Being settled within the UN-settled

Well what a load of chaos we are actually in, I mean seriously; what a fucking mess! Right now, as of this writing we have lockdowns, Isolation, mask wearing, social distancing, customer limits in cafes or restaurants, check-in or sign in apps to show that you are at a venue, limitations on weddings, funerals and no dancing, not that you really would at a funeral anyway lol, but at a wedding no dancing nor even singing! No crowds at sporting events, road side testing for COVID, hotel quarantine and people not even being allowed to leave the country or citizens being allowed home. You can’t see family, friends, relatives, loved ones and not even those that are dying! Anxiety is through the roof, so is stress and suicide has hit an all-time high! And this is not even mentioning millions of job losses, people having to work from home and additional government benefits about to stop. I mean, people have been living on government handouts for a long-time, what happens when their revenue stream dries up? Oh’ dear indeed!

And you may ask, what is driving all this anxiety, fear and worry? Well it is two things really; for 1, it is a media-autocracy and corporate government that is hell-bent on control, fear mongering, manipulation and overbearing subjectiveness to the point that people are not able to think, do, or be whatever they want anymore Truly all life and liberty has been extinguished, control is almost absolute! And that includes monetary manipulation with banks and interest rates, wages, inflation, house prices, fuel prices, costs of goods and services including electricity etc. And honestly, what the fuck is gonna happen to people when mortgage interest rates get jacked up or inflation goes through the roof, they are FUCKED! No money for rent, food or repayments… Oh DEAR INDEED!

But all that don’t meant shit, unless their are ears to listen and minds to take stuff on-board, and this leads on to the second one, the second cause to all of this chaos? Well people surely have weak, untrained minds, don’t they! I mean, if someone is SO immersed and absorbed within this vast illusion and pathetic excuse for an environment, social culture and society that they are fundamentally rocked by the things that I have mentioned above then there sure are problems. People are just far too weak! And I don’t mean muscle weak here, weakness isn’t relative to strength, not one little bit. No, this weakness is a lack of conviction, fixed mindedness, stability, courage and endurance. The kind of mental spirit that doesn’t give up, the one that is courageous and that can block out all distractions, the blinkers upon the horse that allows them to only see in 1 direction, forwards and without waiver nor fear. This is the problem of why people are so scared, worried and sick and why do people not have this fixed mindedness, this ability to not pay attention to all of the bull shit around them? Because they have failed to consolidate the principle that life flows from the inside out and NOT the outside in. It doesn’t matter what the FUCK is going on out there, there could be wars, murder and riots, which there actually are, but if you are solid within then nothing can harm you.


We must all understand, we are not meant to get caught up in mediocrity, we are beyond that, we are the balloon and the more we pay attention to the outside world the more sandbags we are weighed down with. We are meant to fly, to soar, to be free, to embrace the universe and to expand the experience of the cosmos in all of its vastness, wealth and splendor. We are not mere Earth dwellers, we are inter-galactic travelers that have come upon this planet for experience to know thy-self so that we may fully embrace the ALL that is, with love, compassion, understanding and acceptance.

And what are we; we are a fragment, a spark of the God Head, the ALL, Thou that Shalt not be Named, the GREAT CREATOR of ALL things! We are it, quite simply! So you tell me, if we are to dwell in the understanding of our own divinity and magnificence, where then does the concern about a Lockdown fit in? Where is there any room for the worry about a fake, or even real for that matter, virus, tell me? GOD owns EVEYTHING, we are untouchable! we are the calm, we are also the storm, we are it!, we are the ALL that has been, that IS, and all that SHALL EVER BE!

We are the TRUTH and the LIGHT, the BEGINNING and the END. We are the ALPHA & the OMEGA, the incomplete and the complete. The chaos AND the calm.

You are the ALL. Remember that…

When we go as 1 then we go as ALL, for we are ALL 1

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