Taking time out, for you…

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am fully aware that it has been some time since I wrote, but yet that time has not been of waste. Sure, I decided to take a further journey inward and in some respects absolutely withdraw from the outside world. I mean, I still had to work and shit like that, but I just became a little more private and withdrawn. And you know what? there is nothing wrong with that, in fact it is unbelievably healthy. It’s extremely naive and down right foolish of us to think that we can sustain an up-hill trajectory forever, that is almost certainly impossible. In fact; just take a look at the sea as it creates a wave, it draws back upon itself and actually retreats before it forms a new crest, building upon its deep resources. Again, take a look at the caterpillar when it takes its journey of transformation in to a butterfly. It wraps itself up, goes deep inside its cocoon and then has a metamorphosis in to a butterfly and I sure bet you that that is also a painful transition too! Life isn’t easy guys, in fact, at times it’s darn right shit and you may feel absolutely lost and alone. But it’s OK, that is also a part of the natural cycle of things as much as the winter is necessary for the summer. So if you need to, go inward, find sanctuary within your own peace and isolation, your wisdom, your love, your inner guide, after all, you are ALWAYS there, waiting patiently for your own return so that you may be loved and nurtured once again.

For me, I had to understand my ego and the identity that I “Thought” that I was. But you know what, I am NOT what I thought that I was, it was a mere fabrication and illusion so that I momentarily felt secure. But secure in what? Nothing! It was an illusion, an imagination, a mere concept! You see, there is no such thing as identity, how can there ever be!, we are ALWAYS changing, one moment I am becoming, then I am, and then I am becoming again, then I am not, and then I am, millions of times per second! Oh’ this is me, no it isn’t, that was, but nope, NOW I am, oops’ it’s gone again, like WTF! So if I am not actually a person or an identity, then what the bloody hell am I? I’m a something, that’s for sure, but a what?? Well what if I am just an expression? An expression of divinity? Is that not closer to the truth? And perhaps I am her to “Just do MY thing in MY way” I merely EXPRESS! I do, I act, I am!

Maybe it’s time for you to “Kill the illusion too” lose your foothold, let go of attachment, and allow yourself to just be. After all, surely that is where all pain comes from, the “concept” of being something that loses.

Enjoy the peace within your sanctuary, you will find nothing but yet, understand EVERYTHING!





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