Mental Health

As a wise person once said; The mind can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven which means to a very large degree we are at the mercy of our mind and our thought processes, but where did your mind come from? Believe it or not your mind is not actually your mind and it has NOT been created by your-self! It has been created around you and by others such as your friends, your family, society, the media and our peers albeit with our own influence too. My question to you then would be; does this mind function properly and is it best serving your true needs? Does it not sometimes create irrational fears that stop you from doing the things that you really want to do or even encourage us to make decisions that are detrimental to our overall wellness and happiness? Do you not think then that it is time to claim back our own authenticity, to be your TRUE self through education and intentional thinking?

I will help you design your own mind, how you think and how you act which will ultimately drive you towards better outcomes for not just yourself but also for those that you love. I will introduce you to the concepts of perspective and also the fact that everything is merely experience until the point that WE cast a judgement upon it. Nothing is ever good NOR bad until we decide it to be so.

I am a trained NLP practitioner, timeline therapist, master guide and have been coaching personal development for years. It is my role to teach you how your mind works, help you set goals and to overcome limiting belief systems that just simply aren’t working anymore. We shall do this through education, Transformational coaching and perspective management so that you will see clearer and think quicker, enabling you to have better decision making. You will understand the link between your thoughts and emotions and how through thinking the right thoughts you will completely change your response to an event or situation. It is then that we can breakdown old patterns of behavior so that you can replace them with new, more beneficial ways of being.

Start building your life how YOU want it, manifest the future of YOUR design and become the person that YOU want to be, this is YOUR opportunity to take control and to explore the frontiers of your own potentiality.

“It is not our experiences that define us, but yet it is actually us that define our experiences!”



I look forward to working with you



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