The “invisible” SPIRITUAL path, that DOESN’T ACTUALLY exist!

I was at work today and chatting to one of my mates that is pretty aware of a lot of things, so let’s say for arguments sake that he is “self aware” and you know what, he said something to me that REALLY got me thinking…. I asked him how he was and what wasContinue reading “The “invisible” SPIRITUAL path, that DOESN’T ACTUALLY exist!”

The cause of the effect..Or do I mean the effect of the cause??

This principle is so basic in its nature that I really need not go in to it in much detail and besides; there is also something else that I want to write about too! lol What EVER is going on in your life RIGHT NOW is the net effect of many previous causes. Those causesContinue reading “The cause of the effect..Or do I mean the effect of the cause??”

Perception and the DIS-art of

Firstly I have to acknowledge this post to someone that I work with. He’s a GREAT guy and we love to muse about life, mind science and the evolution that is the present potential for humanity. Of course I say “potential” because evolution does not necessarily mean growth toward a focused direction. Evolution is merelyContinue reading “Perception and the DIS-art of”

Are you a Competitor, a participant or a mere spectator?

So I’ve decided to start doing things a little differently and actually make these blogs a touch more readable. If you, like I often look at the size of the content and think   ohh’ FUCK “THAT” because it’s too long then that, of course, is not a reaction that I want you to experience.Continue reading “Are you a Competitor, a participant or a mere spectator?”