Continuous movement…

Well there is certainly no two ways about it, things are CONSTANTLY moving, things vibrate, that is natural order of the cosmos, and yet why then do we sometimes perceive, nay’ believe that we are not moving and have the sensation that we are “stuck” either in situations, life, or thought and action patterns? Many people often think that they are indeed even moving BACKWARDS! So why is this? What ideas about “GROWTH” have we conjured up in our little heads for us then to decide, as judge and jurer, that we are NOT on the “path” or moving forwards in the way that we had hoped? Why, if we are the ones that constructed this little, idealised image of who we “WILL” be then do we destroy ourselves and what little motivation that we may have to do the actions that we once decided? For a start, is that not slightly unfair on one’s self to beat up on self and cause distress to that self? This then makes me think that perhaps it is not our “TRUE” self that is creating our ideologies at all! Or do we partly live the true self, which is our high aspiration and then fall back in to a weakened/habitual casual self for most of the time? I may think that this is possible but yet how can we differentiate? Is it really my higher self that is suggesting to me that I should go to the gym instead of enjoying reading on my back deck? or perhaps to eat vegetables instead of Pizza? I think not…  So then, what is it that causes these flashes of “let’s do good” (which really is a matter of subjective perspective anyway, for what is good of today, may be the bad of to,morrow!) and, when we don’t the condemning words of “you shouldn’t have done that!” May we not propose that it is all the mind and NOTHING but the mind, that really, if we get down to the hard facts of things, it really is ALL in our heads and that we have multiple personality disorders!

So let’s just say to ourselves, we are CONTINUOUSLY moving, we have momentum and with that momentum only little tweaks are required. It’s pointless living in ideals and dream worlds for that prevents us from being present. So then, let’s go easy on ourselves, treat yourself as if you were your own child, which in some respects you are, for berating and beating up on one’s self COMPLETELY defeats the whole process of being a conscious human being…


Love and Peace…Enjoy being yourself

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