Living within the peak state..

Living within the peak state,

I think that this is a pretty interesting question really, and, as I think about it, all being slightly stoned, it opens up many other questions all together, a bit like Pandora’s box and yet at the same time inversely answers it’s own question. And here’s why this is such an intriguing question; what is a peak state for a start, how do we come about it, how do we live it, and yet most important exploration will say that if we are not living within a peak state then in what space is it that our “daily living life” mind resides in, the one NOT within peak space? Which, inadvertently, raises the question that seeing as we can’t divide that other, ordinary, non peak state mind or a portion of it to some other designated and labelled area of thought space so therefore that we must assume that all of the non peak state mind is a whole that can not be spliced nor dissected in any way shape or form. Which also means that my meandering thoughts about life, health, relationships, how I think, what I am, what am I growing in to etc, etc, etc. are all interconnected and a part of the same mind space, they are one. Which; by virtue of equation, means that Peak state mind is not included within that mind state and also means that there must be only ever be 2 TRUE states of mind, either IN peak state, or that of NOT being within peak state.

Now, this is Pandora’s box point; What is peak state?, what is not peak state (all but peak state)?, what are their characteristics, including vibration/frequency etc?. How do they relate to one another? and what are their purposes, or are they just the two aspects of mind, the dual!?   and of course, there is going to be more…

So I’m doing this blog differently. It’s short, to the point and has also dropped the foundation or framework for my future blogs regarding this topic. The next one will follow shortly (interesting that when I was certain of that I said it to my mind and itself was strong, to the point and razor like, I meant it!) There we go again, and perhaps some practice for you, make a decision within your mind, any doing statement, and play with its intensity and level of truth of meaning, your energy can be like a lightning road or that of dust in the air, the Rod holds power and is Power. And the other? why that is merely dust!



I have only one purpose in life, and that is to master thought!


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