Emotional Health

Emotional health is about being balanced, loving, considerate and kind but yet being able to express your other emotions in a way that does not create any adverse effects to you or the parties involved. Believe it or not; unexpressed emotions are what creates dis-ease within the body and all emotions are the product of experience interpretation. Two individuals may have the same experience but yet their interpretation of that experience will be different and therefore elicit different feelings and emotions when ever a “similar” situation arises again. It is my role, as a coach and guide, to help you interpret your mental patterns that influence your emotional state so that you can transmute what may well be fear based emotions in to those that are in harmony with joy, happiness and abundance,, the true essence of alchemy. In some respects life and how we interface with it really does come down to emotional management and how we are able to express our inner feelings. I help people to truly understand themselves so that they may love more, listen more, accept others more and to ultimately appreciate not only everyone else but also themselves too!

I work upon the psychology of feeling to get to the heart of your imbalance, in fact, our mental, emotional and physical state are SO intrinsically linked that often by working within the psyche we release pent up emotion that can INSTANTLY cure physical ailment!

For treatment of emotional issues we will not only use education and deep understanding of the past and present but also timeline therapy, Gestalt therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Flower essences too.


I look forward to working with you

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