Looking in the right place first..

The funny thing is, this will seem pretty damned obvious when think about, oh the irony of such a phrase…

I guess that some of the core, fundamental questions that human beings have asked, of time immemorial, are things like, who are we, what am I supposed to do and why do I do what I do. Well, of course I can go a lot deeper in to this subject and philosophise my own theories about past lives, unification of spirit and a cleaning of karmic energy through ANOTHER incarnation here on Earth, well, I think, that that will be a little too much for the people that aren’t listening to swallow so let’s just give the simple, cut to the chase answer without any spiritual alignment involved, let’s just say things are they are. You, and I, so we, are as we are, where we are and why we are as we are because of our minds. Yep’ our thoughts have created everything! We experience what we experience because of our thoughts, now I’m not going to get in to the law of attraction here as that in itself is a MASSIVE writing and it is not one for now and partly the reason why it is not for is I am not in the mood….Not in the mood you say, well why the hell not, if you have taken your valuable time and energy to read what I write, am I being rude, ignorant or dismissive? Well actually no I’m not, and my reasoning behind my not in the mood is because my energy is low, I am tired, nay, almost drained! And why is that? because of the choices that I have made over the last few days that takes me to this point of today. For this reason alone I think that it is fair to talk about our choices and our mindset and the disruption of that mindset by the decisions that we make. Do our choices benefit our desired path or do they hinder us and set us back? That in itself is a VERY good question to ask ones self, as often as possible because perhaps only by bringing our decision making in to a conscious reality and to question the why’s of why we think such things can we really make true progress in life. A good example of this, all be it an extreme version, would be; so if you NEVER, EVER questioned why you think in certain patterns or ways, in fact you never even questioned why you do certain things, which sadly, many are actually like, so if this were the case then what kind of person would you be? I say that you wouldn’t be any kind of person at all, you would be more robot like, in fact you would have no opportunity for growth, for understanding or even learning, you would question NOTHING, you would just do. Perhaps this sounds great and people may even say that it is enlightened, but yet how could it be? We were not born enlightened and we certainly never grew up enlightened either so in that case we would neither grow, nor understand, we would actually regress! Do you not possibly think that that is why children ask the question why so often? Perhaps it is because they want to know, and to know; to know is to grow. So my point for today is merely to ask you this question, do you know yourself? This is a BIG question and will be a VERY big question to many and in fact I do believe in a very popular book that is taken too literally by too many, the one that is called the Bible, it even says in there as one of the main points of focus, “KNOW THY SELF!” Of course, you have many, MANY aspects to yourself and possibly even too many for you to START upon so let’s keep this simple and bring it back to the beginning, your thoughts and your actions, are they in line with what you REALLY want out of life or are you being robotic about how you think, what you think and why you think what you do. I guess that if we want to start to influence change, which is inevitable then we need to look at the beginning and that beginning is our thoughts. This weekend I made decisions and choices that have weakened me, physically, mentally and emotionally, they were not in line with my life, although perhaps now, at this moment they are but soon enough, there will be no place for it, so should I be sad or upset that things will change? No, of course not, because I choose change for the BETTER! Change in inevitable, it is DESTINED to happen so a good start is to start aligning our thoughts, mind, and actions toward the direction that we want to head and in fact, right now I’m not even suggesting that you pick an ideal or a goal as first we need to grasp the fundamentals, and what are those fundamentals once again?  They are that you are your thoughts of yesterday, last month, last year and last forever! You think how you do now because of the thoughts that you had to past events and experience which would have influenced your perception which had already been influenced by past interpretation of past events. Do you understand what has happened to us? There has been layer upon layer of thought that has influenced our TRUE and OBJECTIVE perception of experience to give us ANOTHER adulterated and misguided thought process and there fore, more than likely, ANOTHER misunderstanding as to what this experience could be. Now I don’t necessarily suggest that we all start going to hypnotherapy to find out at what point we started to think in certain, hindering ways, no, that would take too long and you may well get caught within the quagmire that is mind itself. Athough, it does have to be noted that Hypnotherapy is  a VERY valuable tool and indeed has been and still will be VERY useful, for A LOT of people, and I too have had many a session and indeed it is FULLY advocated. But NO, I suggest this instead, accept this instead; accept that the past has shaped you but yet now you get to shape the future. Your thought patterns have been formed without you knowing so perhaps not is the time for you to take your mind back, take ownership of your captain and guide him so that he can then guide you in your own direction! Your mind has been subliminally influenced but I’m saying that you can bypass blame by accepting that from here on in, you are conscious, you are not only conscious but you are also conscientous about that consciousness. You own yourself, you own your most powerful tool so let’s us, before we do ANYTHING, get to know that tool and then we can use it properly, after all, it is our mind that has shaped our body, by the food that we eat and by the exercise that we either did or did not do. It is also our mind that has shaped our emotions and subsequent reactions to certain events, this is TRULY the case especially when we consider the fact that feelings come from thoughts and emotions from feelings, in fact shall I tell you what are emotions are defined as from the dictionary? They are describe as very very strong feelings…Yep’ that is true so all of our emotion have come down to the fact that we think, or have thought in a certain way once upon a time. And what are thought derived from? interpretation of data! And that data, in us humans predominantly, or at least that we are aware of, comes to us via our five senses. So what ever we have heard, felt, smelt, touched or tasted has left its mark upon us and our conscious has then relayed that back to the subconscious, when then stores that for future reference. A simple example of this is this. Child likes dogs, child gets bitten by dog, child dislikes dogs. Child grows up, to be an adult, whenever “adult” hears dogs bark it brings back instant fear about getting bitten. The adult isn’t going to get bitten of course because the dog is living 4 doors away and the fences are 9ft high but yet they still have the fear. That is what is happening, day in and day out with our selves we are rerunning the recorded record of yesterdays so again, let’s start at the beginning. Be kind to your mind, look at her and see that she has more than likely been abused, in fact she was, she is delicate and has not been treated so, she has been influenced, poked and prodded without her knowing and do you know what? rarely, RARELY and if EVER do people do it on purpose, of course they don’t! No, they just think shit and act shit because they too have been abused, confused and distressed and can not think straight. But do you know what also? You can think straight and you will be right, you will take better action that yields better results because you have better thoughts and that, is GOING to be the case! So, let’s be kind to the mind, the start of it all…

My friend’s mother once said to me;

The mind can make a heaven out of hell and a hell out of heaven!


You will retrain you and then you can build the new YOU!


My peace is with you….

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