A choice of frequency

I was chatting with my brother recently and this concept came to me..It is partly to do with the TAO (the way of the universe) and our own perception, if not mental creation of being “within the flow”. This is a pretty interesting one really because in actual fact there really is no default flow vibration of the universe and eternal life and it can NOT, by its very nature be one static frequency. What I mean by this is, often at times, people may perceive a flow of life that is what they call their Tao and they are happy to be within that flow, now I ask a couple of important questions here; 1. how did you arrive at this supposed state or frequency that you seem to flow with? and 2. Can you also flow at a different frequency, or let me put it another way, will you also “flow” at either a higher or lower frequency, depending on what it is that you are doing?

If I may be so bold as to answer these questions from my own perspective.. Firstly, I arrived at what I deem to be my “flow” through my interpretation of a series of events, which are called experiences. Then what I did I decided to create a mental construct on how I saw life and actually attuned my mental attitudes and actions toward those conclusions and way of living, so in effect I created my OWN flow vibration because I decided that that is to which vibration, thought pattern I felt comfortable. May I just add that more often than not this “flow” state is NOT dynamic or active, it is actually passive that really does go along the lines of the saying, “agh’ what will be will be” or “that’s what the universe decides” or others of the sort. Which it is actually doing is giving up our sovereign right to create, drive forwards and to have what EVER it is that we want.

Secondly; may we find peace and the flow at another vibration? Of course we shall! For really is not our sense of flow a feeling of security and peace within our environment? So why then can we not find the flow in a much more dynamic and higher vibratory state that is so essential to creation? I was kinda liking these two states as the Yin and Yang of personal vibration. What I am not doing here is deeming Yin as gentle and emotional nor Yang as hard and aggressive but yet perhaps I am looking upon them ion their real terms as ones of dynamic and the other being gentle. I do genuinely believe that far too many people nowadays are within the Yin state of creation, especially when it comes to the new spiritual movement. In fact; if we just look at the term karma for example, that in itself is a PERFECT example of being passive and saying, it’s alright, the universe will sort or redress that situation… Well that’s BULL SHIT! Fuck it, how about we turn it around ourselves by using a more dynamic state? I also genuinely believe that people have reached this Yin state as a protection mechanism by the ego and it is almost if we give up or are too afraid to do certain things and then end up justifying them by saying stuff like “it’s OK, it’s a part of the UNIVERSAL plan” or “that was meant to happen just as it did”… Well How about no! Do you know what Karma really is? All it is is merely cause and effect, that’s it! So perhaps things happen to us because they are the net effect of certain causes that WE OURSELVES have created! Maybe there isn’t any giant, set universal plan for us at all, perhaps we are purely left to our own devises! So then, I say that we are in the “flow” because our mind justifies it to be so and then it becomes passive and ignorant toward any other higher level of dynamic energy. Perhaps, and just perhaps that our mental flow, as we so call it, is really an invisible shackle that is created by the ego to prevent us from growing and expanding? What a concept! Does our mind, in partnership with our ego create an imaginary flow that we call life or our karmic state and find comfort and security within it to retard our growth so that we remain within an ego driven karmic realm? the evidence seems to appear so…..

Can we then create a NEW flow in a higher, more dynamic frequency and propel our life and even spiritual growth? Of course we can it is all MERELY a concept of the mind and if we created one before then can SURELY create a new one again…And really one of our own choosing! So can we be happy in a dynamic, self and world changing energetic vibration? Of course we can! In fact, the universal or TAO is at what EVER frequency you want, all you need to do is enjoy it and find security within it. How amazing could things be for you if your default state was one of dynamic creation but yet you were able to be peaceful within that? In fact, should our flow not be on a sliding rule between dynamic and passive energy at our own will and neither of them take any effort at all?

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