Taking time out, for you…

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am fully aware that it has been some time since I wrote, but yet that time has not been of waste. Sure, I decided to take a further journey inward and in some respects absolutely withdraw from the outside world. I mean, I still had to work and shit like that, but I just became a little more private and withdrawn. And you know what? there is nothing wrong with that, in fact it is unbelievably healthy. It’s extremely naive and down right foolish of us to think that we can sustain an up-hill trajectory forever, that is almost certainly impossible. In fact; just take a look at the sea as it creates a wave, it draws back upon itself and actually retreats before it forms a new crest, building upon its deep resources. Again, take a look at the caterpillar when it takes its journey of transformation in to a butterfly. It wraps itself up, goes deep inside its cocoon and then has a metamorphosis in to a butterfly and I sure bet you that that is also a painful transition too! Life isn’t easy guys, in fact, at times it’s darn right shit and you may feel absolutely lost and alone. But it’s OK, that is also a part of the natural cycle of things as much as the winter is necessary for the summer. So if you need to, go inward, find sanctuary within your own peace and isolation, your wisdom, your love, your inner guide, after all, you are ALWAYS there, waiting patiently for your own return so that you may be loved and nurtured once again.

For me, I had to understand my ego and the identity that I “Thought” that I was. But you know what, I am NOT what I thought that I was, it was a mere fabrication and illusion so that I momentarily felt secure. But secure in what? Nothing! It was an illusion, an imagination, a mere concept! You see, there is no such thing as identity, how can there ever be!, we are ALWAYS changing, one moment I am becoming, then I am, and then I am becoming again, then I am not, and then I am, millions of times per second! Oh’ this is me, no it isn’t, that was, but nope, NOW I am, oops’ it’s gone again, like WTF! So if I am not actually a person or an identity, then what the bloody hell am I? I’m a something, that’s for sure, but a what?? Well what if I am just an expression? An expression of divinity? Is that not closer to the truth? And perhaps I am her to “Just do MY thing in MY way” I merely EXPRESS! I do, I act, I am!

Maybe it’s time for you to “Kill the illusion too” lose your foothold, let go of attachment, and allow yourself to just be. After all, surely that is where all pain comes from, the “concept” of being something that loses.

Enjoy the peace within your sanctuary, you will find nothing but yet, understand EVERYTHING!





Thank B’jeezuz it’s today..


Well I was gonna write this blog yesterday, but perhaps the connotations of such an effort would have be quite different…

You see, yesterday I was sick..I was aware of the fact that my bowels are pretty much shot to shit lol, I’ve literally had a headache for weeks, which I still have at the moment BTW, and that can piss off as soon as possible actually, it’s doing my head in. And I was stressed, eating shit food and just generally down on myself. Usually I am a chipper chap and, through years of hard graft and mental turmoil, have some great coping strategies. But for the last couple of days I’ve been beating myself up a bit, and you know what, I deserved it!

I’m a final year Uni student studying Natural medicine and I take cocaine, I drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol, don’t exercise, eat shit food, as mentioned, and generally don’t actually practice what I preach. But you know what, it’s time for change, well in fact it always time for change as now has no greater  omnipotence than the next, all time is equally as powerful as the next, it just depends upon our attitude.

Yesterday I was sick, but today I am in recovery, what a powerful turn of events! I have decided to quit sugar, quit coffee, quit alcohol, of course cocaine lol, salt, or at least added salt and dairy. Yet ironically enough it is a dairy co. that pays me a wage to finance my study, that one always makes me chuckle… ha

So, that is why today is better than yesterday, today we ARE and yesterday we were. Yesterday I was stuck in a rut of self harm and self neglect, but today I am forging a better tomorrow. This morning I woke up at 5 to go out for a run, ended up leaving the house at 7, but i still left the house! I planned on running a solid 5km non stop but stopped half way to do some pull ups. I meant to do 10 pull ups, but could only manage 5, and then was gonna do some dips, but didn’t bother. Do you think that I will beat myself up though; will I get mad at myself and be annoyed? No, of course not, because I am in recovery, I am making changes and now is not the time to be breaking myself for what little, yet vitally important, steps I have taken, no matter how minor!

I intend to chart this progress and give you the details of “becoming”. I see so many times on Insta, Snap or any other bullshit social media like that, all those that look great and feel amazing but they never tell us how they got there, well I’m going to. I’m going to tell you what, how and why, I know this shit, it’s just a matter of putting it all in to action and you know what, I also believe that knowledge should be free!

So for you, just start with changing your attitude, you are NOT sick, you are on the road to wellness, mental, physical and emotional wellness. No, I haven’t left out spiritual wellness either but let’s get this straight as you will find that spiritual health is always there, all of the time. You are always 100% spirit, you can’t ever be less and you can NEVER be more either, but the more you align yourself mentally, emotionally and physically the more that spirit can express itself through you, which in all essence, is the ultimate design for humanity!

Peace brothers and sisters, for one and for ALL.



Living within the peak state..

Living within the peak state,

I think that this is a pretty interesting question really, and, as I think about it, all being slightly stoned, it opens up many other questions all together, a bit like Pandora’s box and yet at the same time inversely answers it’s own question. And here’s why this is such an intriguing question; what is a peak state for a start, how do we come about it, how do we live it, and yet most important exploration will say that if we are not living within a peak state then in what space is it that our “daily living life” mind resides in, the one NOT within peak space? Which, inadvertently, raises the question that seeing as we can’t divide that other, ordinary, non peak state mind or a portion of it to some other designated and labelled area of thought space so therefore that we must assume that all of the non peak state mind is a whole that can not be spliced nor dissected in any way shape or form. Which also means that my meandering thoughts about life, health, relationships, how I think, what I am, what am I growing in to etc, etc, etc. are all interconnected and a part of the same mind space, they are one. Which; by virtue of equation, means that Peak state mind is not included within that mind state and also means that there must be only ever be 2 TRUE states of mind, either IN peak state, or that of NOT being within peak state.

Now, this is Pandora’s box point; What is peak state?, what is not peak state (all but peak state)?, what are their characteristics, including vibration/frequency etc?. How do they relate to one another? and what are their purposes, or are they just the two aspects of mind, the dual!?   and of course, there is going to be more…

So I’m doing this blog differently. It’s short, to the point and has also dropped the foundation or framework for my future blogs regarding this topic. The next one will follow shortly (interesting that when I was certain of that I said it to my mind and itself was strong, to the point and razor like, I meant it!) There we go again, and perhaps some practice for you, make a decision within your mind, any doing statement, and play with its intensity and level of truth of meaning, your energy can be like a lightning road or that of dust in the air, the Rod holds power and is Power. And the other? why that is merely dust!



I have only one purpose in life, and that is to master thought!


A good place to start..

Ok, so this is how things are gonna go down..

It’s time for change; in fact, it is ALWAYS time for change! No moment yields ANY more potency than the next, it can’t, it’s IMPOSSIBLE! and here is why?? If every moment is purely at the Grace of the creative force and omnipresent and omnipotent, ALL of the time, then yesterday had the same amount of opportunity as next week, or next year for that MATTER! So, get this straight and out of your thick head..If you think that the Full moon will usher you through to your perceived goal, you’re wrong..If you think that because you set your ideal on a Monday or Sunday after church or because you made your intention of a candlelit curry for one; that’s rubbish and just a trick of your ego, you are KIDDING yourself!! The only time that will EVER be fortuitous in now and the series of NOW’S that will continue for eternity. So therefore, you must be vigilant and the only way to be vigilant is to have a plan..Have a plan, write it down and stick to it! It doesn’t even matter if it’s a crap plan, it’s something and I tell you what; if you have something it is WAY better than nothing! With NOTHING you will go NOWHERE apart from go round in circles stuck in the quagmire of head fuck! It’s true, you’ll go NOWHERE!

So, this is the plan..Not the ins and outs but the rough outline..You don’t need to know the full ins and outs as this is MY plan, not yours..But; I am going to share with you enough of my plan, my psychologies and physical changes to help you. I’m a qualified Naturopath so with regard to health of the body, I know what I’m talking about. I’m also a qualified NLP practitioner and understand the devils of the mind, so trust me, what I say is true. I am also learned in the spirit and also understand emotions so, i shall disclose those things too..

In essence, what i am going to do here is write an online diary of change and what I have done, why i have done it and how I’ve done it. Why? because this is life, this is what ANY rightful person should do, they should pass on information that they have, as long as it is valuable!, Well, my information is valuable and I’m gonna share it! I’m gonna write the outline of what I shall do as it is a pretty good place to start, we are going to look at the mind, the body, the spirit and your emotions, which one is more important?? That’s a bloody good question and TBH I really can’t decide..So, let’s take them all as an equal,  but also, let’s remember, write a plan, focus upon it and stick to it!


Here we go… We are All in this together..


Openness to facing the brave.

Without a shadow of a doubt, life is TOUCH, it is CONFUSING and distressing too. Who are we and what are we meant to be about? Don’t come looking to me, as I too am in EXACTLY the same boat, which, in some respects is why I am writing these blogs. This, my friends, brothers and sisters, is gonna be a little bit of honesty and a LOT of integrity. I don’t give a shit about political correctness, all I care about is happiness and also I care not for selfishness either, I am only interested in oneness. Let’s consider that we are the drop of water within the ocean, we are the ocean and we are that little drop of water too. The drop of water knows that it is the drop of water but somewhere along the line it forgot that it was the ocean and that it was surrounded by Billions of other drops of water, all in EXACTLY the same position! But in essence that’s kinda how things are, human beings have all gotten so caught up on self that we seem to have forgotten that you, me, the person who lives next to you, the one across the street and the stranger that you meet are all in EXACTLY the same position, we have not got a BLOODY clue what the FUCK is going on! One minute we are happy, the next we are sad, one moment all is right in the world and then the next all mental hell breaks loose and we question ourselves, our life, who we are and how we think, it’s ABSOLUTELY normal! Don’t let this volatility consume or distress you, it’s OK, and all will be OK, and how do I know this? Because right now, for me, things are OK, in actual fact, I’m well and things are good. Can I smile, yes, can I breathe, yes, can i think about what to do next? yes…well in that case things will be OK! Have you ever taken that moment and had a deep lung full of fresh air and realised that everything is gonna be alright? Well do it, take that breath and let yourself know that things are gonna be alright because that my friends, is the best starting block that you can ever give yourself. Forget this forced positive attitude shit, that’s a load of rubbish and completely hiding the fact that you’re concerned, stressed or distressed, it completely tramples on integrity and honesty and it means that if you lie to yourself how can you ever be TOTALLY honest with others? Really, how can you be?

So, what is this about? well; let’s go back to a couple of things that I have mentioned already,

  1. we are ALL in the same boat, TOGETHER! This means stop fearing others, stop competing with the others and have just a little empathy for other living creatures, we are all still figuring this shit out.
  2. The drop of water and the ocean..Yes, you are a drop of water, but yes you are the ocean too so get this concept. You are an individual, GREAT, you can do what you want, when you want and in all honesty, nobody can tell you otherwise, they are just the same as you, another drop of water so that in itself should afford you bravery and integrity and the courage to stand up for what you believe in, right or wrong! But; how about this ocean thing then? are we not all one and the same? do we not all come from the same source? are we not all from oneness? You bet your bottom dollar that we are, and that oneness is the all, as above so below and it is that same oneness that has created the fork on your plate, to you, to the fox cub in its den and to the eagle that sores high in the sky, it also created the mountain peak that that eagle sits on and also created the ether that carries the sound of its shriek! You are a part of everything, and COMPLETELY inseparable from it all so I tell you, it’s gonna be OK, all will be well, in fact it has already been destined so, ever since the first atoms started to vibrate, everything comes from everything and you are an individual whole, you were never created nor shall you be destroyed, for now, you have just been reassigned.

I can’t tell you what’s what because I don’t know what’s what, I DON’T have the answers but; what I do have is my journey and because my journey is not too much different to yours, there will be some things that ring true. I have made it my intention to learn and to understand and because we all come from the same stuff i am ABSOLUTELY bound to share, I kinda HAVE TO! Besides, nothing is EVER new, how can it be!

Anyway my friends, my brothers and sisters it’s time that we all shared, shared the wealth of life for the Health of Life! Share a smile with that guy or be nice to that girl for within her is something to be treasured, be there for them and be there for you, look at yourself and work at yourself and just trust, your source will ALWAYS have your back, you can NEVER be broken and NOR can you EVER be DESTROYED! Rest easy my friend..

Be well, be happy and if you need to, take that breath and realise once again, you have been given your own consciousness as a gift from the all..

With love and peace to you and your ocean.



Continuous movement…

Well there is certainly no two ways about it, things are CONSTANTLY moving, things vibrate, that is natural order of the cosmos, and yet why then do we sometimes perceive, nay’ believe that we are not moving and have the sensation that we are “stuck” either in situations, life, or thought and action patterns? Many people often think that they are indeed even moving BACKWARDS! So why is this? What ideas about “GROWTH” have we conjured up in our little heads for us then to decide, as judge and jurer, that we are NOT on the “path” or moving forwards in the way that we had hoped? Why, if we are the ones that constructed this little, idealised image of who we “WILL” be then do we destroy ourselves and what little motivation that we may have to do the actions that we once decided? For a start, is that not slightly unfair on one’s self to beat up on self and cause distress to that self? This then makes me think that perhaps it is not our “TRUE” self that is creating our ideologies at all! Or do we partly live the true self, which is our high aspiration and then fall back in to a weakened/habitual casual self for most of the time? I may think that this is possible but yet how can we differentiate? Is it really my higher self that is suggesting to me that I should go to the gym instead of enjoying reading on my back deck? or perhaps to eat vegetables instead of Pizza? I think not…  So then, what is it that causes these flashes of “let’s do good” (which really is a matter of subjective perspective anyway, for what is good of today, may be the bad of to,morrow!) and, when we don’t the condemning words of “you shouldn’t have done that!” May we not propose that it is all the mind and NOTHING but the mind, that really, if we get down to the hard facts of things, it really is ALL in our heads and that we have multiple personality disorders!

So let’s just say to ourselves, we are CONTINUOUSLY moving, we have momentum and with that momentum only little tweaks are required. It’s pointless living in ideals and dream worlds for that prevents us from being present. So then, let’s go easy on ourselves, treat yourself as if you were your own child, which in some respects you are, for berating and beating up on one’s self COMPLETELY defeats the whole process of being a conscious human being…


Love and Peace…Enjoy being yourself

Factless opinions

I write this blog, after some time of not communicating, not because I never wanted to, nor because I have nothing to talk about, as I nearly always have a view. But no, it was because I decided to allow for a period of reconciliation within my life, mind and spirit and to TRULY observe who I am and why my opinions are what they are. These “opinions”, as we should probably be aware of, are actually quite a major thing within our life and future for it is these opinions that defines, to a large degree anyway, what action we shall take in the now, that will, in turn, define our future.

So then, where do these opinions come from, and why do we have them?

Primarily, our opinions are based upon interpretation of experience that we decide to resonate with within our “perceived” image of self and how we have decided to live our lives, in the noblest manner possible. But let’s get one thing very straight before we go any further though; and that is the fact that our “perceived” self is merely an opinion on who we are, what we are and what philosophies we conduct our operations with which, in itself, is born from previous opinions and perception upon past experiences. Now this “illusion” of self has been happening since childhood, we are how we are because of either positive or negative re-enforcement from our parents or peers, we strive toward the positive and move away from the negative. So, in short, you are NOT really your perceived image of you, for your opinions and belief systems come from layer upon layer of thought, re-thought and conditioning that has been built up over time and experience over and over again. So, how you view your self and how you view the world merely comes from you, the “PRODUCT” of your little world, which was built/has been created for your own personal survival. And how do we truly come back a pure footing to actually take a much fairer foothold within our life, one may say that a period of reconciliation may need to ensue. A period of reconciliation between you, your opinion and your universe which may in turn give you a far greater understanding as to why you think how you do.

Factless opinions though, which REALLY WAS my point. I write this message 4 days after bomb attacks in Paris which has killed about 130 people. Some blame ISIS and some blame Black ops/covert government conspiracy and in essence, both may be just as valid as the other. But yet, should we have an opinion at all and allow it to effect our daily lives and spirit? Do we know the facts, do we really know who did it and why? No, of course not… There is much on social media about arguing between both camps and I too am of the opinion that often all is not what it seems in this world and I certainly have no trust for main stream media, as they have NEVER given me any reason to trust them, but once again, factless opinions, why have them? SURELY, we are wasting our time and energy focusing on something that is largely irrelevant in our lives and to argue hither nor tither is somewhat futile so let’s look upon the solution instead of the problem. Hopefully by now we all know that “Good Housekeeping” starts at home so let’s look at how we act and think before we start sending our time, energy and effort to other things and other places that are NOT within our sphere of influence or jurisdiction. So how about we decide to call in love, happiness and consideration for our fellow human beings instead as surely this is the antithesis of death and destruction? If I may be brave enough to go even one step further though, perhaps there really is NO SUCH thing as good or bad as that is merely an opinion which has been garnered from past experience, which, in turn, was an illusionary perception of experience based upon previously formed opinions.. Can we not see then that it is actually us that is leading ourselves down our OWN garden path of right and wrong and opinion which is born from a false interpretation and misunderstanding of ourselves and our world because it comes from a factless opinion?

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”.

This is QUITE apt and CERTAINLY worth a listen…

Turning the tables…

In some respects, perhaps we have our perspective wrong? What if money was seeking us instead of us seeking money? Perhaps we just have to be open to accept it and know that we are worthy of it for it to arrive? What if the world is at peace with you, not you at peace with the world? Maybe when you go to work how about you “bill” your company for YOUR time, not that they pay you for doing a particular job so then you get to dictate your value, NOT them. What if life as we know it is really the embryonic stage before we move on to real life? Are we not perhaps within the womb of the earth and how we perceive our consciousness dictates how we experience our next phase of experience? What if GOD just really is PURE thought? What if fear is an unfamiliarity with the unknown and it gives you that feeling as a trigger because it actually desires and yearns for you to explore?

My point; Start choosing how you think, question your processes and in fact be prepared to even REWRITE your own book of mind and its language so that it will alter your perception of experience. When they say that we are the created, perhaps we are the CREATOR! and everything that you do, say, think and feel from here on in sends out a message to the universe, YOUR message! That message will say who you are and what you are about and it will even say your vibration on HOW you do what you do. You do not have to fight for, gain, nor either strive towards power, you already have it, it is the CREATOR’S RIGHT!

One never acquires confidence, it merely comes about by a lack of fear…

The “invisible” SPIRITUAL path, that DOESN’T ACTUALLY exist!

I was at work today and chatting to one of my mates that is pretty aware of a lot of things, so let’s say for arguments sake that he is “self aware” and you know what, he said something to me that REALLY got me thinking….

I asked him how he was and what was going on, general politeness, but also genuine interest as I like the guy, he has a LOT to offer, and what he said in return was pretty much words to this effect.. “Yeah’ I’m good, but last night I realised how far off my path I have been”. Now this raised a couple of questions for me; namely, what path are you on about? and secondly, who decided upon this path anyway? He said that he was far off his spiritual path and growth and unfortunately couldn’t divulge any further as I literally had to leave at that moment, but it left me with food for thought, and this is what has transpired.

OK, what path? Seriously there is NO fucking path what so ever, it is ALL imaginary! This “GOLDEN” path that we “spiritualists” seem to create is it not perhaps a little trick of the ego so that it can either induce pleasure or pain, but still once again stay caught or trapped within our own mind? And to this point I must add, if we know our path, does that not mean to say that we are already enlightened? For if we know that we are NOT on it, we must then know when we ARE on it and what it looks like! Well, actually I say this..No, this is NOT the case…Fundamentally because I believe that there is NOT one ideal path to be following, meaning that everything else is either off or nil and void, for that within itself is a form of control, and surely is NOT the intent of the universal mind. And secondly, and probably most importantly, is it not us and our mind that decides if we are or are not on this imaginary path anyway? So therefor that means that all is within the mind, the path, that DOESN’T actually exist and also the voice that either says that you are or are NOT on this imaginary line…Kinda sounds like a bit of mind skulduggery if you ask me.. Remember, it is our mind (which has been created from past events and can’t really be trusted) that has CREATED this “imaginary” path and then we are only to be ostracised by it for not being upon its path!! Bollocks to that! And also, at what point did the mind EVER share its plan of the GOLDEN or SPIRITUAL path with us anyway, errrr’ NEVER! It’s a lose, lose situation! You don’t know the path and then you get beat down for not being on it! Give is a BLOODY break here will ya’… So, how about we look upon it like this instead? How about we are ALWAYS upon our path (that again, doesn’t actually exist…lol) All of the TIME! END OF!!  ha

I’ve even thought of something else actually and this is rather cool. How about we flip our minds? Sounds kinda weird but just hear me out on this one. How about, instead of us learning to become more spiritually aware, as we are, how about the learning of the material world and its little psychological hooks is slowing down? So, instead of us starting to become more insightful and spiritually in touch, how about we look upon it this way… Ever since you have been born you have been drugged, let’s call it the “pseudo human society control drug”. Now this drug has been everywhere, your peers unknowingly are drugged up to the eyeballs, hence their dumb ass and just plain STUPID rationale, you got more drugged at school, got a whopping dose when you started work and then by the T.V etc, etc…. But how about this; How about the more you deny this BULL SHIT and the more you say no and actually claim back your freedom of choice and thought, the more this “pseudo human society control drug” wears off. So in actual fact what is happening is not the fact that you are becoming MORE spiritual it’s just the fact that you are starting to become conscious of what you ALREADY are and have ALWAYS been! You see, there is no SPIRITUAL path, you already ARE spiritual and you actually are GOD essence, the living, breathing, life force of creation itself! It’s just that now you are starting to realise it because the drugs don’t work anymore! It is actually an unfolding NOT a growing! Why do you need to grow if you are already complete and whole? What, are you going to be MORE complete or MORE whole? Come the fuck on…Think about it; there is no way that you are becoming more spiritual, you are just becoming aware of what you are! And it’s not surprising if every now and again your head gets a little busy with thoughts and confusion, it’s kinda been scrambled, like, FOR EVER!!! Go easy on your self buddy, take your time, it’s OK, all is good! And ABOVE all, and for CHRIST’S sake, do NOT cause even more distress by telling your delicate and already confused mind that you are NOT on the path…There is no FUCKING path remember! And do you know the best way to allow your TRUE self, your omnipotent, loving, universal self to come through? Relax baby, just RELAX and chill the FUCK out! Stillness is our natural state and our conscious mind is there to investigate this world, it’s just inquisitive, that’s all thoughts are, they want answers about surroundings and events as it interprets the environment through our senses, ALL of them!…..

Be happy, Be well and Be free for You ALREADY are!!!

The cause of the effect..Or do I mean the effect of the cause??

This principle is so basic in its nature that I really need not go in to it in much detail and besides; there is also something else that I want to write about too! lol

What EVER is going on in your life RIGHT NOW is the net effect of many previous causes. Those causes have their  origins within thought, emotion and action. Basically, by how ever you felt or acted you have set the universe in motion and this is the desired effect, this here, today, you reading this. Now this may seem quite simple and perhaps we all already know this, but do you realise what embracing this understanding may lead to? FULL ownership of your life, its consequences, its rewards and also its losses. YOU have created the time and space for you to be reading this right now and this is the right time for you to be reading this right now, for this is what YOU created! Do you also understand too that this takes away the element of divine intervention? and that it also takes away the factor of synchronicity? This may sound a little harsh and some what disenchanting about the universal mystery  but let’s look upon it from a different perspective, as we should play with until we like something that is favourable to us, after all, we have a CHOICE on how we see things! Don’t we? (rhetorical question).

So; how about we look at things like this…How about in stead of losing the magic we gain the awe? How about instead of losing synchronicity we gain the essence of perfection instead? So what if EVERYTHING ALWAYS happens at the right time, EVERY time and for EVERY reason? Is not ;life then one GIANT harmonious happening with ALL individuals playing their PERFECT part ALL of the time, at EXACTLY the RIGHT time!? One may start to believe that this is so. Cause and effect has ALWAYS lead you up to EVERY point in your life and believe it or not your perspective about your last effect, which was just then by the way, will set forth the next chain of events to usher in the next effect that you become conscious of!

So; what does this mean? Well, it means a few things really and I shall list them, but of course, you may add to this list too.

1. Guard your thoughts…Observe how you react to or interpret events as this will start the chain reaction to other causes and therefore other subsequent effects. When you are aware of your thoughts and feelings you may then start to change them and also start to live your life the way you were MEANT to be!

2. There is NO SUCH THING as good or bad, it is merely an event that is the net effect of a series of causes..This is SO MEGA, it’s INCREDIBLE! No such thing as good or bad, are you SERIOUS!? Well actually yes I am, and her’s why… We see something in a particular way because our perspective or map of the world has been conditioned through this principle of cause and effect, so if we changed our perspective we would see an event or circumstance in a TOTALLY different way! Am I right? And also, often we micro judge events and cast aspersions about them before time gets to tell its story..Remember, it is all a part of a single strand of cause and effect, and in fact, one cause is another effect and VICE VERSA! In some respects our micro judgement is a bit like judging one of the first brush strokes of a painting and saying that it is all wrong or that the painting is rubbish. And yet, who knows, that may well be the defining brush stroke that actually MAKES the painting! So why micro judge events then? Just let them be, appreciate and see what they reveal and yield! A quick story for you…Just over   15 1/2  years ago on November the 4th 1999 my twin brother hung himself and committed suicide. Of course, I was naturally DEVASTATED, my world COMPLETELY imploded!! Was it the worst event ever? OF COURSE! It was a HUGE loss to all, especially me! But with my mind of today can I say that it was bad? No, of course not…For had that not happened I would SURELY not be sat here writing to you today and therefore you could not be reading this! And besides; I can not judge the situation until I have ALL of the facts, which means that I can ONLY do that upon my death bed. In other words, I can NOT judge the painting until the final stroke is struck or until my heart beats its last beat or until my lungs exhale their final breath… You see, Micro judgement is a futile and dangerous game, it is ABSOLUTELY pointless!

3. You have the power to change your life.. say this, “My goals are merely desired effects”… That means that you can steer your ship towards your desired goal by knowing what will keep you on course and what will take you “off” course, so to speak. This is such a GREAT way to stat achieving goals and to actually take control of your life it is actually quite BEAUTIFUL!

So; everything is in sequence, all of the time and always WILL be! Relax and enjoy, don’t stress, is is NATURALLY OK by nature, because remember; There is no such thing as good or bad as it is ALL a part of the coding that is cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-cause-effect-?

Big love to you all,

“Without death their will never be life and without life, there shall NEVER be death!” (they are both just polar ends of the same scale, and that scale is called CREATION!

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