Turning the tables…

In some respects, perhaps we have our perspective wrong? What if money was seeking us instead of us seeking money? Perhaps we just have to be open to accept it and know that we are worthy of it for it to arrive? What if the world is at peace with you, not you at peace with the world? Maybe when you go to work how about you “bill” your company for YOUR time, not that they pay you for doing a particular job so then you get to dictate your value, NOT them. What if life as we know it is really the embryonic stage before we move on to real life? Are we not perhaps within the womb of the earth and how we perceive our consciousness dictates how we experience our next phase of experience? What if GOD just really is PURE thought? What if fear is an unfamiliarity with the unknown and it gives you that feeling as a trigger because it actually desires and yearns for you to explore?

My point; Start choosing how you think, question your processes and in fact be prepared to even REWRITE your own book of mind and its language so that it will alter your perception of experience. When they say that we are the created, perhaps we are the CREATOR! and everything that you do, say, think and feel from here on in sends out a message to the universe, YOUR message! That message will say who you are and what you are about and it will even say your vibration on HOW you do what you do. You do not have to fight for, gain, nor either strive towards power, you already have it, it is the CREATOR’S RIGHT!

One never acquires confidence, it merely comes about by a lack of fear…

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