The fundamentals to influencing change

I have to be honest from the outset here, the title of this post is ever so slightly misleading as really, to be honest, the fundamentals to change are way beyond our understanding. In fact, they are so universally God linked that for us to try and fathom them they will surely pop our heads! However; we surely can interpret the title of this blog in a different way and accept that the fundamentals of change is that it is constant and that it shall be for ALL eternity! Believe it or not your body changes over a trillion times per day with millions of cells being replicated or dying, your muscles have had millions of twitch impulses, heart beats in their hundreds and untold amounts of reactions and that is just your inner world, not even mentioning the outer!

Let us grasp this basic concept first; Everything in this whole universe, bar ether and the Tao perhaps, is made up of atoms. There are hundreds of trillions to the power of thousands within the universe and everything ranging from stars to a brick and a loaf of bread is made up of these tiny little atoms. These atoms then, are they still and of rigid form? are they static in the way that creates something that is solid? No, they are not. As anyone who has studied basic science knows, atoms are made of of three fundamental parts, although there are others which are indeed QUITE interesting, but for now let’s just talk about protons, neutrons and electrons, although to be precise just the electrons. The electrons, according to their number and orbit create an almost shell like appearance around the proton and neutron to keep it in shape and bound together. These electrons do have a consciousness and intelligence as they follow a pattern that is extremely complex and actually quite beautiful within its trajectory without colliding with one another. Intelligence and beauty, all in one, magnificent! So, my point of this is; if the smaller thing that we know, there or there abouts, is constantly changing and moving, does that then not stand to reason that all that is bigger than these atoms is constantly moving and changing too? of course! OK, so everything changes, great, and yet how does that affect us and are we subjective towards this change, ie, are we passive and at the mercy of this change or are we able to be objective, meaning that we can actually have input and an influence over what change may occur? Interesting question, so let us go back to consciousness and in particular the consciousness of the atom that makes us. As we have already stated, it is conscious, it has to be otherwise none of its parts would be together, it would not bond with any other atoms, H2o for example, O2 or even Co2, the list is VERY extensive, and nothing around us would EVER be, it would be PURE Nothingness! So there is a consciousness that pervades all things and that creates order and “so say” form. But is that consciousness subject to us and our thought, therefore our servant or is it the other way around where we are subject to its influence and therefore the pacifist in life, are you a victim or not? This, my friends really is the Ultimate question. Only now, when I write such words, do I truly understand the magnitude of what I write. Yes, some time ago I did understand that we have control over our thoughts and actions which in turn leads to the outcome of cause and effect but truly, not until now did I understand the true measure of my understanding. My thoughts, as well as yours, control energy and consciousness we manipulate and create! Perhaps because it is the order of hierarchy, meaning that because we are complex, intelligent, conscious human beings then basic matter is at our service and to command with as we will, who knows? Ok, perhaps I am getting ahead of myself here and allowing my mind to run away with me so let us bring things back on to a scientific level and proof, how do we even know that our consciousness can influence matter? So, going back to 1911 – 1927 there were a series of scientific meetings of the world’s most eminent physicists at what is now referred to as the Solvay conferences, hosted by a Mr Solvay, to discuss scientific realisations, experiments and theories. It was at these meeting, in particular the first and last where the new (at the time) branch of physics science called quantum mechanics was born. It was in fact three main scientists, namely, Max Planck, Neil Bohr and Max Born that first proposed the theory that whilst observing experiments the actual observers act of observing influences the outcome of the result! This theory was proposed to Albert Einstein, who, at the time, dismissed the concept as it disagreed with his own rigid form of rule regarding physics and anatomical order but, who at a later date, came to accept this theory and indeed became a huge advocate for the theory of quantum mechanics. I have included a link to give you a bit more info about this as this really is the scientific fundamentals of the new consciousness for an evolving humanity, it changes EVERYTHING! It means that we are the affector and not the victim, we influence energy and not it influence us I have also decided to add a link to a YouTube video too made by a Dr. called Bruce Lipton who is a scientific doctor by nature but realises that quantum mechanics really is the foundations for change, growth and, DARE I SAY IT, spirituality. As you know, if you have read any of my other posts it is my intention to stay as non denominatory as possible where it comes to religion and spirituality so please afford my forgiveness when using the term above. However, it surely best suits the terminology and beliefs of Dr Bruce Lipton, who really is a FANTASTIC advocate for human insight, and growth in line with universal law.

So, energy, matter and circumstance can be affected by thought and observation, proven by scientific documentation, which in turn means that WE are the ones in control of the Law of Cause and Effect, we are the influences of our own destiny as opposed to merely the victim of things that are out of our control. With all that being said though, what are the “Fundamentals to Influencing Change” then?  All I can say is Acceptance, Acceptance, Acceptance! Before anything, we need to understand what it is to accept, in fact, ACCEPTANCE really is the cornerstone or foundation for change. Acceptance is to be emotionally understanding of something or an event and to take ownership. It is to stand at the point of now and to look forwards instead of looking back with blame. Acceptance is to FULLY understand that things have been in the past and that they will also be different in the future. Acceptance means judgement without bias nor favouritism and indeed acceptance is also to “take things on the chin” so to speak and to not shy way from responsibility, in fact it is to face adversity head on and to confront your fears, no matter how grave we may “think” that they “might”. Acceptance is understanding that there is totality in everything and that you can not have cause without effect or neither any effect without any cause, acceptance in short is being magnanimous enough to be “willing” to understand the true nature or dynamic of an event. So then, regarding change, what is it that we need to accept?

1) Accept that change is constant, what is happening right now will NOT last

2) Accept that change is possible, nothing is Fixed and that you CAN influence its outcome

3) Accept that change is inevitable so you had may as well accept it!

4) Accept where you are in your life

5) Accept why you are where you are in your life

6) Accept responsibility

7) Accept that you can’t do everything

8) Accept help and support

9) Accept the willingness to make mistakes


10) Accept that there is something GREATER than you and your life

Accept that WE are the ones that got us to where we are

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