Openness to facing the brave.

Without a shadow of a doubt, life is TOUCH, it is CONFUSING and distressing too. Who are we and what are we meant to be about? Don’t come looking to me, as I too am in EXACTLY the same boat, which, in some respects is why I am writing these blogs. This, my friends, brothers and sisters, is gonna be a little bit of honesty and a LOT of integrity. I don’t give a shit about political correctness, all I care about is happiness and also I care not for selfishness either, I am only interested in oneness. Let’s consider that we are the drop of water within the ocean, we are the ocean and we are that little drop of water too. The drop of water knows that it is the drop of water but somewhere along the line it forgot that it was the ocean and that it was surrounded by Billions of other drops of water, all in EXACTLY the same position! But in essence that’s kinda how things are, human beings have all gotten so caught up on self that we seem to have forgotten that you, me, the person who lives next to you, the one across the street and the stranger that you meet are all in EXACTLY the same position, we have not got a BLOODY clue what the FUCK is going on! One minute we are happy, the next we are sad, one moment all is right in the world and then the next all mental hell breaks loose and we question ourselves, our life, who we are and how we think, it’s ABSOLUTELY normal! Don’t let this volatility consume or distress you, it’s OK, and all will be OK, and how do I know this? Because right now, for me, things are OK, in actual fact, I’m well and things are good. Can I smile, yes, can I breathe, yes, can i think about what to do next? yes…well in that case things will be OK! Have you ever taken that moment and had a deep lung full of fresh air and realised that everything is gonna be alright? Well do it, take that breath and let yourself know that things are gonna be alright because that my friends, is the best starting block that you can ever give yourself. Forget this forced positive attitude shit, that’s a load of rubbish and completely hiding the fact that you’re concerned, stressed or distressed, it completely tramples on integrity and honesty and it means that if you lie to yourself how can you ever be TOTALLY honest with others? Really, how can you be?

So, what is this about? well; let’s go back to a couple of things that I have mentioned already,

  1. we are ALL in the same boat, TOGETHER! This means stop fearing others, stop competing with the others and have just a little empathy for other living creatures, we are all still figuring this shit out.
  2. The drop of water and the ocean..Yes, you are a drop of water, but yes you are the ocean too so get this concept. You are an individual, GREAT, you can do what you want, when you want and in all honesty, nobody can tell you otherwise, they are just the same as you, another drop of water so that in itself should afford you bravery and integrity and the courage to stand up for what you believe in, right or wrong! But; how about this ocean thing then? are we not all one and the same? do we not all come from the same source? are we not all from oneness? You bet your bottom dollar that we are, and that oneness is the all, as above so below and it is that same oneness that has created the fork on your plate, to you, to the fox cub in its den and to the eagle that sores high in the sky, it also created the mountain peak that that eagle sits on and also created the ether that carries the sound of its shriek! You are a part of everything, and COMPLETELY inseparable from it all so I tell you, it’s gonna be OK, all will be well, in fact it has already been destined so, ever since the first atoms started to vibrate, everything comes from everything and you are an individual whole, you were never created nor shall you be destroyed, for now, you have just been reassigned.

I can’t tell you what’s what because I don’t know what’s what, I DON’T have the answers but; what I do have is my journey and because my journey is not too much different to yours, there will be some things that ring true. I have made it my intention to learn and to understand and because we all come from the same stuff i am ABSOLUTELY bound to share, I kinda HAVE TO! Besides, nothing is EVER new, how can it be!

Anyway my friends, my brothers and sisters it’s time that we all shared, shared the wealth of life for the Health of Life! Share a smile with that guy or be nice to that girl for within her is something to be treasured, be there for them and be there for you, look at yourself and work at yourself and just trust, your source will ALWAYS have your back, you can NEVER be broken and NOR can you EVER be DESTROYED! Rest easy my friend..

Be well, be happy and if you need to, take that breath and realise once again, you have been given your own consciousness as a gift from the all..

With love and peace to you and your ocean.



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