Change and becoming the NEW YOU..

I was quite due to be writing something else, which WILL follow, ha, that’s what I ALWAYS say, but invariably it will  This, however, is so important that I decided to put it right to the top of the list and put all of my “self created” procrastination excuses to one side for a moment and tell you. Now you know that I am a sharer and a FREE thinker, well I’ve just understood something and it kinda goes a bit like this.

As we were born we knew little about “life” as we so say call it, but yet we knew almost EVERYTHING about the “ABSOLUTE consciousness or the ALL” as you may want to call it, in fact call it what EVER you like, it matters not! Just don’t differentiate it as GOD being different, that is another miss-truth..       As we grew older we started to learn more about our “hard” reality as we so call it, the human experience, this 3D holographic projection of imagery and life, and yet with this learning, observation and interpretation of existence can filters. These filters, of the mind, bring things in to focus and make life audible, comprahendable and defined. The unfortunate thing however, is the fact by adding a filter to make sense of something we have to create a limitation for it so that it can exist and become static in nature, so that things can become sense worthy. Well, unfortunately with that limitation also comes limitation of self, who you are and what you can do, limitation of the perceived reality. So let’s look at things from a slightly different perspective so that we can get a TRUE handle on this.

There is absolute consciousness, consciousness that is EVERYTHING and that ALREADY is, the space between space of the electron, if you so will, the ABSOLUTE knowingness of ALL that is even the knowingness of self observing sense, bit of a head trip perhaps, but you’re with me! lol Now this consciousness or ABSOLUTE knowingness is everything, has been everything and will ALWAYS be EVERYTHING (here lies within the misconception of GOD on a thrown, WHAT? go fuck, you IDIOT! What a STUPID concept. GOD is the IS that is in the IS! It is IS!!!!) So God is pure consciousness then, OK, good, slight distraction there, so let’s get back on track… Consciousness is and also IS the all pervador of, in and about everything, because it IS everything so therefore I ask you this question;

Can you define the parameters or boundaries between the “ALL that IS or the ABSOLUTE EVERYTHING” and the all that ISN’T?

Think about it and answer it honestly and objectively…….. Do you see what I am talking about here?

So, as kids we just know the ABSOLUTE of everything and yet as we get older we have to define it by creating filters within our mind. These filters make sense of everything and make it audible for our comprehension, in some respects it takes a part of the EVERYTHING, even though there is no such this as a part of the everything, because it is still the everything, almost like a BIT of water, CAN’T exist. So we break it down in to “BITS” of information, ironically enough, subconscious and conscious mind, subconscious process 20,000,000 bits of information per second and wait for it, filters is so that the conscious gets 20 bit of info per second. )stats might be slightly incorrect by the way but i can’t be bothered to check out the full ratio, although I might post it at the end when I have finished…lol) So basically we CHUNK down information to make sense of it, LITERALLY we filter things out! So this filtering creates definition, shape and form of something that is just pure light and vibration, without it we’d be fucked, no sense of nothing, it would be impossible! But, with this NECESSARY filtering comes one little snag and that is called LIMITATION, “stuff” or ABSOLUTE CONSCIOUSNESS (AC) becomes limited within the filtering process. Well, unfortunately so does our perception upon reality, it has to, there is NO OTHER WAY and with that limited perception of reality also comes a limited perception of self! Now this is important, because as we grow up we aren’t aware of this limited perception of self because it becomes our “normal” and is our US. But yet we pick up on it though and actually create the limitations and in several ways too… We either perceive experience incorrectly, for example, a child running in sports day, they don’t win, so what do they tell themselves, I am NOT a winner, I am TOO slow and I need to run faster as opposed to, WOW, I am running, this is AMAZING! Or perhaps when at school a teacher says to a student, which they said to me by the way and in fairness, I was a little bit of a shit, if that is your perception filter that is…lol but anyway, the teacher tells the student that they will not amount to much and will NOT achieve, so what happens? The subconscious AND conscious pick it up and the subconscious stores it, for next time after further validation, and they BOTH then use that information to create a filter of self that will define who or what you are.. This process has gone on FOREVER via parents, family, friends, society, group psychology/mentality, T.V, radio etc. in fact, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, ALL of the time! We are CONSTANTLY filtering and added new tints or layers to our PERCEIVED view of reality until finally we funnel our SELVES (infinite by the way) down to today and this moment so that we can call ourselves “I”. But guess what, we inherently are unhappy with that I because we know that we haven’t created it but yet have been forced and sculpted to accept a perception of something (you) that is NOT of your making so invariably we want to change and start to create the NEW YOU, the YOU of your choice, it IS our nature, we are ALL designers. In fact, we are ALL creators because we ARE the absolute consciousness that already is CREATION! Change by the way is one of the  two constant things in the whole universe, the other being vibration, which IS covered in a past post. So, invariably we want to change, we NEED to create, it is our nature. Well, get this, in actual fact we don’t NEED to create at all, all we have to do it just slide in to the movement of creation and change that ALREADY is! It’s happening CONSTANTLY and will be, for time immemorial, in fact it is BEYOND time as time is IT! So, to the REAL point here.. Conscious forcing of change through a “filtered” & desired will can only create resistance against the flow that already is. So how do we create change then? Well actually we don’t, we don’t need to! Change and EVERYTHING is ALWAYS there ALL of the TIME, it is EVERYTHING and will ALWAYS be EVERYTHING  so you see, because you are absolute consciousness you already are ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! You already are that champion runner on sports day, you already are the chief executive or you already are the great artist or musician, all of life is ART by the way, make no mistake about that fact. You ALREADY are EVERYTHING because you ARE everything! get my point here? So what is stopping us from BEING that which we wish to become? our limiting belief systems, which makes PERFECT sense doesn’t it! We have used limiting belief systems to define the EVERYTHING and to make sense of it so that we can be a SELF aware (hopefully  lol) being to live and to experience. But yet we innately know that we can not be boxed, think of a caged bird that is in the middle of a forest, for we are EVERYTHING so we become restless and desire to create, it IS our nature, we ARE CREATE, we ARE EVERYTHING that ALREADY and that ALREADY will be for ALREADY FOREVER! In short, trying to create change is not only futile, it is actually quite dumb and creates MASSIVE resistance because it is not in line with the already change, flow, TAO that already is! We are “trying” to create our own channel or current, of change that is in disharmony with the one that already is that is the EVERYTHING! So conscious changed, out and out BLOOD STUPID! So, how do we change then? well seeing as it already is, we don’t do anything apart from drop our limiting belief systems, we all the TRUTH to come out or be unearthed as you will. Change is ever happening and seeing as everything already is EVERYTHING and you are EVERYTHING in EVERY way because all of your cells and even thoughts are EVERYTHING that always IS, you already are what you want to be because it ALREADY is! It’s just that you have been stamped with many limiting belief systems that prevent you from realising, there fore living, your already what EVER you want to become! Drop the limiting belief systems and you will be what you want because you ALREADY are!, do you get it!! OK, put on some blind person’s big, black glasses, the Ray Charles ones or Stevie wonder ones, without the head swaying, and see what you can see, nothing, FUCK ALL! and that is a filter! Now remove those glasses and what do you see? EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Same same, principal here, and NOW you get me! So, to sum up;


Be what EVER you want to be by removing limiting belief systems so that you can see that you already are because you ALREADY are ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!!!


To yield, is to yield!!!!!


My peace, my love and my knowingness, to you ALL…for we ALL already ARE!!!

Be well my companions..

Oh’ and the subconscious to conscious BITS of information filtering is still unknown, nobody can seem to agree on the exact amount but my ball park is about right, I think! hehe…

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