The “invisible” SPIRITUAL path, that DOESN’T ACTUALLY exist!

I was at work today and chatting to one of my mates that is pretty aware of a lot of things, so let’s say for arguments sake that he is “self aware” and you know what, he said something to me that REALLY got me thinking….

I asked him how he was and what was going on, general politeness, but also genuine interest as I like the guy, he has a LOT to offer, and what he said in return was pretty much words to this effect.. “Yeah’ I’m good, but last night I realised how far off my path I have been”. Now this raised a couple of questions for me; namely, what path are you on about? and secondly, who decided upon this path anyway? He said that he was far off his spiritual path and growth and unfortunately couldn’t divulge any further as I literally had to leave at that moment, but it left me with food for thought, and this is what has transpired.

OK, what path? Seriously there is NO fucking path what so ever, it is ALL imaginary! This “GOLDEN” path that we “spiritualists” seem to create is it not perhaps a little trick of the ego so that it can either induce pleasure or pain, but still once again stay caught or trapped within our own mind? And to this point I must add, if we know our path, does that not mean to say that we are already enlightened? For if we know that we are NOT on it, we must then know when we ARE on it and what it looks like! Well, actually I say this..No, this is NOT the case…Fundamentally because I believe that there is NOT one ideal path to be following, meaning that everything else is either off or nil and void, for that within itself is a form of control, and surely is NOT the intent of the universal mind. And secondly, and probably most importantly, is it not us and our mind that decides if we are or are not on this imaginary path anyway? So therefor that means that all is within the mind, the path, that DOESN’T actually exist and also the voice that either says that you are or are NOT on this imaginary line…Kinda sounds like a bit of mind skulduggery if you ask me.. Remember, it is our mind (which has been created from past events and can’t really be trusted) that has CREATED this “imaginary” path and then we are only to be ostracised by it for not being upon its path!! Bollocks to that! And also, at what point did the mind EVER share its plan of the GOLDEN or SPIRITUAL path with us anyway, errrr’ NEVER! It’s a lose, lose situation! You don’t know the path and then you get beat down for not being on it! Give is a BLOODY break here will ya’… So, how about we look upon it like this instead? How about we are ALWAYS upon our path (that again, doesn’t actually exist…lol) All of the TIME! END OF!!  ha

I’ve even thought of something else actually and this is rather cool. How about we flip our minds? Sounds kinda weird but just hear me out on this one. How about, instead of us learning to become more spiritually aware, as we are, how about the learning of the material world and its little psychological hooks is slowing down? So, instead of us starting to become more insightful and spiritually in touch, how about we look upon it this way… Ever since you have been born you have been drugged, let’s call it the “pseudo human society control drug”. Now this drug has been everywhere, your peers unknowingly are drugged up to the eyeballs, hence their dumb ass and just plain STUPID rationale, you got more drugged at school, got a whopping dose when you started work and then by the T.V etc, etc…. But how about this; How about the more you deny this BULL SHIT and the more you say no and actually claim back your freedom of choice and thought, the more this “pseudo human society control drug” wears off. So in actual fact what is happening is not the fact that you are becoming MORE spiritual it’s just the fact that you are starting to become conscious of what you ALREADY are and have ALWAYS been! You see, there is no SPIRITUAL path, you already ARE spiritual and you actually are GOD essence, the living, breathing, life force of creation itself! It’s just that now you are starting to realise it because the drugs don’t work anymore! It is actually an unfolding NOT a growing! Why do you need to grow if you are already complete and whole? What, are you going to be MORE complete or MORE whole? Come the fuck on…Think about it; there is no way that you are becoming more spiritual, you are just becoming aware of what you are! And it’s not surprising if every now and again your head gets a little busy with thoughts and confusion, it’s kinda been scrambled, like, FOR EVER!!! Go easy on your self buddy, take your time, it’s OK, all is good! And ABOVE all, and for CHRIST’S sake, do NOT cause even more distress by telling your delicate and already confused mind that you are NOT on the path…There is no FUCKING path remember! And do you know the best way to allow your TRUE self, your omnipotent, loving, universal self to come through? Relax baby, just RELAX and chill the FUCK out! Stillness is our natural state and our conscious mind is there to investigate this world, it’s just inquisitive, that’s all thoughts are, they want answers about surroundings and events as it interprets the environment through our senses, ALL of them!…..

Be happy, Be well and Be free for You ALREADY are!!!

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