A mental journey

“At first, when I was aware that I was conscious and heard thought, I was trying to balance life, a new found spirituality and create an understanding to it all. It appeared to me that I was relentlessly smashing the rocks of thought within my mind. But; as I learned patience, acceptance and understood that I was going through ‘THE PROCESS”, life relaxed and the mind calmed, so it was not rocks that I was smashing but mere pebbles that I was cracking. As the years went by, my hope grew to belief and the veils of clarity started to clear, I could see what truth was the truth and what falsehood was falsehood, I could truly trust my mind for we were one, I was it and it was me. It was more then that I realised that it were not pebbles that I was cracking  but it was sand that I was sifting. Nowadays, as they are more than the few and I have the love for the mind, all that it shows me and tells me to be true, so it is that I believe, it is not sand I sift no more, for I am the man that sees all and lives the truth, I am he that plays with dust!”


Have faith, believe in yourself, the ABSOLUTE consciousness that you are and give your mind time and space to heal.

The walls of the temple need to come crashing down before you can build yourself a palace! A palace of your making and your design, let’s undo all of the conditioning thought patterns that have been created for us and let us build our minds ourselves.

Mind design, it is your future!

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