Perception and the DIS-art of

Firstly I have to acknowledge this post to someone that I work with. He’s a GREAT guy and we love to muse about life, mind science and the evolution that is the present potential for humanity. Of course I say “potential” because evolution does not necessarily mean growth toward a focused direction. Evolution is merely the movement of evolving, and evolving in its primary state is change, which of course, as discussed previously is constant. So in effect, we are ALWAYS evolving and always will be, as it is the natural order of everything, ALL of the time. As mentioned before, in other blogs, change is one of only 2 constant things within the whole universe, and the other being vibration. Very quickly; everything is a vibration, thought, music, light, colour, sound, even taste! It is time for me to get back on track though…

 I guess the main point to this is the way we see the world, which is our perception, how and why was it formed and how we have we been conditioned in a certain way? All of our experiences, even when we were in utero  have caused us to perceive our environment with a particular perspective. We were then “schooled” to think in  a certain way so that we have a “type” of mental conditioning. One can NOT really argue that what has been produced is a very linear way of thinking and in fact is quite a “standard” format, especially when we get taught between right and wrong, high and low, hard and soft and even life and death. In fact we even judge our experiences between a “good” experience and a “bad” one. Indeed, this actually is EXACTLY what we base our past, current and even FUTURE life on! So what happens then if our event interpretation mechanism (or mind) is either faulty or MIS-programmed in the first place? We are then ABSOLUTELY screwed to EVER see any event for what it actually is! Now let me introduce you to a concept; in fact it is not actually just a concept, it is the TRUE reality of things… A minute ago we were talking about things being linear, a straight line, and with the varying poles of good to bad or high to low, etc. well what I want you to do instead is to now imagine this concept by adjoining both ends of this linear line so that they meet. This in effect will create a circle, yes? Within this circle though is the potential, in fact, FULL potential of good, bad, and everything else in between. This circle is constant, unbroken and in fact because it is a circle has no beginning nor end. Now what I want you to do is to imagine a ball, in fact perhaps even put your hands together and adjoin your fingers, tip to tip. This then will create a 3 dimensional shape that is more roundish in shape and in fact, for REAL understanding of what I am on about, imagine an electron circling around its nucleus in a particular pattern. This will give you an understanding of what experience actually is, it is a GIANT ball of EVERYTHING, everything good and everything bad, the Yin and the Yang, with no beginning, no end, one GIANT continuum! I really hope that this makes some sense as it is actually quite difficult to explain as it really does seems to be one GIANT bubble which contains EVERYTHING! 

 What we do, within the human psychology, is to break things down in to parts so that we can make order of them and to even justify their existence, well…what happens if we can NOT actually break things down in to a “good” part or a “bad” part because in actuality everything always is EVERYTHING, ALL of the time! OK, let’s imagine a plasma ball of everything, now try and take a slice of that plasma ball..What will happen to the plasma ball after you have taken a slice? It will just close back up and become whole again, it will STILL be the sum of EVERYTHING that ALWAYS is! Everything will ALWAYS have the FULL potential of EVERYTHING, ALL of the TIME!

 But what does this mean for us, and how can I relate it to “perception and the DIS-art of”? The DIS-art of perception simply means that we have not discovered or at least are not utilising the true art of perception upon experience. Basically, we are seeing things wrong! And only when we decide to look upon everything as mere EXPERIENCE, containing 100% right and 100%wrong ALL of the time can we only then start to perceive that there is NO SUCH THING as either just right or just wrong for that can NEVER exist! Yes there are varying degrees of right or wrong but that is ONLY because of our judgement, our judgement may define something but it can NEVER make it actually so!

 Suspend judgment and we shall see the true reality of ALL that is, it really just IS and can ALWAYS only EVER be so!

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