other things too, for example, “oh, I need to just chill out instead of work out” Value on relax time other than keep fit and healthy. When in fact it may even be the exact opposite way round to bring the most benefit to the person in question, perhaps working out will bring them more reward. And in fact some others do have it the other way around because they know the value that it brings to their life, they have a different ratio or perspective on what should be marginalised and what should be put as a priority. So then, my TRUE question would be this; should anything really be fractionalised or marginalised at all? My answer to that would be no, and I shall tell you my reasoning behind that too. Imagine this for example; our subconscious, or our autonomic processes were given the option or capacity to marginalise and fractionise, and what if it said, “agh fuck it heart, sorry buddy, you’re gonna have to pump a little bit harder because the muscles in my legs can’t be fucked to contract as to push the the returning venous blood from the feet up the legs, they just can’t be bothered, it’s not too important” How would the heart respond to that? It’d be like, “fuck you buddy, we’re a team here, we all work together mate, you do your bit and I do my bit, in fact you do your bit to “make sure” that I DON”T have to do more than my bit at all!” Or imagine this scenario instead; our blood buffer system (which regulates our blood Ph level, an ingenious system, which really you should look in to it is incredible!) says to the lungs, “look here mate, you’re gonna have to increase this breathing rate thing as we are getting wayyy’ too much Co2 in this blood and I just can’t be fucked to start turning some of this acid in to alkali so be a good chap and pick up your work rate for a bit hey, there’s a good lad”! There’s a “good lad” are you fucking kidding me, seriously! The lungs are gonna say, “fuck you buddy, you do your shit, you do what you were meant to do hey, and just get on with it”. This, to a large degree WILL cause disease, because when one system is not looked after then ALL of the others have to pick up the slack! And yet do you know what, we actually consciously do this on a daily basis, how about when we put strain on our liver by drinking an excess of alcohol just to appease the mind? Or again, how about we put strain upon our pancreas by eating sugary foods just to appease a craving of the mind? Or even how about we put strain upon the heart by eating too much salt, which increases blood volume, where salt goes water follows, meaning that the heart has to pump harder to squeeze more blood around the body. Did you notice there that I added three of the main addictions that the body has? I did leave out fat, caffeine and nicotine but PLEASE, BY ALL MEANS look at the effects that these have upon the body, it is quite staggering! But hey, with this last part about our addictions and choices I am going in to a WHOLE new realm of things where I start talking about the physical and psychological properties of addiction and that, in itself is intense, it is some HEAVY shit! So at some point I shall write a full thesis on it and it may take me a while, but it’ll be up here at some point and like I said at the beginning I am here to tell you stuff, stuff that I have learnt so you don’t have to or at the VERY LEAST at a fraction of the cost! So, where were we? Oh yes, us placing a value on one thing more than another and there fore us not having any motivation to fulfill that “seemingly unimportant” task. I will pose one thing though and in fact it is quite relevant. Do you ever think that any other species miss appropriates their time incorrectly? No, of course not. Do they put more value on one thing than another? No, they are in harmony within themselves. If you look at a pride of lions for example, do you think that the lionesses wait until virtual starvation until they decide to go hunt? Nope! Do you think that the male waits until the invading, other male, is right upon his pride before he confronts him? Yet again, Nope, he is ever on guard. Same for insects, fish, all other mammals and in fact EVERYTHING else within the whole universe. So why do we do it? Because we have an analytical mind perhaps and we desire the highest return and put importance on that highest return. I go to work on time for example, ALL of the time because it brings me great return. I occasionally go to the gym because it brings me a good return. I muse about many things because it brings me a lot of answers to what seems to be my insatiable thirst for knowledge and answers and yet, I need to ask this question. Why have I put more value on one thing over another? Is it conditioning perhaps? And if it is, which of course we KNOW it is, am I not self perpetuating my own future by fractional marginalisation? By me placing more value on one thing than another does that then not keep me in a bound trap of “do and do not do”? Does it not mean that I do less of something because it rewards me less? Is that not the basis of habit? And then again, isn’t that return PURELY conceptual and objective and therefore open to “audit”? ie, am I viewing this particular task in the right way to ensure that I am getting the most out of it? Let’s just take it to this level before I have my closing statement. What ever you do and when ever you do it you will either be, at that very moment, living within your heart center or in your head so at every second you either get to choose how you think or feel anyway so how you think about or feel about something now will be, past driven, and COMPLETELY different to how you think or feel when actually doing it! If you want to think that something is good when doing it then it shall be so, and the same for bad I guess and if you really are attuned enough you can be living in your heart center so that all is only ever good and love anyway… So, to sum things up I shall ask you this question and I want you to think long and hard about it. What would you say is the most important out of all of the elements? Would you say that it is Earth, where we live, that gives us support, nourishment, plants and animals to eat? Or wind, that is in actual fact air, although not many realise this, wind is air and air is wind, or perhaps fire, that gives the whole planet life and warmth that actually melts what would be ice in to the final element to mention which is water? So what then to you is the most important? Which one could we do without or could we or even do without any? Do they all have the same value as they have the same importance? Can we not have one without the other and without the other two? I then propose one thing further, does fractional marginalisation then not exist apart from anywhere but in our own head? Does that then not mean that it is only a concept and a concept to be changed and adapted at will? After all, your current preferences were not always your “current” preferences, they were chosen to be, they made their way up this “fictional” fractional marginalisational ladder to reach the top at the detriment of all others and that was ONLY due to your psychology and conditioning up to THAT POINT…. So then, how do we get motivated? Perhaps by realising that EVERYTHING has an absolute and equal value, maybe by remembering about the elements and their harmonious interactions and to remind ourselves that EVERYTHING is as important as the other. And we haven’t even considered the cascade effect yet, that one thing leads to another and to another, and what an EXCITING prospect that is! So why not do it, it is ALL important, it will bring you and your body GREAT value and who knows WHERE it will lead! Although; one thing is for certain, more motivation, a happier, more fulfilled you and a BETTER life, not just for you but for all! So add value to your life, add value to EVERYTHING that you can POSSIBLY do! Live more vibrantly, love more passionately, connect with more enthusiasm, share more willingly, and honour with more respect.

“The only true riches in life can only ever come from those things that we deem to be of value”

Starting back where we left off…

I guess that this title is quite apt really as me writing this blog may well be a VERY sound metaphor for life, a strange comparison I know, but just hear me out on this one as in some respects I’m TOTALLY going with the flow and truly just writing what comes to my mind. Like I said, with me the writer and you the listener I am aspiring to create some type of continuity in my sharing of thought and mind. This sharing of course has a desired outcome, albeit I do not know it in its totality. However; yet again that may be much said for life and here is to say why. Like I have said before, it is my intention to impart with you an understanding, within you, that you are not alone, in fact there are Billions of us human like creatures upon this planet that all question themselves, their beliefs, who they are and what they represent, not only to themselves but also to their creator and to others upon this planet. Well the thing is, I have been there, trust ME, I HAVE BEEN THERE! I have been to the dark depths of the mind, filled with its toxic confusion and distresses, I have absolutely given up hope and lost all belief in life itself. I remember the days looking out of the sliding doors in my parents living room, looking at the rain soaked sky and garden and just crying with despair and distress. As it was raining without, it was also raining within and it did not stop, for a VERY long time. Once again, I may say, trust me, I most CERTAINLY have my reasons to cry, I have my losses, my losses of self, ie, me, who I was, my spirit and my energy to a degree, and yet I had also lost the closest thing that I could have ever had in my life. I often say that I will tell you things in the future and do you know what? once again I was about to say exactly the same thing but, I owe you more than that, I owe you the truth about where I have been, why and how I have come out of it. This is not a story where I look for pity, nor the admiration of bravery because at some point we ALL get given our own personal trials that will test us to our core, that will test our faith. And I guess, in some ways that is really is the heart of the matter, having faith. Like I have also mentioned before also, I am not talking about having faith in a pseudo, made up God that is sitting upon the “imaginary” thrown in the lofts of heaven, no, that is not what I mean. But I mean having faith in the fact that you are a child of the mighty universe and that you will ONLY get given a little more than you can handle so that  it WILL test your faith and intentionally, so that you can prove your resolve and worthiness and it is only that faith where you get to BELIEVE, ABSOLUTELY, that things will be OK and “come good” in the end. Yes, we get given shit stuff do deal with and yes we may say that it’s not fair but hey, let’s just deal with it. I don’t know if any of you people have ever been rock climbing but for the few of you that you have you may get this little analogy. There comes a point when you are climbing a wall or a face when your arms become dead and the muscles as weak as a child’s and there is nowhere to go. More often than not this will happen on an open face with no cropping for you to take a rest so your kinda only left with one option and that is to get a good foot hold and hug in tight to the wall. You have to hug in tight because otherwise your arms will consume vital glucose and weaken, you are putting no pressure upon your arms at all to save what little strength they have left! In fact, your cheek is firmly pressed up against the face so that you can get in as tight as possible you are literally jut hanging in there. Well, do you know what, sometimes life is like that! Sometimes we get given so much shit that we are too tired and too drained to carry on climbing, too disorientated to look for the next foothold or hand hold and rest assured there is no F’in ledge or out cropping to rest on anywhere to be seen! So in effect, you are just hanging in there and do you also know what, that is where your faith comes in. Faith not to look down otherwise it will freak you out, faith to not try to make a move as you are just so tired you know that you can’t make it as you will fall and in fact faith to not even consider the final destination as it LITERALLY seems like a mountain climb away. So what do we do, we hang in there and have faith that we will recover, we will gather our strength and our faculties will recoup. We have faith that our destiny has been assured, which really is an interesting topic, as I do truly believe that our destiny is already written and we shall once again ABSOLUTELY reunite with our creating source, but alas, you knew that it was coming, we’ll save that one for another time. Hanging in there though, like I said, trust me, I have been there. On the 4th of November 1999 I came home, to my parents house, to see one of my brothers waiting down the end of the road for me to make sure that I didn’t make it home just yet. The news that he had for me was about to smash my “known world” to pieces. It turns out that earlier on that day my twin brother had committed suicide by hanging himself. It’ll be a difficult for anyone to imagine so in fairness to you, I’m not even going to ask you to try and imagine what it feels like or what DEVASTATION it brought to me and the rest of my family, it was like an atom bomb! Like I said, the point here is not for me to get your sympathy or admiration, life just is, it’s fucked up! and we have NO WAY of knowing what the FUCK is going to happen next, unless, we persevere and learn for long enough about cause and effect and how we get to create our own future existence. This really is though about some of those times that we just need to hang in there, have a little faith and BELIEVE that things are going to be OK. So where do we “start as we left off” as the title of this little post may suggest? Well; one of the craziest things that I have EVER experienced in this life so far, is a sporadic, uncontrollable mind. It’s like giving a 4 year old child, LOADS of sweets laden with sugar,colourings and preservatives and then giving them SHIT LOADS of amphetamines at the same time, it is FUCKING CRAZY! You don’t know where you are going, or WHAT you are doing, there is ABSOLUTELY no clue what so EVER! No concept of following any particular order at all, well once again that is a time to have faith and in fact, that then is a BEAUTIFUL time to set a goal. Set a goal that one day all things will be OK. And do you know what, that is it, that is all you need to do. For all of the distress and confusion that is going on, that is all you need to come back to, “one day, all will be OK” That’s it! Nothing else! It’s kinda like hanging in on that rock face with nowhere to go and that you have no energy to move neither your arms or legs. You can’t look down because the fall is too much, it’ll kill you, and there is no point in looking up either because you are too tired to even move, let alone get there so what do you do? STOP, allow the mind to settle, the body to gather its vital force, and just have faith. All will be OK, just hang in there, hug tight and slow your breathing to a calm, relaxed, composed manner so that you can take it all in and slowly, as time passes, you will have the energy to move forwards, your mind WILL become clear, foot holds and hand holds will present themselves without you even having to look for them, they will just be there. In fact I believe there there is a Christian story called “FOOTPRINTS” that sums everything up rather well actually and it really is quite a LOVELY story, you should read it. So what does this gathering of ourselves allow us to do? Well, within the midst of confusion can be a moment of PURE clarity, kinda like the eye of the storm I guess, and what this gathering does it allows us to regroup and to regain our clarity and to move on, move on that little bit wiser and that little bit stronger and hey, who knows, perhaps we are then able to help others when they face a similar situation or when they run out of energy and will, upon that bare, lonely mountain face that is called the individual’s mind because do you know what, if I have been there and you have been there, then they have too, we either all have or we all will, at some point, and what EVERYONE needs is an experienced guide to say “hey, it’s OK, all will be fine. Just have a little faith, regroup, gather yourself, and allow your energy to come back and wait for the next step or hand hold to appear” There is no need to show false bravery or to pretend or to be stupid because sometimes it really is a matter of just saying, “OK, I got this” and then starting back where we left off, to continue with the journey, the journey of a LIFETIME!

You have my hand, you are NOT alone….

Looking in the right place first..

The funny thing is, this will seem pretty damned obvious when think about, oh the irony of such a phrase…

I guess that some of the core, fundamental questions that human beings have asked, of time immemorial, are things like, who are we, what am I supposed to do and why do I do what I do. Well, of course I can go a lot deeper in to this subject and philosophise my own theories about past lives, unification of spirit and a cleaning of karmic energy through ANOTHER incarnation here on Earth, well, I think, that that will be a little too much for the people that aren’t listening to swallow so let’s just give the simple, cut to the chase answer without any spiritual alignment involved, let’s just say things are they are. You, and I, so we, are as we are, where we are and why we are as we are because of our minds. Yep’ our thoughts have created everything! We experience what we experience because of our thoughts, now I’m not going to get in to the law of attraction here as that in itself is a MASSIVE writing and it is not one for now and partly the reason why it is not for is I am not in the mood….Not in the mood you say, well why the hell not, if you have taken your valuable time and energy to read what I write, am I being rude, ignorant or dismissive? Well actually no I’m not, and my reasoning behind my not in the mood is because my energy is low, I am tired, nay, almost drained! And why is that? because of the choices that I have made over the last few days that takes me to this point of today. For this reason alone I think that it is fair to talk about our choices and our mindset and the disruption of that mindset by the decisions that we make. Do our choices benefit our desired path or do they hinder us and set us back? That in itself is a VERY good question to ask ones self, as often as possible because perhaps only by bringing our decision making in to a conscious reality and to question the why’s of why we think such things can we really make true progress in life. A good example of this, all be it an extreme version, would be; so if you NEVER, EVER questioned why you think in certain patterns or ways, in fact you never even questioned why you do certain things, which sadly, many are actually like, so if this were the case then what kind of person would you be? I say that you wouldn’t be any kind of person at all, you would be more robot like, in fact you would have no opportunity for growth, for understanding or even learning, you would question NOTHING, you would just do. Perhaps this sounds great and people may even say that it is enlightened, but yet how could it be? We were not born enlightened and we certainly never grew up enlightened either so in that case we would neither grow, nor understand, we would actually regress! Do you not possibly think that that is why children ask the question why so often? Perhaps it is because they want to know, and to know; to know is to grow. So my point for today is merely to ask you this question, do you know yourself? This is a BIG question and will be a VERY big question to many and in fact I do believe in a very popular book that is taken too literally by too many, the one that is called the Bible, it even says in there as one of the main points of focus, “KNOW THY SELF!” Of course, you have many, MANY aspects to yourself and possibly even too many for you to START upon so let’s keep this simple and bring it back to the beginning, your thoughts and your actions, are they in line with what you REALLY want out of life or are you being robotic about how you think, what you think and why you think what you do. I guess that if we want to start to influence change, which is inevitable then we need to look at the beginning and that beginning is our thoughts. This weekend I made decisions and choices that have weakened me, physically, mentally and emotionally, they were not in line with my life, although perhaps now, at this moment they are but soon enough, there will be no place for it, so should I be sad or upset that things will change? No, of course not, because I choose change for the BETTER! Change in inevitable, it is DESTINED to happen so a good start is to start aligning our thoughts, mind, and actions toward the direction that we want to head and in fact, right now I’m not even suggesting that you pick an ideal or a goal as first we need to grasp the fundamentals, and what are those fundamentals once again?  They are that you are your thoughts of yesterday, last month, last year and last forever! You think how you do now because of the thoughts that you had to past events and experience which would have influenced your perception which had already been influenced by past interpretation of past events. Do you understand what has happened to us? There has been layer upon layer of thought that has influenced our TRUE and OBJECTIVE perception of experience to give us ANOTHER adulterated and misguided thought process and there fore, more than likely, ANOTHER misunderstanding as to what this experience could be. Now I don’t necessarily suggest that we all start going to hypnotherapy to find out at what point we started to think in certain, hindering ways, no, that would take too long and you may well get caught within the quagmire that is mind itself. Athough, it does have to be noted that Hypnotherapy is  a VERY valuable tool and indeed has been and still will be VERY useful, for A LOT of people, and I too have had many a session and indeed it is FULLY advocated. But NO, I suggest this instead, accept this instead; accept that the past has shaped you but yet now you get to shape the future. Your thought patterns have been formed without you knowing so perhaps not is the time for you to take your mind back, take ownership of your captain and guide him so that he can then guide you in your own direction! Your mind has been subliminally influenced but I’m saying that you can bypass blame by accepting that from here on in, you are conscious, you are not only conscious but you are also conscientous about that consciousness. You own yourself, you own your most powerful tool so let’s us, before we do ANYTHING, get to know that tool and then we can use it properly, after all, it is our mind that has shaped our body, by the food that we eat and by the exercise that we either did or did not do. It is also our mind that has shaped our emotions and subsequent reactions to certain events, this is TRULY the case especially when we consider the fact that feelings come from thoughts and emotions from feelings, in fact shall I tell you what are emotions are defined as from the dictionary? They are describe as very very strong feelings…Yep’ that is true so all of our emotion have come down to the fact that we think, or have thought in a certain way once upon a time. And what are thought derived from? interpretation of data! And that data, in us humans predominantly, or at least that we are aware of, comes to us via our five senses. So what ever we have heard, felt, smelt, touched or tasted has left its mark upon us and our conscious has then relayed that back to the subconscious, when then stores that for future reference. A simple example of this is this. Child likes dogs, child gets bitten by dog, child dislikes dogs. Child grows up, to be an adult, whenever “adult” hears dogs bark it brings back instant fear about getting bitten. The adult isn’t going to get bitten of course because the dog is living 4 doors away and the fences are 9ft high but yet they still have the fear. That is what is happening, day in and day out with our selves we are rerunning the recorded record of yesterdays so again, let’s start at the beginning. Be kind to your mind, look at her and see that she has more than likely been abused, in fact she was, she is delicate and has not been treated so, she has been influenced, poked and prodded without her knowing and do you know what? rarely, RARELY and if EVER do people do it on purpose, of course they don’t! No, they just think shit and act shit because they too have been abused, confused and distressed and can not think straight. But do you know what also? You can think straight and you will be right, you will take better action that yields better results because you have better thoughts and that, is GOING to be the case! So, let’s be kind to the mind, the start of it all…

My friend’s mother once said to me;

The mind can make a heaven out of hell and a hell out of heaven!


You will retrain you and then you can build the new YOU!


My peace is with you….

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