A choice of frequency

I was chatting with my brother recently and this concept came to me..It is partly to do with the TAO (the way of the universe) and our own perception, if not mental creation of being “within the flow”. This is a pretty interesting one really because in actual fact there really is no default flow vibration of the universe and eternal life and it can NOT, by its very nature be one static frequency. What I mean by this is, often at times, people may perceive a flow of life that is what they call their Tao and they are happy to be within that flow, now I ask a couple of important questions here; 1. how did you arrive at this supposed state or frequency that you seem to flow with? and 2. Can you also flow at a different frequency, or let me put it another way, will you also “flow” at either a higher or lower frequency, depending on what it is that you are doing?

If I may be so bold as to answer these questions from my own perspective.. Firstly, I arrived at what I deem to be my “flow” through my interpretation of a series of events, which are called experiences. Then what I did I decided to create a mental construct on how I saw life and actually attuned my mental attitudes and actions toward those conclusions and way of living, so in effect I created my OWN flow vibration because I decided that that is to which vibration, thought pattern I felt comfortable. May I just add that more often than not this “flow” state is NOT dynamic or active, it is actually passive that really does go along the lines of the saying, “agh’ what will be will be” or “that’s what the universe decides” or others of the sort. Which it is actually doing is giving up our sovereign right to create, drive forwards and to have what EVER it is that we want.

Secondly; may we find peace and the flow at another vibration? Of course we shall! For really is not our sense of flow a feeling of security and peace within our environment? So why then can we not find the flow in a much more dynamic and higher vibratory state that is so essential to creation? I was kinda liking these two states as the Yin and Yang of personal vibration. What I am not doing here is deeming Yin as gentle and emotional nor Yang as hard and aggressive but yet perhaps I am looking upon them ion their real terms as ones of dynamic and the other being gentle. I do genuinely believe that far too many people nowadays are within the Yin state of creation, especially when it comes to the new spiritual movement. In fact; if we just look at the term karma for example, that in itself is a PERFECT example of being passive and saying, it’s alright, the universe will sort or redress that situation… Well that’s BULL SHIT! Fuck it, how about we turn it around ourselves by using a more dynamic state? I also genuinely believe that people have reached this Yin state as a protection mechanism by the ego and it is almost if we give up or are too afraid to do certain things and then end up justifying them by saying stuff like “it’s OK, it’s a part of the UNIVERSAL plan” or “that was meant to happen just as it did”… Well How about no! Do you know what Karma really is? All it is is merely cause and effect, that’s it! So perhaps things happen to us because they are the net effect of certain causes that WE OURSELVES have created! Maybe there isn’t any giant, set universal plan for us at all, perhaps we are purely left to our own devises! So then, I say that we are in the “flow” because our mind justifies it to be so and then it becomes passive and ignorant toward any other higher level of dynamic energy. Perhaps, and just perhaps that our mental flow, as we so call it, is really an invisible shackle that is created by the ego to prevent us from growing and expanding? What a concept! Does our mind, in partnership with our ego create an imaginary flow that we call life or our karmic state and find comfort and security within it to retard our growth so that we remain within an ego driven karmic realm? the evidence seems to appear so…..

Can we then create a NEW flow in a higher, more dynamic frequency and propel our life and even spiritual growth? Of course we can it is all MERELY a concept of the mind and if we created one before then can SURELY create a new one again…And really one of our own choosing! So can we be happy in a dynamic, self and world changing energetic vibration? Of course we can! In fact, the universal or TAO is at what EVER frequency you want, all you need to do is enjoy it and find security within it. How amazing could things be for you if your default state was one of dynamic creation but yet you were able to be peaceful within that? In fact, should our flow not be on a sliding rule between dynamic and passive energy at our own will and neither of them take any effort at all?

Halting the thoughts…

I do wonder sometimes why I focus So much on unproductive/negative thoughts about the MICRO here and now of my life… Why don’t I just chill the Fuck out! My mind, probably much like most other people’s, grabs TINY snippets of what it thinks is reality and just churns them over, which, more often than not, ends up in a distressing or confusing outcome. SERIOUSLY though; why do I not just use perspective? Surely these day’s events are only a part of a week, a month or even a WHOLE year! In fact, this ONE year is only one of MANY, which means BILLIONS of thoughts, so why do I (if I may say we) hook on to them SO much? Can we not put it all in to perspective and TRULY accept the fact that our mind/consciousness is eternal? In fact, this life that we seem to FRET over so much is almost “more than likely” (even if it can’t be substantiated, lol) just one of OH’ so many! So I ask again, why do we allow our minds to be influenced and affected so much by things that really are actually quite insignificant when put in to the grand scheme of things? OK, your boss at work is a dick and has disrespected you, so what…How about a friend or loved one snaps and gets angry, so what? and in fact it clearly shows that they TOO are caught up in the turmoil of thoughts within the here and now! I reckon that when ever we are having one of those “SHIT and UNSETTLED days” where our minds just don’t want to stop, we should just stop everything that we are doing, put life on pause, halt the runaway carriage of mind and thought and breathe, just breathe a DEEP, CONSCIOUS breath!…This allows us then the moment to realise that ALL is infinite and that there is no such thing as the confused “here and now” because perhaps, just perhaps, that all is a part of the HARMONIOUS EVERYTHING? And yet, by having too narrow a focus, nay’ almost addiction to this present moment and what HAS happened or what “MAY” happen, as the mind does, we forget that we can bask in the warmth and glory that EVERYTHING will be JUST RIGHT and in fact, it ALWAYS IS and shall ALWAYS be SO!!!

Peace (of mind) interesting saying…… I shall expand on that further and add of heart and emotion too!

Perception and the DIS-art of

Firstly I have to acknowledge this post to someone that I work with. He’s a GREAT guy and we love to muse about life, mind science and the evolution that is the present potential for humanity. Of course I say “potential” because evolution does not necessarily mean growth toward a focused direction. Evolution is merely the movement of evolving, and evolving in its primary state is change, which of course, as discussed previously is constant. So in effect, we are ALWAYS evolving and always will be, as it is the natural order of everything, ALL of the time. As mentioned before, in other blogs, change is one of only 2 constant things within the whole universe, and the other being vibration. Very quickly; everything is a vibration, thought, music, light, colour, sound, even taste! It is time for me to get back on track though…

 I guess the main point to this is the way we see the world, which is our perception, how and why was it formed and how we have we been conditioned in a certain way? All of our experiences, even when we were in utero  have caused us to perceive our environment with a particular perspective. We were then “schooled” to think in  a certain way so that we have a “type” of mental conditioning. One can NOT really argue that what has been produced is a very linear way of thinking and in fact is quite a “standard” format, especially when we get taught between right and wrong, high and low, hard and soft and even life and death. In fact we even judge our experiences between a “good” experience and a “bad” one. Indeed, this actually is EXACTLY what we base our past, current and even FUTURE life on! So what happens then if our event interpretation mechanism (or mind) is either faulty or MIS-programmed in the first place? We are then ABSOLUTELY screwed to EVER see any event for what it actually is! Now let me introduce you to a concept; in fact it is not actually just a concept, it is the TRUE reality of things… A minute ago we were talking about things being linear, a straight line, and with the varying poles of good to bad or high to low, etc. well what I want you to do instead is to now imagine this concept by adjoining both ends of this linear line so that they meet. This in effect will create a circle, yes? Within this circle though is the potential, in fact, FULL potential of good, bad, and everything else in between. This circle is constant, unbroken and in fact because it is a circle has no beginning nor end. Now what I want you to do is to imagine a ball, in fact perhaps even put your hands together and adjoin your fingers, tip to tip. This then will create a 3 dimensional shape that is more roundish in shape and in fact, for REAL understanding of what I am on about, imagine an electron circling around its nucleus in a particular pattern. This will give you an understanding of what experience actually is, it is a GIANT ball of EVERYTHING, everything good and everything bad, the Yin and the Yang, with no beginning, no end, one GIANT continuum! I really hope that this makes some sense as it is actually quite difficult to explain as it really does seems to be one GIANT bubble which contains EVERYTHING! 

 What we do, within the human psychology, is to break things down in to parts so that we can make order of them and to even justify their existence, well…what happens if we can NOT actually break things down in to a “good” part or a “bad” part because in actuality everything always is EVERYTHING, ALL of the time! OK, let’s imagine a plasma ball of everything, now try and take a slice of that plasma ball..What will happen to the plasma ball after you have taken a slice? It will just close back up and become whole again, it will STILL be the sum of EVERYTHING that ALWAYS is! Everything will ALWAYS have the FULL potential of EVERYTHING, ALL of the TIME!

 But what does this mean for us, and how can I relate it to “perception and the DIS-art of”? The DIS-art of perception simply means that we have not discovered or at least are not utilising the true art of perception upon experience. Basically, we are seeing things wrong! And only when we decide to look upon everything as mere EXPERIENCE, containing 100% right and 100%wrong ALL of the time can we only then start to perceive that there is NO SUCH THING as either just right or just wrong for that can NEVER exist! Yes there are varying degrees of right or wrong but that is ONLY because of our judgement, our judgement may define something but it can NEVER make it actually so!

 Suspend judgment and we shall see the true reality of ALL that is, it really just IS and can ALWAYS only EVER be so!

Are you a Competitor, a participant or a mere spectator?

So I’ve decided to start doing things a little differently and actually make these blogs a touch more readable. If you, like I often look at the size of the content and think   ohh’ FUCK “THAT” because it’s too long then that, of course, is not a reaction that I want you to experience. I have learned that people don’t like to read too much in one go, so, this is what I’m gonna do.. I’ve decided to make my blogs a little more condensed and to the point, in particular for those that are on the hop, or just really can not commit too much of their time to a full read, let’s call it an abridged version of the full article so to speak. I do know that what I like to discuss has real value so I do like to go in to some depth and really make sure that it makes sense and that you can reflect upon it in your daily life. So, as just mentioned, I would also like to do a much bigger post and leave that in a word document so that when one does have more time then they can read the full weight of my writing. I would also like to do two other things too, Soon I will start putting my blog posts as a pod cast also so that it is easily downloadable and then you can listen to it on the move, on your way to work or in the car or even at home, etc. Also; and this is a REALLY big also, I would VERY much like people to respond to these articles and in fact to some what engage in them too. So, this is what I have decided…I would VERY much like people to contact me with topics for discussion or anything that they would like clarification about or insight in to. In fact; it would be my ABSOLUTE pleasure to assist you in ANY way possible as I too, have received insight, help or inspirational words from others in my time. In fact; I, much like you, would not be in this position, would it not be for the benefit, or to the detriment, of others. Quite TRULY, the gain I get from this is the fact that human consciousness grows. In fact, if I am TOTALLY honest, the growth of human consciousness is only a secondary effect, for my primary concern, as it should be yours too, is the fact that we change our own minds and therefore change our own lives.

Life is about decision making and being able to discern events so that we may grow and prosper, and you, as much as I, through our own growth, will, unequivocally, affect others. So, by you and I focusing upon our own personal growth we ultimately affect the whole of our species. We are in this together, we are ALL babies of the universe, we are ALL brothers and sisters, EVERY SINGLE one of us! And that, is one of the primary reasons of why I like to write. People influence me daily, most of them unconsciously and unknowingly and yet, there are the few, that I get to talk to, have discussion with and get to learn from and hopefully, from me to you, this is EXACTLY what I want to do…

Funnily enough, what I have just written comes full circle and really does fit in with what it is that I want to write about today. As the title states, are we a Contestant, a mere participant or just a spectator and of course I am referring to our primary objective as conscious beings, and that is LIFE!

So; are we a competitor within life? Firstly; a competitor is there to win, they are there to ACTIVELY challenge the situation and to come out on top, like I said, they want to win! In fact no, they don’t just WANT to win, they DESIRE to win! They DESIRE to win so badly that they will stop at nothing to ensure that they DO win. And in life, that means that they learn stuff and teach themselves, they listen to themselves, their inner voices and also what others have to say to them too! They question many things and they also do something that I like to call a self audit! They look at how they currently think and wonder if things can better, and then they don’t just stop at wondering they find the solutions on HOW to make things better! A TRUE competitor makes those tough decisions and makes the sacrifice because you know what? They want it, and they want it BAD! Very quickly I’m gonna have to ask you this question as it really does seem to stop so many people in their tracks, including myself at times in the past. Now, is it right and proper to want something REALLY bad, to fight for it and to go after it, tooth and nail? Or, is it against spiritual values and the “go with the universe” model that really means that we are passive participants to our life and experience? This is a BIG question that completely halts people in their tracks… Remember this; the universe is dynamic as well as gentle, there are tornadoes as well as a breeze and the waves may crash as they do lie still… The universe is courageous and TEEMS with WHAT EVER vibration you choose! Do you not think it better to be on your last days and say, “Well at least I gave it a go, with EVERYTHING that I have!” rather than, “oh’ that was cool, what a nice gentle ride”? Tenacity does not and will NEVER not be detrimental to spiritual evolution. In fact, do you not think that the more we start to focus our lives in the direction that we want with the intention that we put in that we may not even evolve at the same pace as the energy and intention that we put in? First law of thermodynamics, no more energy can come out than we put in..And the output is in DIRECT proportion to what goes in too!

Being a participant.. Well, you’re starting to get the gist of this. Being a participant is actually a sense of self defeatment before you even start to get involved. The participant either has the psychology that they can’t win because they know that they are not good enough. And why is that? Because they haven’t trained hard enough, because they haven’t dedicated their life to being the BEST person that they can be! There is no point in being sat on the fence, you will only get splinters on your bum! And there is no point wading in the pool up to your knees either because you will never know how good it feels to swim! The mind has a tendency to trick its self by saying that it is doing a “good job” by TRYING…What a hunk of shit, SERIOUSLY! That is just the ego feeding you a load of crap so that REAL change does NOT come about, it’s a BLATANT lie! Half hearted attempts are NOT good enough, you are either in or out, simple as that! 50% effort, 50% return!

And as for the spectator; well, really…Why do they even bother? Listen; I know that there is a LOT of psychological baggage that can come with apathy, why in fact that is why people have apathy in the first place, thoughts prevent action and in fact even encourage laziness. I’m not being cold or heartless but my point is…….The participant knows what it is they are watching (life happen) they know that people have been training for it and working at it and yet they too can participate and in fact they can even compete all it takes is one thing, a decision, a decision to commit to YES! Yes, this is life and yes, I WANT to be involved, after all, they ARE already living it, but yet, are they truly LIVING it!!!

The journey of a thousand miles will ALWAYS start with a single step and yet before that step a decision was made to take that action.

Thought, emotional attachment to that thought, decision, action.


More content for the post competitor, participant, observer.

A mental journey

“At first, when I was aware that I was conscious and heard thought, I was trying to balance life, a new found spirituality and create an understanding to it all. It appeared to me that I was relentlessly smashing the rocks of thought within my mind. But; as I learned patience, acceptance and understood that I was going through ‘THE PROCESS”, life relaxed and the mind calmed, so it was not rocks that I was smashing but mere pebbles that I was cracking. As the years went by, my hope grew to belief and the veils of clarity started to clear, I could see what truth was the truth and what falsehood was falsehood, I could truly trust my mind for we were one, I was it and it was me. It was more then that I realised that it were not pebbles that I was cracking  but it was sand that I was sifting. Nowadays, as they are more than the few and I have the love for the mind, all that it shows me and tells me to be true, so it is that I believe, it is not sand I sift no more, for I am the man that sees all and lives the truth, I am he that plays with dust!”


Have faith, believe in yourself, the ABSOLUTE consciousness that you are and give your mind time and space to heal.

The walls of the temple need to come crashing down before you can build yourself a palace! A palace of your making and your design, let’s undo all of the conditioning thought patterns that have been created for us and let us build our minds ourselves.

Mind design, it is your future!

Change and becoming the NEW YOU..

I was quite due to be writing something else, which WILL follow, ha, that’s what I ALWAYS say, but invariably it will though..lol  This, however, is so important that I decided to put it right to the top of the list and put all of my “self created” procrastination excuses to one side for a moment and tell you. Now you know that I am a sharer and a FREE thinker, well I’ve just understood something and it kinda goes a bit like this.

As we were born we knew little about “life” as we so say call it, but yet we knew almost EVERYTHING about the “ABSOLUTE consciousness or the ALL” as you may want to call it, in fact call it what EVER you like, it matters not! Just don’t differentiate it as GOD being different, that is another miss-truth..       As we grew older we started to learn more about our “hard” reality as we so call it, the human experience, this 3D holographic projection of imagery and life, and yet with this learning, observation and interpretation of existence can filters. These filters, of the mind, bring things in to focus and make life audible, comprahendable and defined. The unfortunate thing however, is the fact by adding a filter to make sense of something we have to create a limitation for it so that it can exist and become static in nature, so that things can become sense worthy. Well, unfortunately with that limitation also comes limitation of self, who you are and what you can do, limitation of the perceived reality. So let’s look at things from a slightly different perspective so that we can get a TRUE handle on this.

There is absolute consciousness, consciousness that is EVERYTHING and that ALREADY is, the space between space of the electron, if you so will, the ABSOLUTE knowingness of ALL that is even the knowingness of self observing sense, bit of a head trip perhaps, but you’re with me! lol Now this consciousness or ABSOLUTE knowingness is everything, has been everything and will ALWAYS be EVERYTHING (here lies within the misconception of GOD on a thrown, WHAT? go fuck, you IDIOT! What a STUPID concept. GOD is the IS that is in the IS! It is IS!!!!) So God is pure consciousness then, OK, good, slight distraction there, so let’s get back on track… Consciousness is and also IS the all pervador of, in and about everything, because it IS everything so therefore I ask you this question;

Can you define the parameters or boundaries between the “ALL that IS or the ABSOLUTE EVERYTHING” and the all that ISN’T?

Think about it and answer it honestly and objectively…….. Do you see what I am talking about here?

So, as kids we just know the ABSOLUTE of everything and yet as we get older we have to define it by creating filters within our mind. These filters make sense of everything and make it audible for our comprehension, in some respects it takes a part of the EVERYTHING, even though there is no such this as a part of the everything, because it is still the everything, almost like a BIT of water, CAN’T exist. So we break it down in to “BITS” of information, ironically enough, subconscious and conscious mind, subconscious process 20,000,000 bits of information per second and wait for it, filters is so that the conscious gets 20 bit of info per second. )stats might be slightly incorrect by the way but i can’t be bothered to check out the full ratio, although I might post it at the end when I have finished…lol) So basically we CHUNK down information to make sense of it, LITERALLY we filter things out! So this filtering creates definition, shape and form of something that is just pure light and vibration, without it we’d be fucked, no sense of nothing, it would be impossible! But, with this NECESSARY filtering comes one little snag and that is called LIMITATION, “stuff” or ABSOLUTE CONSCIOUSNESS (AC) becomes limited within the filtering process. Well, unfortunately so does our perception upon reality, it has to, there is NO OTHER WAY and with that limited perception of reality also comes a limited perception of self! Now this is important, because as we grow up we aren’t aware of this limited perception of self because it becomes our “normal” and is our US. But yet we pick up on it though and actually create the limitations and in several ways too… We either perceive experience incorrectly, for example, a child running in sports day, they don’t win, so what do they tell themselves, I am NOT a winner, I am TOO slow and I need to run faster as opposed to, WOW, I am running, this is AMAZING! Or perhaps when at school a teacher says to a student, which they said to me by the way and in fairness, I was a little bit of a shit, if that is your perception filter that is…lol but anyway, the teacher tells the student that they will not amount to much and will NOT achieve, so what happens? The subconscious AND conscious pick it up and the subconscious stores it, for next time after further validation, and they BOTH then use that information to create a filter of self that will define who or what you are.. This process has gone on FOREVER via parents, family, friends, society, group psychology/mentality, T.V, radio etc. in fact, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, ALL of the time! We are CONSTANTLY filtering and added new tints or layers to our PERCEIVED view of reality until finally we funnel our SELVES (infinite by the way) down to today and this moment so that we can call ourselves “I”. But guess what, we inherently are unhappy with that I because we know that we haven’t created it but yet have been forced and sculpted to accept a perception of something (you) that is NOT of your making so invariably we want to change and start to create the NEW YOU, the YOU of your choice, it IS our nature, we are ALL designers. In fact, we are ALL creators because we ARE the absolute consciousness that already is CREATION! Change by the way is one of the  two constant things in the whole universe, the other being vibration, which IS covered in a past post. So, invariably we want to change, we NEED to create, it is our nature. Well, get this, in actual fact we don’t NEED to create at all, all we have to do it just slide in to the movement of creation and change that ALREADY is! It’s happening CONSTANTLY and will be, for time immemorial, in fact it is BEYOND time as time is IT! So, to the REAL point here.. Conscious forcing of change through a “filtered” & desired will can only create resistance against the flow that already is. So how do we create change then? Well actually we don’t, we don’t need to! Change and EVERYTHING is ALWAYS there ALL of the TIME, it is EVERYTHING and will ALWAYS be EVERYTHING  so you see, because you are absolute consciousness you already are ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! You already are that champion runner on sports day, you already are the chief executive or you already are the great artist or musician, all of life is ART by the way, make no mistake about that fact. You ALREADY are EVERYTHING because you ARE everything! get my point here? So what is stopping us from BEING that which we wish to become? our limiting belief systems, which makes PERFECT sense doesn’t it! We have used limiting belief systems to define the EVERYTHING and to make sense of it so that we can be a SELF aware (hopefully  lol) being to live and to experience. But yet we innately know that we can not be boxed, think of a caged bird that is in the middle of a forest, for we are EVERYTHING so we become restless and desire to create, it IS our nature, we ARE CREATE, we ARE EVERYTHING that ALREADY and that ALREADY will be for ALREADY FOREVER! In short, trying to create change is not only futile, it is actually quite dumb and creates MASSIVE resistance because it is not in line with the already change, flow, TAO that already is! We are “trying” to create our own channel or current, of change that is in disharmony with the one that already is that is the EVERYTHING! So conscious changed, out and out BLOOD STUPID! So, how do we change then? well seeing as it already is, we don’t do anything apart from drop our limiting belief systems, we all the TRUTH to come out or be unearthed as you will. Change is ever happening and seeing as everything already is EVERYTHING and you are EVERYTHING in EVERY way because all of your cells and even thoughts are EVERYTHING that always IS, you already are what you want to be because it ALREADY is! It’s just that you have been stamped with many limiting belief systems that prevent you from realising, there fore living, your already what EVER you want to become! Drop the limiting belief systems and you will be what you want because you ALREADY are!, do you get it!! OK, put on some blind person’s big, black glasses, the Ray Charles ones or Stevie wonder ones, without the head swaying, and see what you can see, nothing, FUCK ALL! and that is a filter! Now remove those glasses and what do you see? EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Same same, principal here, and NOW you get me! So, to sum up;


Be what EVER you want to be by removing limiting belief systems so that you can see that you already are because you ALREADY are ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!!!


To yield, is to yield!!!!!


My peace, my love and my knowingness, to you ALL…for we ALL already ARE!!!

Be well my companions..

Oh’ and the subconscious to conscious BITS of information filtering is still unknown, nobody can seem to agree on the exact amount but my ball park is about right, I think! hehe…

Consciousness, a blessing or a curse?

I’ve been of the old adage, and for a very long time may I say, that I am one of the chosen ones where I have a heightened degree of consciousness. My mind is sharp and acute, I realise many things by using my ability of mental perspective and depth. At first, I found this new level of consciousness, even though it was EXTREMELY disturbing and unsettling to me and my character and interactions with others, to be a wonderful and novel thing. And yet I have now almost come full circle. Where as in the past I crave consciousness and have an innate drive to know what I would be doing and almost see myself either on or off my idealised golden path to perfection and enlightenment. Most certainly, as with EVERY stage in our lives we must self audit, as we become more comfortable with who we are and as we evolve, our mind AND mindset must change too. In fact, it must be our reflection of change and growth. So there are a few things that I feel important to bring in to question then, and yes, as I often do, I will draw some analogies upon the natural world that we live in, as it just lives, as opposed to “consciously lives”.

Firstly I’ll discuss a little about me. At the age of about 13 or 14, or so, I realised that I had a different voice in my head, a new one that I had not known before, it was neither friendly nor harsh, it was neither dominant nor subservient but sure enough it was there, and it was LOUD and CLEAR. It was the voice of observation, the voice that told me that I was present, it saw my move and told me about it. It was a fraction, nay a split second ahead of me before I did or said anything and it made me sharp, intellectually speedy and extremely observant, but yet it came at a price, and that price was HUGE! Imagine just being, being in being, doing and just doing, without consciousness and without reflection, being the epitome of “being in the moment” well that is how things were, absolute purity of moment. I did what I wanted and when I wanted to do it, I just was! And then, all of a sudden, that was snatched away from me, BANG! I was conscious! At was as if somebody had turned on a switch, and that switch had a voice! It start giving me a running commentary of who I was and what I was doing, how I was acting and how I was feeling, it even started to reflect upon the past and project upon the future, it became an entity! I have no idea where this voice came from or why it appeared, but it did and at first it TOTALLY disrupted what was “quite a nice easy life”. Unfortunately for me, and perhaps others, my consciousness took place of my RAW living, just doing, which made it difficult and distressing to live. Why was it confusing and distressing? Because I was thinking about me doing something before I did it, RIGHT BEFORE I did it, I was thinking about me having to be me, I was natural! I had lost that innocence of being in the moment, and just being. I now, instead, had thoughts and a voice going on within my head that was aware of every action, thought and feeling that I had towards myself an others, I was now confused and distressed! Who was this voice, who was the NEW I, and where, for FUCK SAKE was the old me, that I loved, knew and understood? The one that didn’t have a care in the world and just did, good or bad, and in actual fact, a LOT of bad! lol. If I look back, with hind sight, I can see why the consciousness came along, and I can see WHY it had to happen too! I was a fighter, a stealer of things, a liar, a cheat, a swindler and also a womaniser, although considering that I was only 13, perhaps I was more of a GIRLiser…ha None the less, hind sight is a beautiful thing and it is a GREAT yard stick to measure change but certainly, to lose ones SELF, ones KNOWN self and to start on the road of becoming something else at the age of 13 is UNBELIEVABLY distressing, INCREDIBLY distressing indeed! Anyway, this is not a poor me show and never will be, this little story is to let you know that my transition has not been easy either, but yet, a necessary one, as yours is too. Of course, there have been many years in between then and now, much learning, much appreciating, much understanding and still, for sure, much confusion. However; some time ago I wrote a saying, as I have done on many occasions, as I find them quite cathartic, they almost become a snap shot upon my world and how I see my world within that moment of time, and it went a bit like this;

At first, when I heard the voice, I knew not what was going on. My thoughts were so loud and so often it was like SMASHING rocks in my head! Slowly, as I started to listen to the voice and understand its words I realised that it was there to help and a force for good, so then, it was now not rocks that I was smashing, but mere pebbles that I was cracking. As time went by still further and my voice was familiar and actually became a part of me, a sense of trust did I have for thee, it showed me right from wrong and yet often I still made an unfavorable choice it never judged, nor never scolded me. I had faith and hope from this voice within, it showed me the light and led me from the dark and then soon did I realise that It was not pebbles that I was cracking but now I was a sifter of sand! And yet, as the years rolled on, the voice and I became one, I realised that it was really me, talking to me, from within me. I then understood that there was no need to fight or to be afraid, my life was one of the greater consciousness and my mind was my guide. As I reached the point of TRUE acceptance and one of TOTAL trust, I realised that my voice was one of love and neither was I now a sifter of sand, for I am the man that plays with dust!

OK, so that basically says that things get easier with time, space and dedication to belief. Time, because there is no rush for perfection, space; space to make mistakes or as I call them, learning experiences and the dedication to belief part is the resolve to fight for what is right within ones self and within this environment that we call world. There are a few other sayings that are rather relevant right now like; “The walls of the temple must come crashing down before we can build a new palace” and of course, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette, and these again just to emphasise the fact that if we seek, or if indeed mental transmutation has found us, for some reason or another, things can be pretty tough, pretty lonely, quite cruel, VERY distressing and UNBELIEVABLY confusing, however; with time, patience and dignity, things will be OK, have faith within because your within is EXACTLY what is made of without, the creator resides within you, YOU have your courage and YOU have your strength too and NO DOUBT, you are a soldier of the light, and this is alchemy, you are the ALCHEMIST!

Anyway, I have gone on tangent so perhaps it is time to come back on topic, which is one of consciousness and is it possible for us to be too conscious? Well actually, I think that yes we can be, and here’s why; I, much as many that I speak with and share times with believe in the spiritual journey, the journey that turns lead in to gold, the journey that transmute a base element in to the purest of rare, precious, mineral, the refining of soul. I, probably just like many also, have created an ideal in my mind, a way to be and a way to life, almost a mythical being that I want to become. This of course, is a wonderful life project and as they say, life really is the journey of a life time but yet then again, I must ask, are we being too conscious, have we forgotten how to just LIVE? To help me answer this question, I turn to nature and look at how it lives, grows and even dies. Look at a tree for example, sometimes, the seed of the tree shoots straight away and yet, at other times, when things aren’t quite so opulent perhaps, it will lay dormant for many months and for even years maybe until conditions are just right. So once it has shooted it takes in the air, the sunshine and the water, it will grow. Of course, much like us humans I guess, if the conditions are favorable then it shall grow to it’s optimum for that year, post spring, summer and autumn, until in the winter it slows, gathers in and draws all of its nutrients to it’s core or in true fact to its heart which really is its place of nourishment until the cold has past and until the spring bears again. i of course find it quite pointless to tell you the full life cycle of a tree growing as that is actually missing the point because the TRUE point of it is that fact that the tree just grows. It doesn’t necessarily decide which branch to grow next, or how many leaves will be within it’s foliage, that will be representative to how much sunshine and rain it has received throughout the year and how many nutrients it has absorbed from the earth. No, the tree does not will itself to grow in a certain direction or to a particular height and neither to a certain breadth, it just does, it just grows, it JUST lives! However; there must be an innate response or even knowing within its cellular DNA on HOW to grow A BRANCH or HOW to get tall and also how to turn sunlight in to glucose. The tree does not need to determine how to breathe neither, it just DOES, it JUST IS, and it is NATURALLY doing it too! May I now turn to the wind; does the wind have to stop and think; “Hold on a minute, now how the heck do I do this blowing thing” no, it just does it! Sometimes it whispers and yet at other times it howls but yet still, it just does. The same could be said for the water from rain, to stream, to river to ocean or even the sun to shine or for the rock to turn from mountain to stone, to sand to sea bed to mountain again, it JUST DOES! My point then is one of this; perhaps, just perhaps, us humans think too much? Perhaps we get so focused upon or own mentally idealised GOLDEN path of evolving an journey that we forget that it will just happen anyway, just like the rest of nature will too! Our “path”, so say, let’s not forget is in actual fact an “idealised” concept of the mind that is more likely than not an ego driven imagination anyway! People often think that they are being spiritualised to free themselves from their ego when in actual fact it is just the ego wearing another mask, the wolf in sheeps clothing as it were! So yes, consciousness is good but are we being intellectual enough about it? Are we making sure that there is enough time to step out of our minds and just be? Or are we so caught up on the journey that we are preventing life from TRULY flourishing and for the buds to blossom? Perhaps this is so… Yes, it is good to have goals, and when they are set correctly and in harmony with the universe they will materialise but only if the causes lead us to that desired effect. (I will discuss cause and effect and goal achievement in my next post, it is quite interesting!) For now though, let us go back to the tree, let us remember that when the conditions are right it shall grow to its optimum, so then, would that not be the same for us too? ESPECIALLY when considering that we too are nature’s babies! So how about this? How about we don’t necessarily think about our spiritual destiny, after all, that may well have already been PREordained and ASSURED upon the birth of our souls, it literally may be already written within the stars and within the mind of the CREATOR! No, let us not focus on that, but perhaps let us maybe focus upon our environmental conditions instead? For it is only THEY that will allow us to grow strong, physically, mentally, emotionally and ultimately SPIRITUALLY! I know my conditions, and you know yours, it is not necessarily up to me to spell them out to you but of course we again talk about nutrients and minerals, sunshine, exercise and air and now we also bring in mental understanding and emotional balance too.

So then, yes, consciousness is good, in fact it is ESSENTIAL to claiming our own lives, but, we really do need to start using it wisely, perhaps we see the goal, aim to grow in that direction and just feed ourselves the right nutrients and bask in the sunshine? Then perhaps we should just go with the TAO, when it is spring we flower, when it is autumn we harvest and when it is winter we gather in, RE-collect ourselves and nourish from within. Of course, I am talking about the physical seasons but how about the emotional and mental ones too. Let’s ease up on ourselves, perhaps do less and achieve more, flow like the river through life, be like the wind with a whisper and then blow when we need to, be the TAO…

The fundamentals to influencing change

I have to be honest from the outset here, the title of this post is ever so slightly misleading as really, to be honest, the fundamentals to change are way beyond our understanding. In fact, they are so universally God linked that for us to try and fathom them they will surely pop our heads! However; we surely can interpret the title of this blog in a different way and accept that the fundamentals of change is that it is constant and that it shall be for ALL eternity! Believe it or not your body changes over a trillion times per day with millions of cells being replicated or dying, your muscles have had millions of twitch impulses, heart beats in their hundreds and untold amounts of reactions and that is just your inner world, not even mentioning the outer!

Let us grasp this basic concept first; Everything in this whole universe, bar ether and the Tao perhaps, is made up of atoms. There are hundreds of trillions to the power of thousands within the universe and everything ranging from stars to a brick and a loaf of bread is made up of these tiny little atoms. These atoms then, are they still and of rigid form? are they static in the way that creates something that is solid? No, they are not. As anyone who has studied basic science knows, atoms are made of of three fundamental parts, although there are others which are indeed QUITE interesting, but for now let’s just talk about protons, neutrons and electrons, although to be precise just the electrons. The electrons, according to their number and orbit create an almost shell like appearance around the proton and neutron to keep it in shape and bound together. These electrons do have a consciousness and intelligence as they follow a pattern that is extremely complex and actually quite beautiful within its trajectory without colliding with one another. Intelligence and beauty, all in one, magnificent! So, my point of this is; if the smaller thing that we know, there or there abouts, is constantly changing and moving, does that then not stand to reason that all that is bigger than these atoms is constantly moving and changing too? of course! OK, so everything changes, great, and yet how does that affect us and are we subjective towards this change, ie, are we passive and at the mercy of this change or are we able to be objective, meaning that we can actually have input and an influence over what change may occur? Interesting question, so let us go back to consciousness and in particular the consciousness of the atom that makes us. As we have already stated, it is conscious, it has to be otherwise none of its parts would be together, it would not bond with any other atoms, H2o for example, O2 or even Co2, the list is VERY extensive, and nothing around us would EVER be, it would be PURE Nothingness! So there is a consciousness that pervades all things and that creates order and “so say” form. But is that consciousness subject to us and our thought, therefore our servant or is it the other way around where we are subject to its influence and therefore the pacifist in life, are you a victim or not? This, my friends really is the Ultimate question. Only now, when I write such words, do I truly understand the magnitude of what I write. Yes, some time ago I did understand that we have control over our thoughts and actions which in turn leads to the outcome of cause and effect but truly, not until now did I understand the true measure of my understanding. My thoughts, as well as yours, control energy and consciousness we manipulate and create! Perhaps because it is the order of hierarchy, meaning that because we are complex, intelligent, conscious human beings then basic matter is at our service and to command with as we will, who knows? Ok, perhaps I am getting ahead of myself here and allowing my mind to run away with me so let us bring things back on to a scientific level and proof, how do we even know that our consciousness can influence matter? So, going back to 1911 – 1927 there were a series of scientific meetings of the world’s most eminent physicists at what is now referred to as the Solvay conferences, hosted by a Mr Solvay, to discuss scientific realisations, experiments and theories. It was at these meeting, in particular the first and last where the new (at the time) branch of physics science called quantum mechanics was born. It was in fact three main scientists, namely, Max Planck, Neil Bohr and Max Born that first proposed the theory that whilst observing experiments the actual observers act of observing influences the outcome of the result! This theory was proposed to Albert Einstein, who, at the time, dismissed the concept as it disagreed with his own rigid form of rule regarding physics and anatomical order but, who at a later date, came to accept this theory and indeed became a huge advocate for the theory of quantum mechanics. I have included a link to give you a bit more info about this as this really is the scientific fundamentals of the new consciousness for an evolving humanity, it changes EVERYTHING! It means that we are the affector and not the victim, we influence energy and not it influence us  http://www.numericana.com/fame/solvay.htm I have also decided to add a link to a YouTube video too made by a Dr. called Bruce Lipton who is a scientific doctor by nature but realises that quantum mechanics really is the foundations for change, growth and, DARE I SAY IT, spirituality. As you know, if you have read any of my other posts it is my intention to stay as non denominatory as possible where it comes to religion and spirituality so please afford my forgiveness when using the term above. However, it surely best suits the terminology and beliefs of Dr Bruce Lipton, who really is a FANTASTIC advocate for human insight, and growth in line with universal law. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ns5sLo59Kak

So, energy, matter and circumstance can be affected by thought and observation, proven by scientific documentation, which in turn means that WE are the ones in control of the Law of Cause and Effect, we are the influences of our own destiny as opposed to merely the victim of things that are out of our control. With all that being said though, what are the “Fundamentals to Influencing Change” then?  All I can say is Acceptance, Acceptance, Acceptance! Before anything, we need to understand what it is to accept, in fact, ACCEPTANCE really is the cornerstone or foundation for change. Acceptance is to be emotionally understanding of something or an event and to take ownership. It is to stand at the point of now and to look forwards instead of looking back with blame. Acceptance is to FULLY understand that things have been in the past and that they will also be different in the future. Acceptance means judgement without bias nor favouritism and indeed acceptance is also to “take things on the chin” so to speak and to not shy way from responsibility, in fact it is to face adversity head on and to confront your fears, no matter how grave we may “think” that they “might”. Acceptance is understanding that there is totality in everything and that you can not have cause without effect or neither any effect without any cause, acceptance in short is being magnanimous enough to be “willing” to understand the true nature or dynamic of an event. So then, regarding change, what is it that we need to accept?

1) Accept that change is constant, what is happening right now will NOT last

2) Accept that change is possible, nothing is Fixed and that you CAN influence its outcome

3) Accept that change is inevitable so you had may as well accept it!

4) Accept where you are in your life

5) Accept why you are where you are in your life

6) Accept responsibility

7) Accept that you can’t do everything

8) Accept help and support

9) Accept the willingness to make mistakes


10) Accept that there is something GREATER than you and your life

Accept that WE are the ones that got us to where we are

Is it all really a concept within our own mind?

I think that this post is gonna be quite short unless I really start stretching my mind, as I have a tendency to do, ha. But really I guess that it will hit upon a few core points about understanding ourselves and the rest of humanity. Initially, as the title reads, that is basically what life is, it is a construct, our own concept, our own interpretation and our own take on everything. This post has come about because for years I had my details on a social networking place and within my tag lines it says that the world, or my world at the least, is a happy, friendly place. Well I got pulled up on that the other day by someone I had never met and she said “sorry to burst your bubble, but the world isn’t a happy place”. And do you know what? she’s right, the outer world is not and as “other” people see it, no perhaps it is not. BUT…do I not have the right to see the world how I want to see it? After all, my view is the sum of my collected data and my interpretation of that data, selective or not, there fore making it, nay’ allowing it to be my choice in life? I see things as I want to, don’t I? Or do I? That is perhaps the biggest question! OK, for now, let’s say that I do and I do view my world as a free man because I don’t listen to bull shit, I don’t accept lies and I deny anything that doesn’t fir in with my reality. But firstly, let us go back to the beginning which was me saying that EVERYBODY has their own reality, this is so true, and in fact this is one of the things that science ABSOLUTELY agrees upon that what you perceive is different to what everyone else perceives. So in fairness then, can we ever question anybody else’s reality? it is as equally as valid after all? I choose to ignore war, I ignore death, I ignore violence, I ignore hatred, in fact I actually ignore ignorance, which, if I am honest, really does bug the shit out of me actually for they have not understood the term inevitability, we are going to have to face things one day so may as well make it sooner rather than later. So, selective ignorance, do we think that this is a good thing? Well I certainly do so let’s look at some of the outcomes from my selectiveness; I choose to see the good in people, it gives them a fair chance, I choose to see and feel happiness a much as possible, it allows others to interact with me better, be themselves more and to actually express their own happiness too. Love, well we all now that love begets love… Faith; can the human race do with having a little more faith in good right now, sure it can. If I choose a calm world to see and to be living in does that then calm my mind? yes, does that then add a tiny little calmness to my surrounding environment? For sure…I have to be honest here, I don’t just choose ignorance and be selective for selfish reasons, no, I understand the principle of the field, the larger body of “human” consciousness that we are all in and interwoven in to. The more peace, love, happiness and truth I have in my own life then the more I add to the greater consciousness of humanity. So you see, not only am I enriching my own “conceptual” world I am also adding to the greater good for all. Do you possibly think that larger governing bodies know and understand this? In fact they said that propaganda was tested and used in the second world war where thousands of leaflets were dropped, not only in Germany by Adolph Hitler saying how bad the Jews were but also by the Allied’s saying that the war had been won…Propaganda, propaganda, EVERYWHERE! So is it not wise then for us to be selective, is it not smart thinking for us to create our own conceptual world with consideration and measured thought? Especially when we realise that not only is it what we think but that that we feel too. And that this thought/feeling vibration expands and influences, albeit some what slight, the group human consciousness which science has known to call the field? Yes, we are all individual and yes, we have our own right to think what we want to think and to create our own concepts but let’s also consider our place within the bigger picture. If we are influencing a part of EVERYTHING, which technically is EVERYTHING as you can’t have a part of everything it either is or is not, so it is. But aren’t WE, influencing the WHOLE psychology of humanity? And yet if we consider that big media and power brokers know this, in fact they have for the last 70 odd years or “modern times” do we then not has a responsibility to start driving the psychology of humanity in a better direction? Of course! But that, that is merely my own concept, so I ask; what is yours? Consider the details of your answer and how detailed your answer “should” or “could” be. Do you have loved ones, do you want to be loved by someone? Do you believe in freedom for everyone? Do you start with your world and allow that world to spread, can you conceive a better ideal than today’s reality?

Create your concept, deny the trickery, make yourself happy, believe in harmony.

Fractional marginalisation and motivation…

So I’ve been wondering for a little while, what is motivation and where does it go or come from? Sometimes it is very apparent in my life and I do lots of things and sometimes it is not there and apathy is my ruling energy. At first, and for a long time, I have explained it as the fact that the TAO (way of life) is somewhat tidal, ie, it comes to the fore and then it retreats, this, in Hermetic terms is called the law of rhythm. The law of rhythm essentially means that the “pendulum of momentum” can only swing to its maximum point in one direction before it invariably falls back the other way, in fact, it HAS to, there is no other possibility. So I accepted this theory and principal for a long time, it served me well as there was also a sense of giving up ownership, “not taking responsibility”, well it’s a law of the universe isn’t it! The law of rhythm, it’s Natural and EVER pervading, as I said, it served me well. But do you know what, I can’t accept that any more, not just because it is an old way of thinking and every once in a while we need to do a self audit, meaning that we question who we are and how we think to see if it is serving our best interests for our now and the future and not just because that saying “oh it’s the universe” is a bit of a cop out. No, there was something else… So, this morning, I was due to start work at 7am, the irony of what I do is just magnificent by the way! I work in a milk factory fulfilling various roles. Not much glory in that, but the irony is that I am so Anti-dairy it is ridiculous! Why? partly because cow’s milk is for cows NOT humans, partly because it is acidic and causes GREAT distress to our human bodies, partly because it is an industrialised mechanism that profits from the abuse of animals, anyone in this life who is conscientious should be looking for alternatives. Partly because that after drinking a glass of milk we are actually left with a net DEFICIT of calcium in our bones as the body draws calcium from our bones to neutralise body acidity, this is all VERY true, but they won’t tell you that though, will they! And also partly due to the fact that the heifer has been forcefully impregnated and then had her baby taken away so that we can steal the milk, well if that isn’t bad energy, then I don’t know what is! But this is the start of a VERY big subject that “may” lol  turn in to a rant and take me off subject..But no, the irony is, is that for the last 2 1/2 years the dairy industry has financed me to study natural medicine and nutrition which has shown me enough evidence to move away from the dairy industry as a whole and in fact I will tell many others, and have done already in fact, to move away too! Oh’ and I have even mentioned the mucus build up that dairy products cause, really bad for sinus issues and if there is anyone who is Asthmatic in the family, take them off it straight away! So, we were talking about me going to work at 7am. Well, I got a call at 5am to say that the shift had been cancelled, no biggie really, although the $40+ per hour would have been greatly received but alas, not my point. So at 5am I was awake and could have gone to work quite easily, and in fact had work been on I would have got up, no worries and no problems. At this point I think it important to say that I am NEVER late for work, honestly, NEVER! Now for me, this is a big thing as I ALWAYS used to be late for work, meeting people and just generally doing things, I guess that I was nonchalant about pretty much everything, I gave it no real value. I have lost job after job for being late or not turning up at all and I had to rectify that. So what did I do? I had to look at how important it was in my life to have work. Yes, I had to look at what I gain from it and why I “shouldn’t” be late. So what I did was place a value on it, I realised that work allowed me to live the rest of my life. It allows me to live where I live, which is a pretty sweet pad actually, it has allowed me to study something that I am passionate about, it has just allowed me to pay for a life coaching course that I am really, REALLY passionate about, it allows me to eat the good food that I eat, to see my family and to wear the nice clothes that I wear. So OK, I put it as a priority, so therefore I am motivated for it, I get up at STUPID hours sometimes to make my way in to do what is essentially quite a boring job in a shitty old milk factory, and trust me, I do do some SHITTY, STINKY jobs there but I ALWAYS put in maximum effort and I am NEVER late! I have just told you why this is, because of the value that I get back in return, it facilitates my life, the “rest” of my life. I have just put the word rest, as in REST OF in inverted commas because quintessentially that is my point, I saw it as the “REST OF” my life. So, this morning I woke at 5, got a phone call and at that point, whilst laid in bed, had a few thoughts, probably as most of us have done and still do, these thoughts were, shall I get up and do X, Y or Z, or shall I just stay in bed? Of course, I chose the bed option, otherwise I would not be writing these words to you now. But the question is, why did I choose the bed option? I was awake, I felt pretty good and clearly, for those two reasons alone, I had had enough sleep and I certainly have plenty of things to be getting on with, in fact I have and absolute SHIT TONNE of stuff to do! My list is long, REALLY LONG! But anyway, the question still remained unanswered, why did I stay in bed and why did I not feel the same motivation to get out of bed and do the other stuff as I would if I were going to work? Well; firstly, have you ever had a question that you wanted answered by the universe, something that you really want to know, formulated it and pretty much spoke it to your universal mind and then received the answer? Well I do that, a LOT and sure enough the answers come to me. I’ll quickly tell you the dynamic of why that happens and yet I SHALL cover that at a later date too. Basically we have the conscious, analytical mind that is there to differentiate between things and we have our subconscious mind, which is our contact with all other consciousness throughout the whole cosmos. It is known, that our solar plexus Chakra is the root of our communication mechanism with the super consciousness that is the universe, it connects us with the “everything” that has all consciousness, EVER! So what we can do is formulate a question within our consciousness, ask it to our subconsciousness, ie, I would like to know this please, and then just wait for the answer. I have asked and wondered what motivation is for some while and today, it came to me and here it is. The amount of motivation that we have to perform a certain task is in direct proportion to the value that we place on fulfilling that undertaking. Yes, I will say that again;

“The amount of motivation that we have to perform a certain task is in DIRECT proportion to the value that we place on fulfilling that undertaking”

This then leads me to the term that came in to my head called, “fractional marginalisation”. This, essentially means that we appropriate value on certain things and marginalise others. ie, I used to place more value on going to work than cleaning my teeth for if I got up late I could quite easily skip cleaning my teeth as opposed to skipping work, due to the repercussions. So I, in fact we all probably do, place more importance upon one thing than we do another by putting a value on it. This actually has quite far reaching ramifications. Consider a relationship for example, how about if a person puts GREAT value on being able to see their friends but yet their partner puts more value on them just being alone, will that then cause a distress and imbalance within their relationship? Still on the relationship theme, how often do we see the main bread winner working longer hours in the office, or wherever, even the “MILK FACTORY”, to the detriment of his or her family and loved ones, all for the reason of justifying its importance to feed and support the family, fractional marginalisation in its purest form. And yet we do it with so many other things too, for example, “oh, I need to just chill out instead of work out” Value on relax time other than keep fit and healthy. When in fact it may even be the exact opposite way round to bring the most benefit to the person in question, perhaps working out will bring them more reward. And in fact some others do have it the other way around because they know the value that it brings to their life, they have a different ratio or perspective on what should be marginalised and what should be put as a priority. So then, my TRUE question would be this; should anything really be fractionalised or marginalised at all? My answer to that would be no, and I shall tell you my reasoning behind that too. Imagine this for example; our subconscious, or our autonomic processes were given the option or capacity to marginalise and fractionise, and what if it said, “agh fuck it heart, sorry buddy, you’re gonna have to pump a little bit harder because the muscles in my legs can’t be fucked to contract as to push the the returning venous blood from the feet up the legs, they just can’t be bothered, it’s not too important” How would the heart respond to that? It’d be like, “fuck you buddy, we’re a team here, we all work together mate, you do your bit and I do my bit, in fact you do your bit to “make sure” that I DON”T have to do more than my bit at all!” Or imagine this scenario instead; our blood buffer system (which regulates our blood Ph level, an ingenious system, which really you should look in to it is incredible!) says to the lungs, “look here mate, you’re gonna have to increase this breathing rate thing as we are getting wayyy’ too much Co2 in this blood and I just can’t be fucked to start turning some of this acid in to alkali so be a good chap and pick up your work rate for a bit hey, there’s a good lad”! There’s a “good lad” are you fucking kidding me, seriously! The lungs are gonna say, “fuck you buddy, you do your shit, you do what you were meant to do hey, and just get on with it”. This, to a large degree WILL cause disease, because when one system is not looked after then ALL of the others have to pick up the slack! And yet do you know what, we actually consciously do this on a daily basis, how about when we put strain on our liver by drinking an excess of alcohol just to appease the mind? Or again, how about we put strain upon our pancreas by eating sugary foods just to appease a craving of the mind? Or even how about we put strain upon the heart by eating too much salt, which increases blood volume, where salt goes water follows, meaning that the heart has to pump harder to squeeze more blood around the body. Did you notice there that I added three of the main addictions that the body has? I did leave out fat, caffeine and nicotine but PLEASE, BY ALL MEANS look at the effects that these have upon the body, it is quite staggering! But hey, with this last part about our addictions and choices I am going in to a WHOLE new realm of things where I start talking about the physical and psychological properties of addiction and that, in itself is intense, it is some HEAVY shit! So at some point I shall write a full thesis on it and it may take me a while, but it’ll be up here at some point and like I said at the beginning I am here to tell you stuff, stuff that I have learnt so you don’t have to or at the VERY LEAST at a fraction of the cost! So, where were we? Oh yes, us placing a value on one thing more than another and there fore us not having any motivation to fulfill that “seemingly unimportant” task. I will pose one thing though and in fact it is quite relevant. Do you ever think that any other species miss appropriates their time incorrectly? No, of course not. Do they put more value on one thing than another? No, they are in harmony within themselves. If you look at a pride of lions for example, do you think that the lionesses wait until virtual starvation until they decide to go hunt? Nope! Do you think that the male waits until the invading, other male, is right upon his pride before he confronts him? Yet again, Nope, he is ever on guard. Same for insects, fish, all other mammals and in fact EVERYTHING else within the whole universe. So why do we do it? Because we have an analytical mind perhaps and we desire the highest return and put importance on that highest return. I go to work on time for example, ALL of the time because it brings me great return. I occasionally go to the gym because it brings me a good return. I muse about many things because it brings me a lot of answers to what seems to be my insatiable thirst for knowledge and answers and yet, I need to ask this question. Why have I put more value on one thing over another? Is it conditioning perhaps? And if it is, which of course we KNOW it is, am I not self perpetuating my own future by fractional marginalisation? By me placing more value on one thing than another does that then not keep me in a bound trap of “do and do not do”? Does it not mean that I do less of something because it rewards me less? Is that not the basis of habit? And then again, isn’t that return PURELY conceptual and objective and therefore open to “audit”? ie, am I viewing this particular task in the right way to ensure that I am getting the most out of it? Let’s just take it to this level before I have my closing statement. What ever you do and when ever you do it you will either be, at that very moment, living within your heart center or in your head so at every second you either get to choose how you think or feel anyway so how you think about or feel about something now will be, past driven, and COMPLETELY different to how you think or feel when actually doing it! If you want to think that something is good when doing it then it shall be so, and the same for bad I guess and if you really are attuned enough you can be living in your heart center so that all is only ever good and love anyway… So, to sum things up I shall ask you this question and I want you to think long and hard about it. What would you say is the most important out of all of the elements? Would you say that it is Earth, where we live, that gives us support, nourishment, plants and animals to eat? Or wind, that is in actual fact air, although not many realise this, wind is air and air is wind, or perhaps fire, that gives the whole planet life and warmth that actually melts what would be ice in to the final element to mention which is water? So what then to you is the most important? Which one could we do without or could we or even do without any? Do they all have the same value as they have the same importance? Can we not have one without the other and without the other two? I then propose one thing further, does fractional marginalisation then not exist apart from anywhere but in our own head? Does that then not mean that it is only a concept and a concept to be changed and adapted at will? After all, your current preferences were not always your “current” preferences, they were chosen to be, they made their way up this “fictional” fractional marginalisational ladder to reach the top at the detriment of all others and that was ONLY due to your psychology and conditioning up to THAT POINT…. So then, how do we get motivated? Perhaps by realising that EVERYTHING has an absolute and equal value, maybe by remembering about the elements and their harmonious interactions and to remind ourselves that EVERYTHING is as important as the other. And we haven’t even considered the cascade effect yet, that one thing leads to another and to another, and what an EXCITING prospect that is! So why not do it, it is ALL important, it will bring you and your body GREAT value and who knows WHERE it will lead! Although; one thing is for certain, more motivation, a happier, more fulfilled you and a BETTER life, not just for you but for all! So add value to your life, add value to EVERYTHING that you can POSSIBLY do! Live more vibrantly, love more passionately, connect with more enthusiasm, share more willingly, and honour with more respect.

“The only true riches in life can only ever come from those things that we deem to be of value”