Factless opinions

I write this blog, after some time of not communicating, not because I never wanted to, nor because I have nothing to talk about, as I nearly always have a view. But no, it was because I decided to allow for a period of reconciliation within my life, mind and spirit and to TRULY observe who I am and why my opinions are what they are. These “opinions”, as we should probably be aware of, are actually quite a major thing within our life and future for it is these opinions that defines, to a large degree anyway, what action we shall take in the now, that will, in turn, define our future.

So then, where do these opinions come from, and why do we have them?

Primarily, our opinions are based upon interpretation of experience that we decide to resonate with within our “perceived” image of self and how we have decided to live our lives, in the noblest manner possible. But let’s get one thing very straight before we go any further though; and that is the fact that our “perceived” self is merely an opinion on who we are, what we are and what philosophies we conduct our operations with which, in itself, is born from previous opinions and perception upon past experiences. Now this “illusion” of self has been happening since childhood, we are how we are because of either positive or negative re-enforcement from our parents or peers, we strive toward the positive and move away from the negative. So, in short, you are NOT really your perceived image of you, for your opinions and belief systems come from layer upon layer of thought, re-thought and conditioning that has been built up over time and experience over and over again. So, how you view your self and how you view the world merely comes from you, the “PRODUCT” of your little world, which was built/has been created for your own personal survival. And how do we truly come back a pure footing to actually take a much fairer foothold within our life, one may say that a period of reconciliation may need to ensue. A period of reconciliation between you, your opinion and your universe which may in turn give you a far greater understanding as to why you think how you do.

Factless opinions though, which REALLY WAS my point. I write this message 4 days after bomb attacks in Paris which has killed about 130 people. Some blame ISIS and some blame Black ops/covert government conspiracy and in essence, both may be just as valid as the other. But yet, should we have an opinion at all and allow it to effect our daily lives and spirit? Do we know the facts, do we really know who did it and why? No, of course not… There is much on social media about arguing between both camps and I too am of the opinion that often all is not what it seems in this world and I certainly have no trust for main stream media, as they have NEVER given me any reason to trust them, but once again, factless opinions, why have them? SURELY, we are wasting our time and energy focusing on something that is largely irrelevant in our lives and to argue hither nor tither is somewhat futile so let’s look upon the solution instead of the problem. Hopefully by now we all know that “Good Housekeeping” starts at home so let’s look at how we act and think before we start sending our time, energy and effort to other things and other places that are NOT within our sphere of influence or jurisdiction. So how about we decide to call in love, happiness and consideration for our fellow human beings instead as surely this is the antithesis of death and destruction? If I may be brave enough to go even one step further though, perhaps there really is NO SUCH thing as good or bad as that is merely an opinion which has been garnered from past experience, which, in turn, was an illusionary perception of experience based upon previously formed opinions.. Can we not see then that it is actually us that is leading ourselves down our OWN garden path of right and wrong and opinion which is born from a false interpretation and misunderstanding of ourselves and our world because it comes from a factless opinion?

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”.

This is QUITE apt and CERTAINLY worth a listen…

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