The cause of the effect..Or do I mean the effect of the cause??

This principle is so basic in its nature that I really need not go in to it in much detail and besides; there is also something else that I want to write about too! lol

What EVER is going on in your life RIGHT NOW is the net effect of many previous causes. Those causes have their  origins within thought, emotion and action. Basically, by how ever you felt or acted you have set the universe in motion and this is the desired effect, this here, today, you reading this. Now this may seem quite simple and perhaps we all already know this, but do you realise what embracing this understanding may lead to? FULL ownership of your life, its consequences, its rewards and also its losses. YOU have created the time and space for you to be reading this right now and this is the right time for you to be reading this right now, for this is what YOU created! Do you also understand too that this takes away the element of divine intervention? and that it also takes away the factor of synchronicity? This may sound a little harsh and some what disenchanting about the universal mystery  but let’s look upon it from a different perspective, as we should play with until we like something that is favourable to us, after all, we have a CHOICE on how we see things! Don’t we? (rhetorical question).

So; how about we look at things like this…How about in stead of losing the magic we gain the awe? How about instead of losing synchronicity we gain the essence of perfection instead? So what if EVERYTHING ALWAYS happens at the right time, EVERY time and for EVERY reason? Is not ;life then one GIANT harmonious happening with ALL individuals playing their PERFECT part ALL of the time, at EXACTLY the RIGHT time!? One may start to believe that this is so. Cause and effect has ALWAYS lead you up to EVERY point in your life and believe it or not your perspective about your last effect, which was just then by the way, will set forth the next chain of events to usher in the next effect that you become conscious of!

So; what does this mean? Well, it means a few things really and I shall list them, but of course, you may add to this list too.

1. Guard your thoughts…Observe how you react to or interpret events as this will start the chain reaction to other causes and therefore other subsequent effects. When you are aware of your thoughts and feelings you may then start to change them and also start to live your life the way you were MEANT to be!

2. There is NO SUCH THING as good or bad, it is merely an event that is the net effect of a series of causes..This is SO MEGA, it’s INCREDIBLE! No such thing as good or bad, are you SERIOUS!? Well actually yes I am, and her’s why… We see something in a particular way because our perspective or map of the world has been conditioned through this principle of cause and effect, so if we changed our perspective we would see an event or circumstance in a TOTALLY different way! Am I right? And also, often we micro judge events and cast aspersions about them before time gets to tell its story..Remember, it is all a part of a single strand of cause and effect, and in fact, one cause is another effect and VICE VERSA! In some respects our micro judgement is a bit like judging one of the first brush strokes of a painting and saying that it is all wrong or that the painting is rubbish. And yet, who knows, that may well be the defining brush stroke that actually MAKES the painting! So why micro judge events then? Just let them be, appreciate and see what they reveal and yield! A quick story for you…Just over   15 1/2  years ago on November the 4th 1999 my twin brother hung himself and committed suicide. Of course, I was naturally DEVASTATED, my world COMPLETELY imploded!! Was it the worst event ever? OF COURSE! It was a HUGE loss to all, especially me! But with my mind of today can I say that it was bad? No, of course not…For had that not happened I would SURELY not be sat here writing to you today and therefore you could not be reading this! And besides; I can not judge the situation until I have ALL of the facts, which means that I can ONLY do that upon my death bed. In other words, I can NOT judge the painting until the final stroke is struck or until my heart beats its last beat or until my lungs exhale their final breath… You see, Micro judgement is a futile and dangerous game, it is ABSOLUTELY pointless!

3. You have the power to change your life.. say this, “My goals are merely desired effects”… That means that you can steer your ship towards your desired goal by knowing what will keep you on course and what will take you “off” course, so to speak. This is such a GREAT way to stat achieving goals and to actually take control of your life it is actually quite BEAUTIFUL!

So; everything is in sequence, all of the time and always WILL be! Relax and enjoy, don’t stress, is is NATURALLY OK by nature, because remember; There is no such thing as good or bad as it is ALL a part of the coding that is cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-?

Big love to you all,

“Without death their will never be life and without life, there shall NEVER be death!” (they are both just polar ends of the same scale, and that scale is called CREATION!

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