Is it all really a concept within our own mind?

I think that this post is gonna be quite short unless I really start stretching my mind, as I have a tendency to do, ha. But really I guess that it will hit upon a few core points about understanding ourselves and the rest of humanity. Initially, as the title reads, that is basically what life is, it is a construct, our own concept, our own interpretation and our own take on everything. This post has come about because for years I had my details on a social networking place and within my tag lines it says that the world, or my world at the least, is a happy, friendly place. Well I got pulled up on that the other day by someone I had never met and she said “sorry to burst your bubble, but the world isn’t a happy place”. And do you know what? she’s right, the outer world is not and as “other” people see it, no perhaps it is not. BUT…do I not have the right to see the world how I want to see it? After all, my view is the sum of my collected data and my interpretation of that data, selective or not, there fore making it, nay’ allowing it to be my choice in life? I see things as I want to, don’t I? Or do I? That is perhaps the biggest question! OK, for now, let’s say that I do and I do view my world as a free man because I don’t listen to bull shit, I don’t accept lies and I deny anything that doesn’t fir in with my reality. But firstly, let us go back to the beginning which was me saying that EVERYBODY has their own reality, this is so true, and in fact this is one of the things that science ABSOLUTELY agrees upon that what you perceive is different to what everyone else perceives. So in fairness then, can we ever question anybody else’s reality? it is as equally as valid after all? I choose to ignore war, I ignore death, I ignore violence, I ignore hatred, in fact I actually ignore ignorance, which, if I am honest, really does bug the shit out of me actually for they have not understood the term inevitability, we are going to have to face things one day so may as well make it sooner rather than later. So, selective ignorance, do we think that this is a good thing? Well I certainly do so let’s look at some of the outcomes from my selectiveness; I choose to see the good in people, it gives them a fair chance, I choose to see and feel happiness a much as possible, it allows others to interact with me better, be themselves more and to actually express their own happiness too. Love, well we all now that love begets love… Faith; can the human race do with having a little more faith in good right now, sure it can. If I choose a calm world to see and to be living in does that then calm my mind? yes, does that then add a tiny little calmness to my surrounding environment? For sure…I have to be honest here, I don’t just choose ignorance and be selective for selfish reasons, no, I understand the principle of the field, the larger body of “human” consciousness that we are all in and interwoven in to. The more peace, love, happiness and truth I have in my own life then the more I add to the greater consciousness of humanity. So you see, not only am IĀ enriching my own “conceptual” world I am also adding to the greater good for all. Do you possibly think that larger governing bodies know and understand this? In fact they said that propaganda was tested and used in the second world war where thousands of leaflets were dropped, not only in Germany by Adolph Hitler saying how bad the Jews were but also by the Allied’s saying that the war had been won…Propaganda, propaganda, EVERYWHERE! So is it not wise then for us to be selective, is it not smart thinking for us to create our own conceptual world with consideration and measured thought? Especially when we realise that not only is it what we think but that that we feel too. And that this thought/feeling vibration expands and influences, albeit some what slight, the group human consciousness which science has known to call the field? Yes, we are all individual and yes, we have our own right to think what we want to think and to create our own concepts but let’s also consider our place within the bigger picture. If we are influencing a part of EVERYTHING, which technically is EVERYTHING as you can’t have a part of everything it either is or is not, so it is. But aren’t WE, influencing the WHOLE psychology of humanity? And yet if we consider that big media and power brokers know this, in fact they have for the last 70 odd years or “modern times” do we then not has a responsibility to start driving the psychology of humanity in a better direction? Of course! But that, that is merely my own concept, so I ask; what is yours? Consider the details of your answer and how detailed your answer “should” or “could” be. Do you have loved ones, do you want to be loved by someone? Do you believe in freedom for everyone? Do you start with your world and allow that world to spread, can you conceive a better ideal than today’s reality?

Create your concept, deny the trickery, make yourself happy, believe in harmony.

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