Halting the thoughts…

I do wonder sometimes why I focus So much on unproductive/negative thoughts about the MICRO here and now of my life… Why don’t I just chill the Fuck out! My mind, probably much like most other people’s, grabs TINY snippets of what it thinks is reality and just churns them over, which, more often than not, ends up in a distressing or confusing outcome. SERIOUSLY though; why do I not just use perspective? Surely these day’s events are only a part of a week, a month or even a WHOLE year! In fact, this ONE year is only one of MANY, which means BILLIONS of thoughts, so why do I (if I may say we) hook on to them SO much? Can we not put it all in to perspective and TRULY accept the fact that our mind/consciousness is eternal? In fact, this life that we seem to FRET over so much is almost “more than likely” (even if it can’t be substantiated, lol) just one of OH’ so many! So I ask again, why do we allow our minds to be influenced and affected so much by things that really are actually quite insignificant when put in to the grand scheme of things? OK, your boss at work is a dick and has disrespected you, so what…How about a friend or loved one snaps and gets angry, so what? and in fact it clearly shows that they TOO are caught up in the turmoil of thoughts within the here and now! I reckon that when ever we are having one of those “SHIT and UNSETTLED days” where our minds just don’t want to stop, we should just stop everything that we are doing, put life on pause, halt the runaway carriage of mind and thought and breathe, just breathe a DEEP, CONSCIOUS breath!…This allows us then the moment to realise that ALL is infinite and that there is no such thing as the confused “here and now” because perhaps, just perhaps, that all is a part of the HARMONIOUS EVERYTHING? And yet, by having too narrow a focus, nay’ almost addiction to this present moment and what HAS happened or what “MAY” happen, as the mind does, we forget that we can bask in the warmth and glory that EVERYTHING will be JUST RIGHT and in fact, it ALWAYS IS and shall ALWAYS be SO!!!

Peace (of mind) interesting saying…… I shall expand on that further and add of heart and emotion too!

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