The “invisible” SPIRITUAL path, that DOESN’T ACTUALLY exist!

I was at work today and chatting to one of my mates that is pretty aware of a lot of things, so let’s say for arguments sake that he is “self aware” and you know what, he said something to me that REALLY got me thinking….

I asked him how he was and what was going on, general politeness, but also genuine interest as I like the guy, he has a LOT to offer, and what he said in return was pretty much words to this effect.. “Yeah’ I’m good, but last night I realised how far off my path I have been”. Now this raised a couple of questions for me; namely, what path are you on about? and secondly, who decided upon this path anyway? He said that he was far off his spiritual path and growth and unfortunately couldn’t divulge any further as I literally had to leave at that moment, but it left me with food for thought, and this is what has transpired.

OK, what path? Seriously there is NO fucking path what so ever, it is ALL imaginary! This “GOLDEN” path that we “spiritualists” seem to create is it not perhaps a little trick of the ego so that it can either induce pleasure or pain, but still once again stay caught or trapped within our own mind? And to this point I must add, if we know our path, does that not mean to say that we are already enlightened? For if we know that we are NOT on it, we must then know when we ARE on it and what it looks like! Well, actually I say this..No, this is NOT the case…Fundamentally because I believe that there is NOT one ideal path to be following, meaning that everything else is either off or nil and void, for that within itself is a form of control, and surely is NOT the intent of the universal mind. And secondly, and probably most importantly, is it not us and our mind that decides if we are or are not on this imaginary path anyway? So therefor that means that all is within the mind, the path, that DOESN’T actually exist and also the voice that either says that you are or are NOT on this imaginary line…Kinda sounds like a bit of mind skulduggery if you ask me.. Remember, it is our mind (which has been created from past events and can’t really be trusted) that has CREATED this “imaginary” path and then we are only to be ostracised by it for not being upon its path!! Bollocks to that! And also, at what point did the mind EVER share its plan of the GOLDEN or SPIRITUAL path with us anyway, errrr’ NEVER! It’s a lose, lose situation! You don’t know the path and then you get beat down for not being on it! Give is a BLOODY break here will ya’… So, how about we look upon it like this instead? How about we are ALWAYS upon our path (that again, doesn’t actually exist…lol) All of the TIME! END OF!!  ha

I’ve even thought of something else actually and this is rather cool. How about we flip our minds? Sounds kinda weird but just hear me out on this one. How about, instead of us learning to become more spiritually aware, as we are, how about the learning of the material world and its little psychological hooks is slowing down? So, instead of us starting to become more insightful and spiritually in touch, how about we look upon it this way… Ever since you have been born you have been drugged, let’s call it the “pseudo human society control drug”. Now this drug has been everywhere, your peers unknowingly are drugged up to the eyeballs, hence their dumb ass and just plain STUPID rationale, you got more drugged at school, got a whopping dose when you started work and then by the T.V etc, etc…. But how about this; How about the more you deny this BULL SHIT and the more you say no and actually claim back your freedom of choice and thought, the more this “pseudo human society control drug” wears off. So in actual fact what is happening is not the fact that you are becoming MORE spiritual it’s just the fact that you are starting to become conscious of what you ALREADY are and have ALWAYS been! You see, there is no SPIRITUAL path, you already ARE spiritual and you actually are GOD essence, the living, breathing, life force of creation itself! It’s just that now you are starting to realise it because the drugs don’t work anymore! It is actually an unfolding NOT a growing! Why do you need to grow if you are already complete and whole? What, are you going to be MORE complete or MORE whole? Come the fuck on…Think about it; there is no way that you are becoming more spiritual, you are just becoming aware of what you are! And it’s not surprising if every now and again your head gets a little busy with thoughts and confusion, it’s kinda been scrambled, like, FOR EVER!!! Go easy on your self buddy, take your time, it’s OK, all is good! And ABOVE all, and for CHRIST’S sake, do NOT cause even more distress by telling your delicate and already confused mind that you are NOT on the path…There is no FUCKING path remember! And do you know the best way to allow your TRUE self, your omnipotent, loving, universal self to come through? Relax baby, just RELAX and chill the FUCK out! Stillness is our natural state and our conscious mind is there to investigate this world, it’s just inquisitive, that’s all thoughts are, they want answers about surroundings and events as it interprets the environment through our senses, ALL of them!…..

Be happy, Be well and Be free for You ALREADY are!!!

The cause of the effect..Or do I mean the effect of the cause??

This principle is so basic in its nature that I really need not go in to it in much detail and besides; there is also something else that I want to write about too! lol

What EVER is going on in your life RIGHT NOW is the net effect of many previous causes. Those causes have their  origins within thought, emotion and action. Basically, by how ever you felt or acted you have set the universe in motion and this is the desired effect, this here, today, you reading this. Now this may seem quite simple and perhaps we all already know this, but do you realise what embracing this understanding may lead to? FULL ownership of your life, its consequences, its rewards and also its losses. YOU have created the time and space for you to be reading this right now and this is the right time for you to be reading this right now, for this is what YOU created! Do you also understand too that this takes away the element of divine intervention? and that it also takes away the factor of synchronicity? This may sound a little harsh and some what disenchanting about the universal mystery  but let’s look upon it from a different perspective, as we should play with until we like something that is favourable to us, after all, we have a CHOICE on how we see things! Don’t we? (rhetorical question).

So; how about we look at things like this…How about in stead of losing the magic we gain the awe? How about instead of losing synchronicity we gain the essence of perfection instead? So what if EVERYTHING ALWAYS happens at the right time, EVERY time and for EVERY reason? Is not ;life then one GIANT harmonious happening with ALL individuals playing their PERFECT part ALL of the time, at EXACTLY the RIGHT time!? One may start to believe that this is so. Cause and effect has ALWAYS lead you up to EVERY point in your life and believe it or not your perspective about your last effect, which was just then by the way, will set forth the next chain of events to usher in the next effect that you become conscious of!

So; what does this mean? Well, it means a few things really and I shall list them, but of course, you may add to this list too.

1. Guard your thoughts…Observe how you react to or interpret events as this will start the chain reaction to other causes and therefore other subsequent effects. When you are aware of your thoughts and feelings you may then start to change them and also start to live your life the way you were MEANT to be!

2. There is NO SUCH THING as good or bad, it is merely an event that is the net effect of a series of causes..This is SO MEGA, it’s INCREDIBLE! No such thing as good or bad, are you SERIOUS!? Well actually yes I am, and her’s why… We see something in a particular way because our perspective or map of the world has been conditioned through this principle of cause and effect, so if we changed our perspective we would see an event or circumstance in a TOTALLY different way! Am I right? And also, often we micro judge events and cast aspersions about them before time gets to tell its story..Remember, it is all a part of a single strand of cause and effect, and in fact, one cause is another effect and VICE VERSA! In some respects our micro judgement is a bit like judging one of the first brush strokes of a painting and saying that it is all wrong or that the painting is rubbish. And yet, who knows, that may well be the defining brush stroke that actually MAKES the painting! So why micro judge events then? Just let them be, appreciate and see what they reveal and yield! A quick story for you…Just over   15 1/2  years ago on November the 4th 1999 my twin brother hung himself and committed suicide. Of course, I was naturally DEVASTATED, my world COMPLETELY imploded!! Was it the worst event ever? OF COURSE! It was a HUGE loss to all, especially me! But with my mind of today can I say that it was bad? No, of course not…For had that not happened I would SURELY not be sat here writing to you today and therefore you could not be reading this! And besides; I can not judge the situation until I have ALL of the facts, which means that I can ONLY do that upon my death bed. In other words, I can NOT judge the painting until the final stroke is struck or until my heart beats its last beat or until my lungs exhale their final breath… You see, Micro judgement is a futile and dangerous game, it is ABSOLUTELY pointless!

3. You have the power to change your life.. say this, “My goals are merely desired effects”… That means that you can steer your ship towards your desired goal by knowing what will keep you on course and what will take you “off” course, so to speak. This is such a GREAT way to stat achieving goals and to actually take control of your life it is actually quite BEAUTIFUL!

So; everything is in sequence, all of the time and always WILL be! Relax and enjoy, don’t stress, is is NATURALLY OK by nature, because remember; There is no such thing as good or bad as it is ALL a part of the coding that is cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-?

Big love to you all,

“Without death their will never be life and without life, there shall NEVER be death!” (they are both just polar ends of the same scale, and that scale is called CREATION!

A choice of frequency

I was chatting with my brother recently and this concept came to me..It is partly to do with the TAO (the way of the universe) and our own perception, if not mental creation of being “within the flow”. This is a pretty interesting one really because in actual fact there really is no default flow vibration of the universe and eternal life and it can NOT, by its very nature be one static frequency. What I mean by this is, often at times, people may perceive a flow of life that is what they call their Tao and they are happy to be within that flow, now I ask a couple of important questions here; 1. how did you arrive at this supposed state or frequency that you seem to flow with? and 2. Can you also flow at a different frequency, or let me put it another way, will you also “flow” at either a higher or lower frequency, depending on what it is that you are doing?

If I may be so bold as to answer these questions from my own perspective.. Firstly, I arrived at what I deem to be my “flow” through my interpretation of a series of events, which are called experiences. Then what I did I decided to create a mental construct on how I saw life and actually attuned my mental attitudes and actions toward those conclusions and way of living, so in effect I created my OWN flow vibration because I decided that that is to which vibration, thought pattern I felt comfortable. May I just add that more often than not this “flow” state is NOT dynamic or active, it is actually passive that really does go along the lines of the saying, “agh’ what will be will be” or “that’s what the universe decides” or others of the sort. Which it is actually doing is giving up our sovereign right to create, drive forwards and to have what EVER it is that we want.

Secondly; may we find peace and the flow at another vibration? Of course we shall! For really is not our sense of flow a feeling of security and peace within our environment? So why then can we not find the flow in a much more dynamic and higher vibratory state that is so essential to creation? I was kinda liking these two states as the Yin and Yang of personal vibration. What I am not doing here is deeming Yin as gentle and emotional nor Yang as hard and aggressive but yet perhaps I am looking upon them ion their real terms as ones of dynamic and the other being gentle. I do genuinely believe that far too many people nowadays are within the Yin state of creation, especially when it comes to the new spiritual movement. In fact; if we just look at the term karma for example, that in itself is a PERFECT example of being passive and saying, it’s alright, the universe will sort or redress that situation… Well that’s BULL SHIT! Fuck it, how about we turn it around ourselves by using a more dynamic state? I also genuinely believe that people have reached this Yin state as a protection mechanism by the ego and it is almost if we give up or are too afraid to do certain things and then end up justifying them by saying stuff like “it’s OK, it’s a part of the UNIVERSAL plan” or “that was meant to happen just as it did”… Well How about no! Do you know what Karma really is? All it is is merely cause and effect, that’s it! So perhaps things happen to us because they are the net effect of certain causes that WE OURSELVES have created! Maybe there isn’t any giant, set universal plan for us at all, perhaps we are purely left to our own devises! So then, I say that we are in the “flow” because our mind justifies it to be so and then it becomes passive and ignorant toward any other higher level of dynamic energy. Perhaps, and just perhaps that our mental flow, as we so call it, is really an invisible shackle that is created by the ego to prevent us from growing and expanding? What a concept! Does our mind, in partnership with our ego create an imaginary flow that we call life or our karmic state and find comfort and security within it to retard our growth so that we remain within an ego driven karmic realm? the evidence seems to appear so…..

Can we then create a NEW flow in a higher, more dynamic frequency and propel our life and even spiritual growth? Of course we can it is all MERELY a concept of the mind and if we created one before then can SURELY create a new one again…And really one of our own choosing! So can we be happy in a dynamic, self and world changing energetic vibration? Of course we can! In fact, the universal or TAO is at what EVER frequency you want, all you need to do is enjoy it and find security within it. How amazing could things be for you if your default state was one of dynamic creation but yet you were able to be peaceful within that? In fact, should our flow not be on a sliding rule between dynamic and passive energy at our own will and neither of them take any effort at all?

Halting the thoughts…

I do wonder sometimes why I focus So much on unproductive/negative thoughts about the MICRO here and now of my life… Why don’t I just chill the Fuck out! My mind, probably much like most other people’s, grabs TINY snippets of what it thinks is reality and just churns them over, which, more often than not, ends up in a distressing or confusing outcome. SERIOUSLY though; why do I not just use perspective? Surely these day’s events are only a part of a week, a month or even a WHOLE year! In fact, this ONE year is only one of MANY, which means BILLIONS of thoughts, so why do I (if I may say we) hook on to them SO much? Can we not put it all in to perspective and TRULY accept the fact that our mind/consciousness is eternal? In fact, this life that we seem to FRET over so much is almost “more than likely” (even if it can’t be substantiated, lol) just one of OH’ so many! So I ask again, why do we allow our minds to be influenced and affected so much by things that really are actually quite insignificant when put in to the grand scheme of things? OK, your boss at work is a dick and has disrespected you, so what…How about a friend or loved one snaps and gets angry, so what? and in fact it clearly shows that they TOO are caught up in the turmoil of thoughts within the here and now! I reckon that when ever we are having one of those “SHIT and UNSETTLED days” where our minds just don’t want to stop, we should just stop everything that we are doing, put life on pause, halt the runaway carriage of mind and thought and breathe, just breathe a DEEP, CONSCIOUS breath!…This allows us then the moment to realise that ALL is infinite and that there is no such thing as the confused “here and now” because perhaps, just perhaps, that all is a part of the HARMONIOUS EVERYTHING? And yet, by having too narrow a focus, nay’ almost addiction to this present moment and what HAS happened or what “MAY” happen, as the mind does, we forget that we can bask in the warmth and glory that EVERYTHING will be JUST RIGHT and in fact, it ALWAYS IS and shall ALWAYS be SO!!!

Peace (of mind) interesting saying…… I shall expand on that further and add of heart and emotion too!

Perception and the DIS-art of

Firstly I have to acknowledge this post to someone that I work with. He’s a GREAT guy and we love to muse about life, mind science and the evolution that is the present potential for humanity. Of course I say “potential” because evolution does not necessarily mean growth toward a focused direction. Evolution is merely the movement of evolving, and evolving in its primary state is change, which of course, as discussed previously is constant. So in effect, we are ALWAYS evolving and always will be, as it is the natural order of everything, ALL of the time. As mentioned before, in other blogs, change is one of only 2 constant things within the whole universe, and the other being vibration. Very quickly; everything is a vibration, thought, music, light, colour, sound, even taste! It is time for me to get back on track though…

 I guess the main point to this is the way we see the world, which is our perception, how and why was it formed and how we have we been conditioned in a certain way? All of our experiences, even when we were in utero  have caused us to perceive our environment with a particular perspective. We were then “schooled” to think in  a certain way so that we have a “type” of mental conditioning. One can NOT really argue that what has been produced is a very linear way of thinking and in fact is quite a “standard” format, especially when we get taught between right and wrong, high and low, hard and soft and even life and death. In fact we even judge our experiences between a “good” experience and a “bad” one. Indeed, this actually is EXACTLY what we base our past, current and even FUTURE life on! So what happens then if our event interpretation mechanism (or mind) is either faulty or MIS-programmed in the first place? We are then ABSOLUTELY screwed to EVER see any event for what it actually is! Now let me introduce you to a concept; in fact it is not actually just a concept, it is the TRUE reality of things… A minute ago we were talking about things being linear, a straight line, and with the varying poles of good to bad or high to low, etc. well what I want you to do instead is to now imagine this concept by adjoining both ends of this linear line so that they meet. This in effect will create a circle, yes? Within this circle though is the potential, in fact, FULL potential of good, bad, and everything else in between. This circle is constant, unbroken and in fact because it is a circle has no beginning nor end. Now what I want you to do is to imagine a ball, in fact perhaps even put your hands together and adjoin your fingers, tip to tip. This then will create a 3 dimensional shape that is more roundish in shape and in fact, for REAL understanding of what I am on about, imagine an electron circling around its nucleus in a particular pattern. This will give you an understanding of what experience actually is, it is a GIANT ball of EVERYTHING, everything good and everything bad, the Yin and the Yang, with no beginning, no end, one GIANT continuum! I really hope that this makes some sense as it is actually quite difficult to explain as it really does seems to be one GIANT bubble which contains EVERYTHING! 

 What we do, within the human psychology, is to break things down in to parts so that we can make order of them and to even justify their existence, well…what happens if we can NOT actually break things down in to a “good” part or a “bad” part because in actuality everything always is EVERYTHING, ALL of the time! OK, let’s imagine a plasma ball of everything, now try and take a slice of that plasma ball..What will happen to the plasma ball after you have taken a slice? It will just close back up and become whole again, it will STILL be the sum of EVERYTHING that ALWAYS is! Everything will ALWAYS have the FULL potential of EVERYTHING, ALL of the TIME!

 But what does this mean for us, and how can I relate it to “perception and the DIS-art of”? The DIS-art of perception simply means that we have not discovered or at least are not utilising the true art of perception upon experience. Basically, we are seeing things wrong! And only when we decide to look upon everything as mere EXPERIENCE, containing 100% right and 100%wrong ALL of the time can we only then start to perceive that there is NO SUCH THING as either just right or just wrong for that can NEVER exist! Yes there are varying degrees of right or wrong but that is ONLY because of our judgement, our judgement may define something but it can NEVER make it actually so!

 Suspend judgment and we shall see the true reality of ALL that is, it really just IS and can ALWAYS only EVER be so!

Are you a Competitor, a participant or a mere spectator?

So I’ve decided to start doing things a little differently and actually make these blogs a touch more readable. If you, like I often look at the size of the content and think   ohh’ FUCK “THAT” because it’s too long then that, of course, is not a reaction that I want you to experience. I have learned that people don’t like to read too much in one go, so, this is what I’m gonna do.. I’ve decided to make my blogs a little more condensed and to the point, in particular for those that are on the hop, or just really can not commit too much of their time to a full read, let’s call it an abridged version of the full article so to speak. I do know that what I like to discuss has real value so I do like to go in to some depth and really make sure that it makes sense and that you can reflect upon it in your daily life. So, as just mentioned, I would also like to do a much bigger post and leave that in a word document so that when one does have more time then they can read the full weight of my writing. I would also like to do two other things too, Soon I will start putting my blog posts as a pod cast also so that it is easily downloadable and then you can listen to it on the move, on your way to work or in the car or even at home, etc. Also; and this is a REALLY big also, I would VERY much like people to respond to these articles and in fact to some what engage in them too. So, this is what I have decided…I would VERY much like people to contact me with topics for discussion or anything that they would like clarification about or insight in to. In fact; it would be my ABSOLUTE pleasure to assist you in ANY way possible as I too, have received insight, help or inspirational words from others in my time. In fact; I, much like you, would not be in this position, would it not be for the benefit, or to the detriment, of others. Quite TRULY, the gain I get from this is the fact that human consciousness grows. In fact, if I am TOTALLY honest, the growth of human consciousness is only a secondary effect, for my primary concern, as it should be yours too, is the fact that we change our own minds and therefore change our own lives.

Life is about decision making and being able to discern events so that we may grow and prosper, and you, as much as I, through our own growth, will, unequivocally, affect others. So, by you and I focusing upon our own personal growth we ultimately affect the whole of our species. We are in this together, we are ALL babies of the universe, we are ALL brothers and sisters, EVERY SINGLE one of us! And that, is one of the primary reasons of why I like to write. People influence me daily, most of them unconsciously and unknowingly and yet, there are the few, that I get to talk to, have discussion with and get to learn from and hopefully, from me to you, this is EXACTLY what I want to do…

Funnily enough, what I have just written comes full circle and really does fit in with what it is that I want to write about today. As the title states, are we a Contestant, a mere participant or just a spectator and of course I am referring to our primary objective as conscious beings, and that is LIFE!

So; are we a competitor within life? Firstly; a competitor is there to win, they are there to ACTIVELY challenge the situation and to come out on top, like I said, they want to win! In fact no, they don’t just WANT to win, they DESIRE to win! They DESIRE to win so badly that they will stop at nothing to ensure that they DO win. And in life, that means that they learn stuff and teach themselves, they listen to themselves, their inner voices and also what others have to say to them too! They question many things and they also do something that I like to call a self audit! They look at how they currently think and wonder if things can better, and then they don’t just stop at wondering they find the solutions on HOW to make things better! A TRUE competitor makes those tough decisions and makes the sacrifice because you know what? They want it, and they want it BAD! Very quickly I’m gonna have to ask you this question as it really does seem to stop so many people in their tracks, including myself at times in the past. Now, is it right and proper to want something REALLY bad, to fight for it and to go after it, tooth and nail? Or, is it against spiritual values and the “go with the universe” model that really means that we are passive participants to our life and experience? This is a BIG question that completely halts people in their tracks… Remember this; the universe is dynamic as well as gentle, there are tornadoes as well as a breeze and the waves may crash as they do lie still… The universe is courageous and TEEMS with WHAT EVER vibration you choose! Do you not think it better to be on your last days and say, “Well at least I gave it a go, with EVERYTHING that I have!” rather than, “oh’ that was cool, what a nice gentle ride”? Tenacity does not and will NEVER not be detrimental to spiritual evolution. In fact, do you not think that the more we start to focus our lives in the direction that we want with the intention that we put in that we may not even evolve at the same pace as the energy and intention that we put in? First law of thermodynamics, no more energy can come out than we put in..And the output is in DIRECT proportion to what goes in too!

Being a participant.. Well, you’re starting to get the gist of this. Being a participant is actually a sense of self defeatment before you even start to get involved. The participant either has the psychology that they can’t win because they know that they are not good enough. And why is that? Because they haven’t trained hard enough, because they haven’t dedicated their life to being the BEST person that they can be! There is no point in being sat on the fence, you will only get splinters on your bum! And there is no point wading in the pool up to your knees either because you will never know how good it feels to swim! The mind has a tendency to trick its self by saying that it is doing a “good job” by TRYING…What a hunk of shit, SERIOUSLY! That is just the ego feeding you a load of crap so that REAL change does NOT come about, it’s a BLATANT lie! Half hearted attempts are NOT good enough, you are either in or out, simple as that! 50% effort, 50% return!

And as for the spectator; well, really…Why do they even bother? Listen; I know that there is a LOT of psychological baggage that can come with apathy, why in fact that is why people have apathy in the first place, thoughts prevent action and in fact even encourage laziness. I’m not being cold or heartless but my point is…….The participant knows what it is they are watching (life happen) they know that people have been training for it and working at it and yet they too can participate and in fact they can even compete all it takes is one thing, a decision, a decision to commit to YES! Yes, this is life and yes, I WANT to be involved, after all, they ARE already living it, but yet, are they truly LIVING it!!!

The journey of a thousand miles will ALWAYS start with a single step and yet before that step a decision was made to take that action.

Thought, emotional attachment to that thought, decision, action.

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