Thank B’jeezuz it’s today..


Well I was gonna write this blog yesterday, but perhaps the connotations of such an effort would have be quite different…

You see, yesterday I was sick..I was aware of the fact that my bowels are pretty much shot to shit lol, I’ve literally had a headache for weeks, which I still have at the moment BTW, and that can piss off as soon as possible actually, it’s doing my head in. And I was stressed, eating shit food and just generally down on myself. Usually I am a chipper chap and, through years of hard graft and mental turmoil, have some great coping strategies. But for the last couple of days I’ve been beating myself up a bit, and you know what, I deserved it!

I’m a final year Uni student studying Natural medicine and I take cocaine, I drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol, don’t exercise, eat shit food, as mentioned, and generally don’t actually practice what I preach. But you know what, it’s time for change, well in fact it always time for change as now has no greater ¬†omnipotence than the next, all time is equally as powerful as the next, it just depends upon our attitude.

Yesterday I was sick, but today I am in recovery, what a powerful turn of events! I have decided to quit sugar, quit coffee, quit alcohol, of course cocaine lol, salt, or at least added salt and dairy. Yet ironically enough it is a dairy co. that pays me a wage to finance my study, that one always makes me chuckle… ha

So, that is why today is better than yesterday, today we ARE and yesterday we were. Yesterday I was stuck in a rut of self harm and self neglect, but today I am forging a better tomorrow. This morning I woke up at 5 to go out for a run, ended up leaving the house at 7, but i still left the house! I planned on running a solid 5km non stop but stopped half way to do some pull ups. I meant to do 10 pull ups, but could only manage 5, and then was gonna do some dips, but didn’t bother. Do you think that I will beat myself up though; will I get mad at myself and be annoyed? No, of course not, because I am in recovery, I am making changes and now is not the time to be breaking myself for what little, yet vitally important, steps I have taken, no matter how minor!

I intend to chart this progress and give you the details of “becoming”. I see so many times on Insta, Snap or any other bullshit social media like that, all those that look great and feel amazing but they never tell us how they got there, well I’m going to. I’m going to tell you what, how and why, I know this shit, it’s just a matter of putting it all in to action and you know what, I also believe that knowledge should be free!

So for you, just start with changing your attitude, you are NOT sick, you are on the road to wellness, mental, physical and emotional wellness. No, I haven’t left out spiritual wellness either but let’s get this straight as you will find that spiritual health is always there, all of the time. You are always 100% spirit, you can’t ever be less and you can NEVER be more either, but the more you align yourself mentally, emotionally and physically the more that spirit can express itself through you, which in all essence, is the ultimate design for humanity!

Peace brothers and sisters, for one and for ALL.



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