A good place to start..

Ok, so this is how things are gonna go down..

It’s time for change; in fact, it is ALWAYS time for change! No moment yields ANY more potency than the next, it can’t, it’s IMPOSSIBLE! and here is why?? If every moment is purely at the Grace of the creative force and omnipresent and omnipotent, ALL of the time, then yesterday had the same amount of opportunity as next week, or next year for that MATTER! So, get this straight and out of your thick head..If you think that the Full moon will usher you through to your perceived goal, you’re wrong..If you think that because you set your ideal on a Monday or Sunday after church or because you made your intention of a candlelit curry for one; that’s rubbish and just a trick of your ego, you are KIDDING yourself!! The only time that will EVER be fortuitous in now and the series of NOW’S that will continue for eternity. So therefore, you must be vigilant and the only way to be vigilant is to have a plan..Have a plan, write it down and stick to it! It doesn’t even matter if it’s a crap plan, it’s something and I tell you what; if you have something it is WAY better than nothing! With NOTHING you will go NOWHERE apart from go round in circles stuck in the quagmire of head fuck! It’s true, you’ll go NOWHERE!

So, this is the plan..Not the ins and outs but the rough outline..You don’t need to know the full ins and outs as this is MY plan, not yours..But; I am going to share with you enough of my plan, my psychologies and physical changes to help you. I’m a qualified Naturopath so with regard to health of the body, I know what I’m talking about. I’m also a qualified NLP practitioner and understand the devils of the mind, so trust me, what I say is true. I am also learned in the spirit and also understand emotions so, i shall disclose those things too..

In essence, what i am going to do here is write an online diary of change and what I have done, why i have done it and how I’ve done it. Why? because this is life, this is what ANY rightful person should do, they should pass on information that they have, as long as it is valuable!, Well, my information is valuable and I’m gonna share it! I’m gonna write the outline of what I shall do as it is a pretty good place to start, we are going to look at the mind, the body, the spirit and your emotions, which one is more important?? That’s a bloody good question and TBH I really can’t decide..So, let’s take them all as an equal,  but also, let’s remember, write a plan, focus upon it and stick to it!


Here we go… We are All in this together..


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