Are you a Competitor, a participant or a mere spectator?

So I’ve decided to start doing things a little differently and actually make these blogs a touch more readable. If you, like I often look at the size of the content and think   ohh’ FUCK “THAT” because it’s too long then that, of course, is not a reaction that I want you to experience. I have learned that people don’t like to read too much in one go, so, this is what I’m gonna do.. I’ve decided to make my blogs a little more condensed and to the point, in particular for those that are on the hop, or just really can not commit too much of their time to a full read, let’s call it an abridged version of the full article so to speak. I do know that what I like to discuss has real value so I do like to go in to some depth and really make sure that it makes sense and that you can reflect upon it in your daily life. So, as just mentioned, I would also like to do a much bigger post and leave that in a word document so that when one does have more time then they can read the full weight of my writing. I would also like to do two other things too, Soon I will start putting my blog posts as a pod cast also so that it is easily downloadable and then you can listen to it on the move, on your way to work or in the car or even at home, etc. Also; and this is a REALLY big also, I would VERY much like people to respond to these articles and in fact to some what engage in them too. So, this is what I have decided…I would VERY much like people to contact me with topics for discussion or anything that they would like clarification about or insight in to. In fact; it would be my ABSOLUTE pleasure to assist you in ANY way possible as I too, have received insight, help or inspirational words from others in my time. In fact; I, much like you, would not be in this position, would it not be for the benefit, or to the detriment, of others. Quite TRULY, the gain I get from this is the fact that human consciousness grows. In fact, if I am TOTALLY honest, the growth of human consciousness is only a secondary effect, for my primary concern, as it should be yours too, is the fact that we change our own minds and therefore change our own lives.

Life is about decision making and being able to discern events so that we may grow and prosper, and you, as much as I, through our own growth, will, unequivocally, affect others. So, by you and I focusing upon our own personal growth we ultimately affect the whole of our species. We are in this together, we are ALL babies of the universe, we are ALL brothers and sisters, EVERY SINGLE one of us! And that, is one of the primary reasons of why I like to write. People influence me daily, most of them unconsciously and unknowingly and yet, there are the few, that I get to talk to, have discussion with and get to learn from and hopefully, from me to you, this is EXACTLY what I want to do…

Funnily enough, what I have just written comes full circle and really does fit in with what it is that I want to write about today. As the title states, are we a Contestant, a mere participant or just a spectator and of course I am referring to our primary objective as conscious beings, and that is LIFE!

So; are we a competitor within life? Firstly; a competitor is there to win, they are there to ACTIVELY challenge the situation and to come out on top, like I said, they want to win! In fact no, they don’t just WANT to win, they DESIRE to win! They DESIRE to win so badly that they will stop at nothing to ensure that they DO win. And in life, that means that they learn stuff and teach themselves, they listen to themselves, their inner voices and also what others have to say to them too! They question many things and they also do something that I like to call a self audit! They look at how they currently think and wonder if things can better, and then they don’t just stop at wondering they find the solutions on HOW to make things better! A TRUE competitor makes those tough decisions and makes the sacrifice because you know what? They want it, and they want it BAD! Very quickly I’m gonna have to ask you this question as it really does seem to stop so many people in their tracks, including myself at times in the past. Now, is it right and proper to want something REALLY bad, to fight for it and to go after it, tooth and nail? Or, is it against spiritual values and the “go with the universe” model that really means that we are passive participants to our life and experience? This is a BIG question that completely halts people in their tracks… Remember this; the universe is dynamic as well as gentle, there are tornadoes as well as a breeze and the waves may crash as they do lie still… The universe is courageous and TEEMS with WHAT EVER vibration you choose! Do you not think it better to be on your last days and say, “Well at least I gave it a go, with EVERYTHING that I have!” rather than, “oh’ that was cool, what a nice gentle ride”? Tenacity does not and will NEVER not be detrimental to spiritual evolution. In fact, do you not think that the more we start to focus our lives in the direction that we want with the intention that we put in that we may not even evolve at the same pace as the energy and intention that we put in? First law of thermodynamics, no more energy can come out than we put in..And the output is in DIRECT proportion to what goes in too!

Being a participant.. Well, you’re starting to get the gist of this. Being a participant is actually a sense of self defeatment before you even start to get involved. The participant either has the psychology that they can’t win because they know that they are not good enough. And why is that? Because they haven’t trained hard enough, because they haven’t dedicated their life to being the BEST person that they can be! There is no point in being sat on the fence, you will only get splinters on your bum! And there is no point wading in the pool up to your knees either because you will never know how good it feels to swim! The mind has a tendency to trick its self by saying that it is doing a “good job” by TRYING…What a hunk of shit, SERIOUSLY! That is just the ego feeding you a load of crap so that REAL change does NOT come about, it’s a BLATANT lie! Half hearted attempts are NOT good enough, you are either in or out, simple as that! 50% effort, 50% return!

And as for the spectator; well, really…Why do they even bother? Listen; I know that there is a LOT of psychological baggage that can come with apathy, why in fact that is why people have apathy in the first place, thoughts prevent action and in fact even encourage laziness. I’m not being cold or heartless but my point is…….The participant knows what it is they are watching (life happen) they know that people have been training for it and working at it and yet they too can participate and in fact they can even compete all it takes is one thing, a decision, a decision to commit to YES! Yes, this is life and yes, I WANT to be involved, after all, they ARE already living it, but yet, are they truly LIVING it!!!

The journey of a thousand miles will ALWAYS start with a single step and yet before that step a decision was made to take that action.

Thought, emotional attachment to that thought, decision, action.

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