Physical Health

Diet and lifestyle are the primary causes of disease within the world. In fact, cardiovascular disease, a solely lifestyle based illness is attributed to over 1/3 of all medically related human deaths annually! Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are completely diet and lifestyle related and are 100% reversible but not without education and a change in habit. Taking pharmaceutical medicines can never be a cure as it only masks the symptoms and the only way to prevent illness is by eliminating the factors that can cause the illness in the first place! Naturopathic medicine can do this and it is based upon the principle of addition and elimination as well as natural herbs, roots, berries and barks. The creator gave everything for us to utilise and made it at our disposal, we came from the earth and will be healed by the earth.

The human body is an incredible thing made up of many independent organs that are organised in to systems that work in harmony with the rest of the body, via the veins and blood to bring health to the whole organism, it truly is a team all with one big cause, YOUR HEALTH! The body will do its thing, it will naturally be healthy all we need to is stop filling it with the wrong fuel and make sure it travels upon the right roads so that it stays in great working order. we don’t need to work towards health, that is natural, all we need do is stop working towards being unhealthy!

The saying “what you put in is what you get out” is literally true, if you smoke, drink excess alcohol, eat too many refined carbohydrates or processed foods, don’t drink enough water or don’t eat enough of the right foods you are going to get sick, that is a given. Did you know that all disease starts within the gut? Well it does! Imagine if you could cure immune based diseases such as chronic fatigue or rheumatoid arthritis just by changing your gut micro-flora or even treat depression and anxiety by altering eating habits with correct supplementation, well that is absolutely possible and I will educate you on how.

Your body is an INCREDIBLE thing, please stop breaking it. I will help you lose weight, reduce blood pressure, high cholesterol, eliminate anxiety or stress, cure diabetes, overcome obesity and in fact any illness within the body can be treated naturally.

Become the best person that you can be and healthy beyond your current imagination, the power is in your hands, and ALWAYS has been.


I look forward to walking your path towards health with you






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